Friday, July 3, 2009

Spotlight - Brenda Dempsey

Brenda Dempsey has been a practicing metaphysician for over 20 years. Her personal journey with Michael consciously began in this life in 2000, when answers to questions began arriving as she thought them. Her life has never been the same. Her personal processing and life path have taken her to this point in time to assist others in their journey as a spiritual guide and life coach. Her "Golden Light" seminars are enlightening, inspiring and often life altering.

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Archangel Michael's Handbook of Sacred Symbols (Vol. I)
Michael Jackson's Passing
St. Germain 8-11-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* Archangel Michael 7-13-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* St. Germain 7-11-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* Archangel Michael 6-22-09
* St. Germain 6-20-09
* St. Germain 6-09-09

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