Sunday, March 29, 2009

06-22-09 Archangel Michael

06-22-09 New Moon Archangel Michael

Fear-a chilling debilitating word, emotion, the planet is full of it. Those without center have no idea as to how or where to find it. Frantically they move trying to locate some form of status quo, trying to return all that is out of the box to the box.

We are all in this together, a difficult concept to learn or acknowledge . We are all a part of the other; higher, lower, middle makes no difference. This is something we will all realize in due process.

Many come in our path to show us what it is we truly desire or need not. Sometimes we need to know what we don't choose to know what we do choose. All at once we see another and can choose.

All humanity really needs is love or to be loved.

As we move through our blockages or emotional traumas pathways are created so others can follow.

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