Sunday, March 29, 2009

08-11-2009 St. Germain (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)

August 11, 2009 2 P.M. St. Germain

Approximately every 26,000 year there is a shift of the ages, which we are currently in the midst of experiencing.

The last big shift of the ages was the sinking of Atlantis approximately 13,000 years ago with an interim shift approximately 6500 years ago coinciding with the Great Flood of Biblical times and the renewal after.

Great Shifts in consciousness happen every quarter, however consciousness is stronger at the halfway points and more poised for perfection.

Question: Well we feel the shift of August 15, 2009?

You will see it and feel it, it will be very obvious.

At that moment St Germain gave me a vision of a tiny red spark, the spark of humanity, being enveloped by a stream of golden light entering it and exploding it into brilliant ball of red.

This is Source opening the seed of consciousness in humanity in its highest form, in preparation for peace on earth known as the 1,000 years of peace. This is the piece we have been held waited for, choosing not to move forward to allow more of humanity to have this experience with us. There is no more waiting. The moment is here, even more significant than December 21, 2012. Archangel Michael spoke of the moment the seed would burst open in 2005, this is it.

What we have been waiting for is NOW! THIS MOMENT! At that moment I felt a pull in my heart chakra and turquoise chakra. A triangle was being created connecting the heart and thymus to the octahedron surrounding my physical body.

The pinnacle of the shift of the ages is happening at this very moment and with the energy continuing through the 19th of August, with the 15th as midpoint. You will see glimpses of purity of heart, be in the heart. It is of the utmost importance for those living in the NOW to be present and centered during this time frame.

So Be It, So It is, So Mote It Be.

St. Germain

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