Sunday, March 29, 2009

07-13-09 Archangel Michael (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)

07-13-09 8:00 A.M. Archangel Michael

All the company of heaven are poised ready to assist in the shift of the ages,
standing at the precipice.

The joy for humanity we feel is overwhelming, know that we are all there with you. The cosmos is sturing in preparation as well.

Maintain your center in all that you do and experience, as this is the most important piece of the process at this time. Maintaining center allows you to open pathways and walk through them. Pathways being created to the NOW assists humanity across the bridges into tomorrows.

When this time has passed and you pause to look back you will be truly amazed at the distances you have traveled. You often feel as if you are barely moving and yet you are moving at the speed of light.

Blessings, Michael

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