Sunday, March 29, 2009

Michael's Passing

07-08-09 1:11A.M.

I was awakened from a sound sleep with the following message: Michael's Passing

Michael Jackson, the gentle light that he was, once again gave of himself for humanity.

The great outpouring of love and compassion assisted the planet and humanity in moving forward on their path of ascension.

Many of his difficulties in life came from trying to live in two worlds-trying to manifest from the New Energy of Neverland into the old energies of judgement, control and jealousy. Neverland exists in the New Energy of the NOW, where we are all going.

Michael helped create a pathway for the rest of us to follow. The pain of living and moving between these two realities became to painful physically and emotionally and he slipped away. If you look at the difficult times and issues he faced, many were issues of humanity which needed to be looked at or viewed. He never lost his child-like knowing and connection to the oneness. He could no longer be kept in a box, it was time for the butterfly to fly.

We will miss him.


Ashaunti said...

Thank you for this. I truly miss him, but I wake up to his voice in the morning, and retire with it at night. I so appreciate the Light held for us during his time here, and the Light he continues to hold for us even now.

Ashaunti said...

Thank you for your words about Michael. I awake to his beautiful voice in the morning and retire with it most nights. I am so grateful for the Light he blessed us with during his time on this Planet, and the Light he continues to bless us with even now.