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Economic Hit Man - Ch.11

Pirates in the Canal Zone

The next day, the Panamanian government sent a man to show me around. His name was Fidel, and I was immediately drawn to him. He was tall and slim and took an obvious pride in his country. His great-great-grandfather had fought beside Bolivar to win independence from Spain. I told him I was related to Tom Paine, and was thrilled to learn that Fidel had read Common Sense in Spanish. He spoke English, but when he discovered I was fluent in the language of his country, he was overcome with emotion.

"Many of your people live here for years and never bother to learn it," he said.

Fidel took me on a drive through an impressively prosperous sector of his city, which he called the New Panama. As we passed modern glass-and-steel skyscrapers, he explained that Panama had more international banks than any other country south of the Rio Grande.

"We're often called the Switzerland of the Americas," he said. "We ask very few questions of our clients."

Late in the afternoon, with the sun sliding toward the Pacific, we headed out on an avenue that followed the contours of the bay. A long line of ships was anchored there. I asked Fidel whether there was a problem with the canal.

"It's always like this," he replied with a laugh. "Lines of them, waiting their turn. Half the traffic is coming from or going to Japan. More even than the United States."

I confessed that this was news to me.

"I 'm not surprised," he said. "North Americans don't know much about the rest of the world."

We stopped at a beautiful park in which bougainvillea crept over ancient ruins. A sign proclaimed that this was a fort built to protect the city against marauding English pirates. A family was setting up for an evening picnic: a father, mother, son and daughter, and an elderly man who I assumed was the children's grandfather. I felt a sudden longing for the tranquility that seemed to embrace these five people. As we passed them, the couple smiled, waved, and greeted us in English. I asked if they were tourists, and they laughed. The man came over to us.

"I'm third generation in the Canal Zone," he explained proudly.

"My granddad came three years after it was created. He drove one of the mules, the tractors that hauled ships through the locks." He pointed at the elderly man, who was preoccupied helping the children set the picnic table. "My dad was an engineer and I've followed in his footsteps."

The woman had returned to helping her father-in-law and children. Beyond them, the sun dipped into the blue water. It was a scene of idyllic beauty, reminiscent of a Monet painting. I asked the man if they were U.S. citizens.

He looked at me incredulously. "Of course. The Canal Zone is U.S. territory." The boy ran up to tell his father that dinner was ready.

"Will your son be the fourth generation?"

The man brought his hands together in a sign of prayer and raised them toward the sky.

"I pray to the good Lord every day that he may have that opportunity. Living in the Zone is a wonderful life." Then he lowered his hands and stared directly at Fidel. "I just hope we can hold on to her for another fifty years. That despot Torrijos is making a lot of waves. A dangerous man."

A sudden urge gripped me, and I said to him, in Spanish, `Adios. I hope you and your family have a good time here, and learn lots about Panama's culture ."

He gave me a disgusted look. "I don't speak their language," he said. Then he turned abruptly and headed toward his family and the picnic.

Fidel stepped close to me, placed an arm around my shoulders, and squeezed tightly. "Thank you," he said.

Back in the city, Fidel drove us through an area he described as a slum.

"Not our worst," he said. "But you'll get the flavor."

Wooden shacks and ditches filled with standing water lined the street, the frail homes suggesting dilapidated boats scuttled in a cesspool. The smell of rot and sewage filled our car as children with distended bellies ran alongside. When we slowed, they congregated at my side, calling me uncle and begging for money. It reminded me of Jakarta.

Graffiti covered many of the walls. There were a few of the usual hearts with couples' names scrawled inside, but most of the graffiti were slogans expressing hatred of the United States: "Go home, gringo,"  "Stop shitting in our canal," "Uncle Sam, slave master," and "Tell Nixon that Panama is not Vietnam ." The one that chilled my heart the most, however, read, "Death for freedom is the way to Christ." Scattered among these were posters of Omar Torrijos.

"Now the other side," Fidel said. "I've got official papers and you're a U.S. citizen, so we can go." Beneath a magenta sky he drove us into the Canal Zone. As prepared as I thought I was, it was not enough. I could hardly believe the opulence of the place — huge white buildings, manicured lawns, plush homes, golf courses, stores, and theaters.

"The facts," he said. "Everything in here is U.S. property. All the businesses —the supermarkets, barbershops, beauty salons, restaurants, all of them—are exempt from Panamanian laws and taxes.

There are seven 18-hole golf courses, U.S. post offices scattered conveniently around, U.S. courts of law and schools. It truly is a country within a country."

"What an affront!"

Fidel peered at me as though making a quick assessment . "Yes," he agreed . "That's a pretty good word for it . Over there," he pointed back toward the city, "income per capita is less than one thousand dollars a year, and unemployment rates are 30 percent . Of course, in the little shantytown we just visited, no one makes close to one thousand dollars, and hardly anyone has a job."

"What's being done?"

He turned and gave me a look that seemed to change from anger to sadness.

"What can we do?" He shook his head. "I don't know, but I'll say


- pages 63-66

Economic Hit Man - Ch.13

Conversations with the General

The invitation was completely unexpected. One morning during that same 1972 visit, I was sitting in an office I had been given at the Institutode Recursos Hidraulicos y Electrificacion, Panama's government-owned electric utility company. I was poring over a sheet of statistics when a man knocked gently on the frame of my open door. I invited him in, pleased with any excuse to take my attention off the numbers. He announced himself as the general's chauffeur and said he had come to take me to one of the general's bungalows.

An hour later, I was sitting across the table from General Omar Torrijos. He was dressed casually, in typical Panamanian style: khaki slacks and a short-sleeved shirt buttoned down the front, light blue with a delicate green pattern. He was tall, fit, and handsome. He seemed amazingly relaxed for a man with his responsibilities. A lock of dark hair fell over his prominent forehead.

He asked about my recent travels to Indonesia, Guatemala, and Iran. The three countries fascinated him, but he seemed especially intrigued with Iran's king, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The shah had come to power in 1941, after the British and Soviets overthrew his father, whom they accused of collaborating with Hitler.l

"Can you imagine, Torrijos asked, "being part of a plot to dethrone your own father?"

Panama's head of state knew a good deal about the history of this far-off land. We talked about how the tables were turned on the shah in 1951, and how his own premier, Mohammad Mossadegh, forced him into exile. Torrijos knew, as did most of the world, that it had been the CIA that labeled the premier a Communist and that stepped in to restore the shah to power. However, he did not know—or at least did not mention — the parts Claudine had shared with me, about Kermit Roosevelt's brilliant maneuvers and the fact that this had been the beginning of a new era in imperialism, the match that had ignited the global empire conflagration.

"After the shah was reinstated," Torrijos continued, "he launched a series of revolutionary programs aimed at developing the industrial sector and bringing Iran into the modern era."

I asked him how he happened to know so much about Iran.

"I make it my point," he said. "I don't think too highly of the shah's politics — his willingness to overthrow his own father and become a CIA puppet —but it looks as though he's doing good things for his country. Perhaps I can learn something from him. If he survives."

"You think he won't?"

"He has powerful enemies."

"And some of the world's best bodyguards."

Torrijos gave me a sardonic look. "His secret police, SAVAK, have the reputation of being ruthless thugs . That doesn't win many friends. He won't last much longer." He paused, then rolled his eyes. "Bodyguards? I have a few myself." He waved at the door. "You think they'll save my life if your country decides to get rid of me?"

I asked whether he truly saw that as a possibility.

He raised his eyebrows in a manner that made me feel foolish for asking such a question . "We have the Canal. That's a lot bigger than Arbenz and United Fruit."

I had researched Guatemala, and I understood Torrijos's meaning. United Fruit Company had been that country's political equivalent of Panama's canal. Founded in the late 1800s, United Fruit soon grew into one of the most powerful forces in Central America. During the early 1950s, reform candidate Jacobo Arbenz was elected president of Guatemala in an election hailed all over the hemisphere as a model of the democratic process. At the time, less than 3 percent of Guatemalans owned 70 percent of the land . Arbenz promised to help the poor dig their way out of starvation, and after his election he implemented a comprehensive land reform program.

"The poor and middle classes throughout Latin America applauded Arbenz," Torrijos said. "Personally, he was one of my heroes. But we also held our breath. We knew that United Fruit opposed these measures, since they were one of the largest and most oppressive landholders in Guatemala. They also owned big plantations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Santo Domingo, and here in Panama. They couldn't afford to let Arbenz give the rest of us ideas."

I knew the rest : United Fruit had launched a major public relations campaign in the United States, aimed at convincing the American public and congress that Arbenz was part of a Russian plot and that Guatemala was a Soviet satellite . In 1954, the CIA orchestrated a coup. American pilots bombed Guatemala City and the democratically elected Arbenz was overthrown, replaced by Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, a ruthless right-wing dictator.

The new government owed everything to United Fruit. By way of thanks, the government reversed the land reform process, abolished taxes on the interest and dividends paid to foreign investors, eliminated the secret ballot, and jailed thousands of its critics. Anyone who dared to speak out against Castillo was persecuted. Historians trace the violence and terrorism that plagued Guatemala for most of the rest of the century to the not-so-secret alliance between United Fruit, the CIA, and the Guatemalan army under its colonel dictator .2

"Arbenz was assassinated," Torrijos continued. "Political and character assassination." He paused and frowned. "How could your people swallow that CIA rubbish? I won't go so easily. The military here are my people. Political assassination won't do." He smiled.

"The CIA itself will have to kill me!"

We sat in silence for a few moments, each lost in his own thoughts. Torrijos was the first to speak.

"Do you know who owns United Fruit?" he asked.

"Zapata Oil, George Bush's company—our UN ambassador." I said.

"A man with ambitions." He leaned forward and lowered his voice. "And now I'm up against his cronies at Bechtel."

This startled me. Bechtel was the world's most powerful engineering firm and a frequent collaborator on projects with MAIN. In the case of Panama's master plan, I had assumed that they were one of our major competitors.

"What do you mean?"

"We've been considering building a new canal, a sea-level one, without locks. It can handle bigger ships. The Japanese may be interested in financing it."

"They're the Canal's biggest clients."

"Exactly. Of course, if they provide the money, they will do the construction."

It struck me. "Bechtel will be out in the cold."

"The biggest construction job in recent history" He paused. "Bechtel's loaded with Nixon, Ford, and Bush cronies." (Bush, as U.S. ambassador to the UN, and Ford, as House Minority Leader and Chairman of the Republican National Convention, were well known to Torrijos as Republican powerbrokers.) "I've been told that the Bechtel family pulls the strings of the Republican Party."

This conversation left me feeling very uncomfortable. I was one of the people who perpetuated the system he so despised, and I was certain he knew it. My job of convincing him to accept international loans in exchange for hiring U.S. engineering and construction firms appeared to have hit a mammoth wall. I decided to confront him head-on.

"General," I asked, "why did you invite me here? "

He glanced at his watch and smiled. "Yes, time now to get down to our own business. Panama needs your help. I need your help."

I was stunned. "My help? What can I do for you? "

"We will take back the Canal. But that's not enough." He relaxed into his chair. "We must also serve as a model. We must show that we care about our poor and we must demonstrate beyond any doubt that our determination to win our independence is not dictated by Russia, China, or Cuba. We must prove to the world that Panama is a reasonable country, that we stand not against the United States but for the rights of the poor."

He crossed one leg over the other. "In order to do that we need to build up an economic base that is like none in this hemisphere. Electricity, yes — but electricity that reaches the poorest of our poor and is subsidized. The same for transportation and communications. And especially for agriculture. Doing that will take money—your money the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank."

Once again, he leaned forward. His eyes held mine. "I understand that your company wants more work and usually gets it by inflating the size of projects—wider highways, bigger power plants, deeper harbors. This time is different, though. Give me what's best for my people, and I'll give you all the work you want."

What he proposed was totally unexpected, and it both shocked and excited me. It certainly defied all I had learned at MAIN. Surely, he knew that the foreign aid game was a sham — he had to know. It existed to make him rich and to shackle his country with debt. It was there so Panama would be forever obligated to the United States and the corporatocracy. It was there to keep Latin America on the path of Manifest Destiny and forever subservient to Washington and Wall Street. I was certain that he knew that the system was based on the assumption that all men in power are corruptible, and that his decision not to use it for his personal benefit would be seen as a threat, a new form of domino that might start a chain reaction and eventually topple the entire system.

I looked across the coffee table at this man who certainly understood that because of the Canal he enjoyed a very special and unique power, and that it placed him in a particularly precarious position. He had to be careful. He already had established himself as a leader among LDC leaders. If he, like his hero Arbenz, was determined to take a stand, the world would be watching. How would the system react? More specifically, how would the U .S. government react? Latin American history was littered with dead heroes.

I also knew I was looking at a man who challenged all the justifications I had formulated for my own actions. This man certainly had his share of personal flaws, but he was no pirate, no Henry Morgan or Francis Drake — those swashbuckling adventurers who used letters of marque from English kings as a cloak to legitimatize piracy. The picture on the billboard had not been your typical political deception. "Omar's ideal is freedom; the missile is not invented that can kill an ideal!" Hadn't Tom Paine penned something similar?

It made me wonder, though. Perhaps ideals do not die, but what about the men behind them? Che, Arbenz, Allende; the latter was the only one still alive, but for how long? And it raised another question : how would I respond if Torrijos were thrust into the role of martyr? 

By the time I left him we both understood that MAIN would get the contract for the master plan, and that I would see to it that we did Torrijos's bidding.

- pages 71-75


ZetaTalk - Ch.26

Between the time of Roswell and the present day, that portion of the US government that MJ-12 had reached absolutely was warned of the approach of the 12th Planet, known also as Nibiru or Planet X, and they absolutely set about trying to protect themselves in underground installations. The CIA was front and center in this regard, with the military close behind. At the inception of the Apollo program, the elite of the secret government were looking to several different means of dealing with the coming cataclysms.

Alternative 1
Alternative 1 was to reduce overpopulation and sculpt the face of mankind to their liking. Portions of the government, and we are here speaking of rogue CIA officers, set out to trim and prune the Earth's humanity to their liking. Thus we have the AIDS and Ebola viruses, as well as various wars and conflicts of which the CIA always seems to be at the center. This alternative was abandoned as uncontrollable, because the steady spread of disease among the so-called undesirables inevitably started infecting the perpetrators too.

Alternative 2
Alternative 2 was to create isolated underground communities by burrowing into subterranean cavities, and it is no longer a secret that opulent underground escape hatches, complete with golf courses, were constructed for the elite.

Alternative 3
Alternative 3 was to establish space stations on other planets, riding out the cataclysms on another planet such as Mars or the Earth's dead twin, which rides the Earth's orbit, just opposite the Earth, thus hidden from view behind the Sun. this alternative required the CIA and military to leave their home planet with its comforts, and soon proved unworkable.

Some stories have it that humans derived the three scenarios themselves, but the stories coming from sources closer to the heart of the matter point to alien suggestions on these alternatives. Why would humans decide to locate on other planets to escape pollution or nuclear fallout, when they have neither the means to travel to other planets, the capability of sustaining themselves there, or a dire pollution situation? These suggestions were given to humans by aliens in the service-to-self orientation, and falsely presented to the humans involved as being a concern for their survival. As the high-level government contacts were strongly in the service-to-self orientation, they saw all this as their escape, their alternatives, but what the aliens truly sought was to subvert these humans to sink more and more deeply into the service-to-self orientation

Alternative 2
The US government went underground, at Mount Weather and numerous other spots. This fact is not even being denied by the government any more. These underground installations, when discovered, were explained away as a cold war precaution in case of nuclear attack, but a quick calculation belies that explanation. The number of people to be housed, and the amount of food and water stored, would not support the residents for the length of time it would take for radioactivity to fade. The stores would support them for days or weeks at best.

Clearly these installations were meant for a short-term stay, after which the residents would emerge back onto the surface to scout about for supplies. With a safe and undetectable hideout, the plan was to send out raiding parties that would come back with supplies, and disappear in front of those who might be in hot pursuit of their snatched goods. Thus the government, sworn to protect and lead the people, would instead steal from them, but as this was in the main nothing new to those planning this escape they saw no philosophical conflict in proceeding. Today MJ-12 is not looking to avoid the coming cataclysms in underground installations, as they realize these will be death traps, a fact the service-to-self aliens encouraging this alternative were well aware of.

Alternative 3
Alternative 3 was implemented, but this cannot be demonstrated to the satisfaction of skeptics. Of course, there are clues such as the tight controls placed over transmissions from probes, and the odd malfunction of the Mars probe just as it was about to hit pay dirt. The service-to-self aliens contacting the government sent representatives of the US and other governments up to these places, to demonstrate that such a living arrangement was hospitable. Matters soon went amuck, however. Soon the human guests became stressed in the heavy service-to-self environment. Far from home, they found themselves watching, continuously, on a daily basis and with no respite, the harsh reality of life in the service-to-self community. Stress diseases cropped up among the humans – ulcers, heart palpitations and arthritic pains. They became distracted in their work, stricken with headaches and vague feelings of weakness.

The plan was abandoned, and the humans who participated were exterminated. Their bodies were not returned to Earth, nor should one look for this to happen. One should recall that the members of the various governments who were participating were strongly in the service-to-self orientation themselves, and had no hesitation on eliminating their human volunteers, whom they had so warmly congratulated just weeks before. Members of the government may have been told that they will be taken care of when the cataclysms occur, but these are simply the usual lies that the service-to-self aliens put forth. The only humans who will be living among the service-to-self aliens after the cataclysms are those solidly in the service-to-self orientation, and they will find this arrangement anything but a salvation.

Moon Installations
The world watched in rapt attention during the first Apollo Moon landing – a first for mankind. The comments made by the astonished astronauts, who noted signs that they were not the first visitors to the Moon, were instantly broadcast to the rapt audience participating in this historic landing worldwide, the general populace. The astronauts were silenced with the ultimate threats used and on occasion carried out in those days – death, in a manner that is undetectable as an execution. Those with high-security clearances know these are not idle threats, as they see them enforced or learn of these instances, and thus take them quite seriously.

Enclaves of service-to-self aliens are situated on the far side of the Moon, the side that never faces the Earth, positioned there so as to be in compliance with the Council of World's requirement that an element of doubt be maintained. Endless rumors abound, however, due to leaks by members of the secret government or frank capture on film in NASA's archives. It is clear that ships are exiting and returning to the far side of the Moon. There is nothing mysterious about residential arrangements, which harbor facilities for ship repair, food production, administrative activities, and any amusements that overlords may personally be able to secure for themselves.

Star Wars
Humans are attempting to preempt the coming cataclysms by developing a Star Wars shield. How could this shield be used against space ships invading form other galaxies when the space ships can move into another density, and slide right past the shield? How could this shield be used against nuclear missiles directed toward the Americas, when nuclear weapons exploded in space in most cases would cause more havoc with a nuclear winter than if allowed to localize? How could this shield be used against the mass of hail stones that compose the tail of the giant comet, the 12th Planet, which sweeps the Earth during every passage and peppers the Earth here and there, when the shield could not possibly knock out every tiny hail stone?

What then is the unstated purpose of the Star Wars shield? The hope is that by putting giant lasers up into the skies, that the comet itself could be disabled by a direct hit. As this planet is massive, outweighing the Earth by several times, destruction would not be by physical means. The intention, and the hope, was to start some kind of chain reaction that could cause the planet to blow itself up. The means by which this would happen was not yet established, but the service-to-self humans contemplating this wanted to get started right away.

- Pages 163-167, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

ZetaTalk - Ch.24

Project Blue Book
Since UFO sightings were in the air, the Air Force was the presumed arm of the military that would be in the know. Assigning the Naval intelligence as the primary arm of MJ-12 was supposed to be a slight of hand that no one would suspect. Thus the Air Force officers assigned bustled about and issued reams of paper, all looking very official. They were given a list of the probable explanations for strange lights in the sky, and they dutifully ascribed somethgin on the list to any sighting reported. When on occasion an officer working for project Blue Book got too curious, he was reassigned. Those who parroted the party line and didn't attempt any independent thought remained. Thus, as would be expected, the final report fell neatly into line with the original intent – UFOs were all swamp gas or meteors, or the gigment of the public's active imagination.

13 Heavens Note: Edward J. Ruppelt is the former head of the US Air Force's Project Blue Book. This report on his findings has been suppressed and out of print for decades, but thanks to Drunvalo Melchezidek, it is available and FREE... [click here]

- Pages 152-153, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

ZetaTalk - Ch.23

The US was targeted early by ourselves for several reasons, but primarily because our hybrid program was to be based in the US. The US, as a melting pot, has a broader genetics pool than any other country. Where it has been reported that the US government granted us permission to abduct their citizenry, their permission was not required. The hybrid program is conducted with volunteers, and the US government is not consulted. Period. A secondary reason we desired an alliance with the US government was due to their position of leadership in the world, a position they still hold. The US is the signal democracy, which was assisted in its birth by many aliens in the service-to-others orientation responding to The Call, and has more than met the expectations of those who assisted. Both the government and citizenry of the US expect leadership of themselves, and are tolerant and supportive of innovation because of this. The US is head and shoulders above the rest of the world in innovation, bar none.

This environment was perceived by ourselves to be the most fruitful for Zeta/human alliances in service-to-others activities during the Transformation, and is meeting our expectations in this regard. Thus, because we and others in the service-to-others orientation wished an alliance with the US government, the Roswell incident was staged in order to initiate discussion. And it was because of our desire to contact the US government that those in the service-to-self orientation rushed in to do their best to ruin our plans. Activities at Area 51 and Dulce were not our activities, but are the dying remnants of games by the service-to-self entities designed to drive a wedge between ourselves and the US government. They did not succeed, and the games are now in a mopping-up phase, closing down. Those in the service-to-self orientation have not contacted other governments because there was no party to spoil. It's as simple as that. In spite of wild rumor to the contrary, no other governments outside of the US have an agreement with alien groups.

The facts about Roswell are well known, and the facts that are known relate almost completely to the truth. This is a trye story. What is not well known is that Roswell was not an accident. The US, like other governments, was not approachable. Individuals who were contacted by the alien groups were treated as though they were infected. The block in these matters was the human desire to be in control. Therefore, in order to allow the humans in the US government to be open to our messages, we allowed them to be in contol. The plan was to allow ships to crash, ostensibly at the hands of humans, with all aliens aboard dying in the crash. This maximized the feeling of control the humans would experience, particularly as the front end of any contact was, unfortunately, through the military. Once they felt they could harm us, they were willing to parley.

The recent Roswell movie adheres closely to the facts, but it has added material for dramatic effect and it has omitted other material at the request of the government. Major Marcel knew full well what he had come upon in that field, and the impact that informing the public would have. UFOs were not unknown to those at the Roswell base, and the heavy hand suppressing chatter had already been felt. He agonized, and informed his family furtively. The rancher, Mac Brazel, was abused extensively, in many ways that leave no marks, and finally he was told frankly that he and his family would be killed unless he complied. His purchase of a new truck, which he could scarcely afford, was the only avenue by which he could get the word out that he had taken a bribe. Why would the military need to buy him off? People appropriately wondered, and came to the correct conclusions. Were people silenced via death during the Roswell incident? Yes, and more than the public suspects.

EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries.

This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arm's length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him. An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversation pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him.

The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and nonthreatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him.

EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the service-to-self orientation, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.

Omnipotent Krlll
One of the first aliens in the service-to-self orientation to contact the US government was a member of the alien race from Orion, who called himself the Omnipotent Krlll. He had studied human societies, or rather had his lakeys do this study, and concluded that a a guttural name that sounded like a growl would most induce fear. Thus the concocted name. One should tak note that it also sounds similar to the word kill, also not by accident. This alien greatly impressed the military officers who met him, in that he understood their need for order and hierarchy, their concept of command by the most powerful and well connected, and their willingness in the main to sell out sections of the populace for any gain in power they might attain. As he was firmly in the service-to-self orientation, they were in effect speaking his language. He was at home.

Krlll set to work dis-informing the military as best suited his ultimate aim. As he wished to conquer them, he told them they were in charge. They bought it. As he wished their cooperation, he told them they would receive technology in exchange. They bought it. After all these years, not much has come from this vaunted meeting with the Omnipotent Krlll. His disinformation has been unraveled, bit by bit, so that any information he provide has essentially been discarded. However, there are still information pools firmed essentially from this source that have not dried up. They refuse to be silenced, and repeat the same silly stories time and again. These sources have a life of their own, having sensed that the information comes directly from the government, having been convinced and even deliberately impressed with this fact long ago, so they are still infused with desire to get the word out. Attempting to counter these enthusiasts only seems to energize them. The story lives on link an echo that will not die.

Power Outages
Following the Roswell incident the various alien groups in the service-to-others orientation were displeased with dialog that had been opened with the US government. They found themselves not only held at arms length but also negated – treated as entities one need not worry about. Where Roswell had been staged, several aliens in the service-to-others orientation sacrificed themselves in the crash so that the military could feel they had the upper hand and thus be amenable to an approach, but now the aliens found themselves facing a cocky group who treated them dismissively. At this point in time MJ-12 had also been approached by the service-to-self aliens, whom they treated with respect as this group had not presented themselves as crashed ships or dead and injured bodies. In the eyes of MJ-12, who looked on the surface, the service-to-self aliens had their act together. We expressed, through the human translators assigned to us, that our capabilities were in fact superior to the service-to-self aliens they were giving preferential attention to, but we were brushed aside.

As the Awakening is overseen by the Council of World, this matter was bantered about, and eventually the Council granted a spectacle that would not be lost on MJ-12, the intended audience, but could be minimized to the populace at large. Prior to power outages there were several attempts to impress MJ-12 with less drastic measures. Power outages, after all, affect hospitals, little old ladies tottering to the rest room, and moving traffic. We wished to avoid this. Natural occurrences were affected first, having been announced well ahead of time. Unseasonable temperature variations, so that mid-winer would become positively balmy or mid-summer chilly, but this impressed no one and we were only credited with being good weather predictors. Light rays were deflected over broad areas, so that midday became night for a brief by very noticeable time, but as no disruption of activity took place, MJ-12 was unimpressed. So it's dark outside, then turn on the lights! Thus, we determined, and effectively argued the case before the Council, to prevent the lights from being turned on.

Power outages were not unknown, and could be caused by any number of overload or mechanical failure situations. People would buy it, on the local level. At a national level, in smoke-filled rooms and the corridors of power, the truth would be passed around and hurriedly suppressed. How do you suppose that MJ-12 came to have so many corporate leaders in its broad membership? They were initiated during the panics. Suppress the press. Issue statements that had no relationship to the truth. Use the bully boardroom, and keep each other closely informed. When spreading a broad untruth, close communication and coordination is required. MJ-12 was no longer a clique of the military, it became for a time a clique of the establishment. Subsequent to the power outages, which did not sweep without warning over broad areas, we found MJ-12 looking at us with new eyes. They now believed our explanation of the Roswell crashes. Their eyes had been opened. At this point the power outages were no longer necessary.

A major factor in the success of this Awakening maneuver was the utter inability of the government to stop the outages. Learning of our schedule, which was announced days ahead of the occurrence, they would arrange every kind of backup. All contingencies failed. Power flow was stilled for the length of time announced, and not so much as a flashlight battery worked. The mechanism used by us involved essentially irradiating the area with a countering force, affecting electron flow above a certain level. Thus, human thought or the winking of fireflies would not be affected, but human technology was at a standstill.

13 Heavens Note: For a brief reminder of this strategy, the 1951 version of the film, The Day The Earth Stood Still, employs a 30-minute power outage at a pre-scheduled time - which does not impact airplanes or hospitals. At the time stated, all power was restored.

From The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
(Video Duration: 31:33)

If you have never heard a song, and you now hear only one song singing, you would be inclined to think there was only one song to be sung. We and other benevolent alien groups approached your governments so that they could hear a different song. Your government, as with your populace, is not mostly evil. In the main, they wish to do the right thing by those they are bound to serve. We are attempting to help them get to this point. At a minimum, we are attempting to foil the original song they heard from those in the service-to-self orientation, so that at a minimum your government does not sing this song to you.

Why was this done, you might ask, when this different song could have been sung to the populace at large? Of course, this song is being sung to the populace at large, in a manner that elicits the least fear and anxiety. It was necessary to sing a different song to your government because they are influential to those they govern. They control the media, to a far greater extent than you would ever allow yourself to believe. They therefore control what their populace is allowed to experience, consciously.

- Pages 143-148, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

ZetaTalk - Ch.22

AIDS is both a natural and unnatural occurrence. In the beginning, the AIDS virus was much the same as it is today, infecting humans. This virus has a great propensity for adaption, so over any period of time it changes form somewhat. It has occurred naturally within certain simians for centuries. I has outcropped among humans in Africa and the south seas periodically, but due to limited population spread, it simply devastated those groups it invaded. When there is no written record and no survivors, there was no trace. AIDS was unknown to the civilized world, and would not have been discovered were it not for intervention by those of the service-to-self orientation. The intervention by these aliens was one of knowledge, directing those humans desiring such a tool to the simians harborering this virus.

The service-to-self aliens involved in the spread of AIDS had to work through humans. They found these humans within the United States government, in the CIA. The men who made The Call were offered a bribe. They were assured that they could possess the continent of Africa, which is rich in natural resources and human cultures easily dominated. The men of the CIA who gave The Call to our counterparts were of the service-to-self orientation to a high degree. These aliens do not squander their time idly. Their objective in assisting these men was the misery they could spread. Agony, a sense of abandonment, rage and the desire for vengeance, all these emotions work to bring recruits to their orientation. This was the objective of the aliens assisting in the spreading of the AIDS virus.

It has been assumed that AIDS was initially spread through a vaccination program. This is incorrect. It was spread through diet, by blood improperly cooked, as blood is a natural component of the diet of those initially infected. It was spread through the dietary norms of the initial groups infected. Sophisticated isolation was not required. Infected simian blood was mixed with blood naturally occurring in the diet.

13 Heavens Note: This appears to refer to the initial contact and infection spreading in Africa and the south sea areas. Later, it is believed to have been distributed by the human service-to-self oriented agents, such as the CIA mentioned, via vaccinations as described by other sources.

Ebola Virus
As with dissemination of the AIDS virus, the Ebola virus was a matter done by service-to-self aliens in the past, as a matter now at rest, which we therefore can discuss per the Rules of Engagement. The Ebola virus was one of many gleaned from the bowels of the African jungles. Africa and South America are targeted continents. Aliens in the service-to-self orientation, along with human converts in the CIA, extracted the AIDS virus and other viruses for use in what they termed cleansing of the continent. The land, rich in resources, was then to be theirs, and any human inhabitants having natural immunity to the viruses unleashed would be their docile servants.

The Ebola virus did not catch on as did the AIDS virus, and the reason was simple – it tended to kill its handlers! When cast out among the swine, as was the phrase used to describe dissemination, the swine would die, but those casting their evil seed could not run fast enough. They carried it home with them, and they died in secreted hospital rooms, infecting their frantic nurses and doctors. After a time or two, they gave up on the Ebola virus, which refused to be tamed. The original plan of dissemination was to be by airborne means. This never came about as the early tests ran amuck.

- Pages 139-140, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

ZetaTalk - Ch.9

The God Myth
Humans quite naturally tend to think of their relationship to a god in child-to-parent terms, an outgrowth not only from their impressionable early years but also from their general sense of hopelessness in begin able to control their environment. For a god concept to emerge, there must also be a sense of helplessness on the part of the supplicant, a sense that they are powerless to affect the outcome except by offering bribes or scapegoats. In this regard, the giant hominoid visitors from the 12th planet worked their way into many god myths, as they were exacting in their demands for obedience from their slaves, and as hominoids they were easily seen as extensions of a parent.

It is not by accident that the hominoid inhabitants of the 12th Planet look and dress like Greek Gods, the Gods of Mount Olympus, as they are one and the same. Mythological stories about thunderbolts being thrown and travel through the clouds were based on the technological feats of these third-density visitors from the 12th Planet, who had mastered the modern-day equivalent of lasers and who were able to transport an individual via a rocket booster strapped on the back. To the primitive humans, who came barely to the waists of the strapping, handsome giants, they were gods. The Greek Gods are reported to be jealous and wrathful on the one hand, and kindly and mentoring on the other – a bit like people. Of course, they were no gods, any more than the humans of today, but their very human exploits are still reported with awe.

The legends among many human cultures regarding the exploits of the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet are in no small per due to the rigid rules these visitors had regarding interbreeding with the humans they used as virtual slaves. Kept apart from humans in this manner, they retained their edge, as they were by far the largest, the most technologically advanced, and the smartest hominoid race around. Humans were, at the time, evolving from the caveman stage, with only an occasional genius born in the purely human strains. During the evolution of any third-density species, intelligence is gradually increased due to genetic selection, the smarter individuals passing on their genetics due to their ability to evade danger and manipulate circumstances around them. Thus, the discrepancies between humans and the visitors from the 12th Planet were many and significant.

Ancient Egyptian gods, ancient Babylonian gods, the Vizigoths of Germany, ancient Mayan and Incan gods, are almost to a one particular individual from 12th-Planet royalty, stationed on Earth to supervise mining operations. Stories about ancient rebels, notable for their stature and courage in battle, are also frequently based in part on the heritage from these visitors, as the rebel most often carried some genetics from the rape of a female slave who managed somehow to escape and hear her over-sized infant alive. The legacy today is genetically dispersed throughout the mid-eastern countries, Germanic countries, and the south seas, and is identifiable in those humans who simultaneousness possess a large stature, a fierce temper, and strong musculature. Rather than being considered gods, they are often considered criminals.

- Pages 57-58, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

ZetaTalk - Ch.25

President Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy was killed under orders of MJ-12 as he was threatening to tell the American public the truth about Roswell. JFK was of the opinion that the public would accept the fact of the alien presence without undue panic, but in those days MJ-12 was still affronted with the personalities and actions of the service-to-self aliens that the CIA, as an arm of MJ-12, continually made alliances with. JFK believed in the strength of the human spirit, in its ability to sort things out, and in any case felt the public had the right to know what they were facing. The CIA wanted the knowledge they hoped to get from the service-to-self aliens who were playing them along, and they wanted this knowledge for themselves and themselves only. Thus, they used their influence with MJ-12, which in those days was considerable, to press for JFK's assassination, which they were allowed to implement when the order was finally given.

MJ-12 has recently released us from our agreement to remain silent on the Kennedy assassination. This agreement to remain silent covered certain matters involving the Secret Government and the alien presence. Should humans be incensed by this, that we knew something they desired to know but would not share the information, they should contemplate what life might be like without or having an agreement with the government. In this situation, only the service-to-self aliens would be communicating, having, as you say, the inside track. Such was the situation when we first encountered your government, which had been vastly misinformed and was engaged in all manner of harmful practices under the influence of the service-to-self crowd. This has now turned around, but we are honorable in our agreements, and a promise made was to be a promise kept.

The JFK incident is one which hardened and increased the determination to keep elected officials in the dark as much as possible about the existence and activities of MJ-12. Prior to JFK, presidents and other elected officials were already being kept in the dark, a decision made by an exiting president who did not want a rival political party granted such knowledge. JFK learned what he did due to leaks, shared this with a girl friend long known to be so reliant on sedatives that she could be expected to murmur forth this information with the next man who shared her pillow, and argued incessantly with MJ-12 representatives who came to visit him under other pretenses. The CIA also had Marilyn Monroe killed because of her mouth. Drug overdose is a painless and quiet way to go, and in one given to relying on the temporary comfort that sedatives can bring, raises little suspicion.

JFK, Jr.
The accident that plunged JFK, Jr. into the waves below was not an accident in the normal sense. The small private plane faltered, plunging several thousand feet in seconds – sure death as those who arranged this accident knew would occur. The impact of a rapidly dropping plane shatters the plane, destroying mechanical evidence which would be the only clue to what actually had occurred. Why was JFK, Jr., targeted, when he was just a small boy, surely out of the loop, when his fathers suspicious death occurred? The family talks, behind closed doors, the elders passing information down to younger members now and then. JFK, Jr., was noted for a certain rebelliousness, being unconventional and adventurous, and these traits doomed him. Those responsible for his father's death watch closely lest the secrets they have kept from the public leak out, and they knew that such information was unlikely to rest easy in the hands of an offended and affectionate son.

- Pages 161-162, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

13 Heavens Note: In a recent documetary (JFK-II, by Alex Jones), evidence connecting the father's assassination to the CIA - and then employee George Bush Sr., and the son's death to George Bush Jr. - is made public for the first time. 

Dr. Steven Greer, in Forbidden Knowledge: Hidden Truth, also discusses JFK's desire to speak openly about the UFO presence and Marilyn's death connection.

ZetaTalk - Ch.17

Your earth is fertile and full of life, an endless source of interest to the curious visitor. Just as travelers on long sea voyages, or trekking long distances over continents, were lost to their human families, just so these visitors on occasion lost their moorings. They died, and their companions were not able to locate their remains. Dead tissue is dead tissue, and it does not speak but rather blends into the surrounding forest or swamp, lost to those anxiously looking for a companion. Humans are aware that their technology is not perfect, and this lack of perfection is always present. The phone may be but a fingertip away and the ambulance can come at a moment's notice, but if one's portable phone is broken when one is dying away from hom, then one may never be found!

Most often the bones of visitors are not recognized for what they are, as they are thought to be remains of an animal of some sort. Remains are also usually disturbed by scavengers, eaten and dragged or thrown about so that an intact section cannot be pieced together. Any remains that would tend to look hominoid, but not human, would frighten a human coming upon them, and these types of situations tend to result in active denial. The remains are left where they are found, and even if documented and pressed upon colleagues, denial prevents them from being taken seriously. If for no other reason, denial occurs because the researchers have difficulty realizing they are not alone, not the first or most intelligent conscious species in the universe, not the masters of all they survey. One looks the other way, walks away, and then forgets to mention the find in their report.

Light Form
Wise and massive entities, almost invariably in the service-to-others orientation, appear as balls of light so their human contacts can mentally register their presence. Humans sense these entities will before they see them in light form, as the light form is assumed only as a type of dress to allow the human to better comprehend the situation. The contactee strongly senses someone in the room, or nearby, even though the contactee may be quite alone by all appearances. This sense that someone else is present is so strong that the contactee may actually glance around, disbelieving what their eyes are telling them. It is for this reason that these entities assume a light form, so that the contactee can related to what is happening and get down to business.

Human spirits are sensed, as ghosts, as a light cooling of the temperature or perhaps a visage of the human as it appeared during its last incarnation. This in no way relates to how the entity is shaped at present, but is an impression the formerly human spirit is giving to the human at the scene – I looked like this. Temperature changes are due to the discarnate entity desiring to influence the scene, and being inexperienced at how to do this.

Ugly Aliens
One's interpretation of beauty is influenced by what one is familiar with, and is also directed by the life-form's built-in self-defense instincts. Humans instinctively avoid food that is rotten, and are attracted to food that smells fresh. Men see beauty in women who have full hips, slender waists, and ample bosoms – all traits that indicate the ability and readiness to bear young. Both sexes find a diseased partner unattractive – a safeguard against spreading infections or perpetuating genetic diseases. In some primitive parts of the world tattoos or pictorial scarification is considered strikingly attractive, but in other cultures where clothing of all kinds is abundant, such use of the skin is an outer garment would be shunned.

Thus, when contactees report visits from life-forms that startle or even horrify them, this is not an indication of malevolent intent. A life-form that looked like a slime-covered horn toad or an amphibious octopus is not a life-form humans would instinctively cuddle up to. Humans, due to their evolutionary roots, are inclined to think about dinner or avoidance when encountering such creatures, not about communion. The global shift in thinking that humans make when realizing that they are not alone as an intelligent species includes contemplating what this means. It does not mean sitting around a table chatting with other very human-looking aliens, an image the media has portrayed. Humans should bear in mind, when making these adjustments, that their appearances may be just as disgusting to their visitors.

Visitations are occurring between literally hundreds of alien groups and human contactees. The hand of the various groups can sometimes be seen in the type of endeavor undertaken by the human who gave The Call. For instance, Pleiadeans are intent on educating humans in the pleasant nature fourth-density service-to-others existence, the sense of community and the potential for being playful and having fun. The Sirians are more warlike, have this history in their past, and take The Call from humans who could use logistical advice during confrontations. Nordics are very scientific and intellectual, and dislike the spotlight. They thus work behind the scenes, and their contactees are never heard of.

In meeting or dealing with a non-human entity, whether this is a spirit you only converse with on an ethereal level or an entity with embodiment that you encounter during contacts, you must judge for yourself whether this is an encounter with the service-to-self or service-to-others orientation. There are no measures that serve as an easy answer. There are no rules that can quickly be applied to th situation for an easy resolution to confusion. The right solution to the situation facing you, as a human, this minute, is something you must determine. For some, this is painful. Some humans, faced with this perplexing dilemma and used to the rigorous answers that their religious ideology gives to them, feel naked and alone.

Contactee Confusion
Contactees, regardless of their conscious awareness of their status, find themselves in a puzzling world. Human society has scarcely become comfortable with the concept of telepathy, ridiculing those who claim that this form of communication exists even when proven in a controlled laboratory setting. The concept of spirits, such as ghosts or reincarnation or possession, is considered in the realm of tales rather than the reporting of fact, especially as spirits leave no mark or footprints. What cannot be physically restrained does not exist, in the minds of many, so brain waves or spirit forms are speculative. Where does this leave the contactee, who in many cases has begun to have Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs) to cloud the picture as well?

Contactees who have not yet realized their status, or who have not yet sorted out memories from the spirit from memories stored in the corporeal mind, can be highly confused. At first, memories from the incarnated spirit, who may return from an OBE bearing information from another place, are considered to be day dreams, and until the contactee finds their day dream was a reality this explanation is not questioned. At first, the contactee's subconscious memories of visitations are treated as an overactive imagination, perhaps influenced by the media which increasingly carries stories about visitations, but then signs such as scars that appear overnight begin to intrude. At first, increased telepathic abilities are a curiosity, and then accepted by the contactee, who may ascribe most of their unusual knowledge to such a route rather than facing the prospect of visitations or OBEs.

However, when the contactee adjusts to the concept of spirit forms that can move in and out of corporeal bodies, and visitations that can occur soul-to-soul while the soul of the contactee is incarnated, or out and about during an OBE, then they invariably develop the ability to differentiate these experiences. In general, telepathically gathered information is limited in its scope, relaying a single concept or picture. Information gathered during an OBE is comprehensive, but the corporeal mind will digest what it learns from the returning spirit in stages, so that the bottom line is learned first and the details filter in later. Subconscious memories of visitations play out during recall with full sound and color, as you say, so that the memory unfolds like a movie. Thus experienced contactees who have sorted out the alternate realities find their lives no more confusing than a shopper discovering clothing on the racks form different countries and in different styles. After a while, it all seems quite normal.

Initiation and Orientation
In human society initiation or inclusion rites frequently bound the onset of a special status, such as baptism, marriage, military induction, public service, or entry into a profession or trade. The human so bounded knows when this status begins, as do others.. likewise, the termination of a status is bounded by rites, such as a funeral, divorce, discharge, termination notice, or ban. But contactees have had no initiation rite. Since they can't be sure of the beginning, can they be sure of the end? How can they tell? Since the beginning and end are under the control of the human giving The Call, the contacts can end as quickly as they started. Just announce your change of heart. Just state your desire to make it a wrap. Just say no. it's as simple as that. Whether the contact has been, at your request, from the orientation of service-to-self or the service-to-others, the results are the same. You are no longer a contactee.

A small number of contactees, those who we anticipate will act as catalysts during the Awakening, are shown line-ups of alien life-forms. This gradual orientation, which is done in stages so as not to overwhelm the contactee, usually progresses from hominoid life-forms to life-forms humans have never encountered on Earth. In between are reptilian life-forms or water creatures such as a jellyfish or an octopus. Our emissary, Nancy, has been presented with such lineups, and relayed these experiences in her own words within ZetaTalk. The contactee may or may not consciously remember these orientation sessions, depending on how actively they seek to establish recall. Nevertheless, they are oriented, and when an opportunity to communicate their understanding arises, they are quick to help their fellows to a broader view.

Invariably, there is initial shock at the wide variety of intelligent life-forms. Humans tend to get through the lineup of hominoids with little trouble, become stunned when they first encounter life-forms not known on Earth, and progress to a tolerance for almost anything thereafter.

Mutual Fears
Often reported by some contact therapists and dramatized in the media is the frightened contactee – screaming, running, hiding, and in general exhibiting all the characteristics of a trapped animal in a state of panic. What's going on here? Have these contactees changed their minds, and can they back out at the last minute?

A human who gives The Call can end a visitation at any point. They are in control. What is occurring is mixed feelings, a very common ad almost everyday situation for most humans. Look to the moment when a young person is about to lose his or her virginity, or to ask for another's hand in marriage, or to begin an important job interview, or to go off the high dive for the first time, or to eat fish eggs or snails for the first time, or to go to the dentist for the yearly checkup, or to find the onset of labor with the wanted child beginning, or to sign on the dotted line to purchase a car, or to get on an airplane once again, or to invite the in-laws over for dinner, or to get their hair cut radically short – are these not moments exhibiting mixed feelings?

Contactees exhibiting fear of contact are not stating they wish for the visitation to end. If this were truly the case, it would end, promptly. They are simply stating that they are nervous about some aspect of the visitation. They are chatting with aliens, a presence those in authority have refused to even acknowledge. They are going off with strangers, something their mother told them never to do. They are going in alone, and for many humans, who wouldn't even venture to the local bar without companions, this in and of itself is a big step they are anticipating mild physical discomfort, if they are a volunteer in the hybrid program. And they may have requested frank information on the Transformation but be anticipating, correctly, that this will not be sugar coated.

Contactees also sometimes report that their visitors also seem wary of almost frightened of them. Well, of course they are wary, as few intelligent species have the innate capacity for blend rage that Homo sapiens does, a capacity that can surprise the human as much as the visitor. Large males are frequently paralyzed early in the visitation process, to avoid the physical chaos that results from flying fists, swinging arms, and flung objects. As blind rage is triggered by the fear response, those contactees dealing with intense fear will see their fear reflected in the face of their visitors, who are preparing to deal with a possible explosion.

Those who are alarmed by the trends the Transformation is taking are particularly alarmed about what they term the abduction of children. Beyond the apprehension that something wretched might be happening to a vulnerable and impressionable child is a very different alarm – that we are getting them young and there is no way they can stop it. Cases where youngsters have been harmed by contact with aliens in the service-to-others orientation are non-existent, nosebleeds and interrupted sleep notwithstanding. Those in the service-to-self are not allowed to affect the physical environment of a child, as given their nature they would surely attempt to maximize terror in those too young to have perspective. They are only allowed to answer The Call from a youngster on an intellectual basis – a conference.

From our perspective, as service-to-others visitors, contact with children is no diffeent from contact with adults. We are essentially speaking to the entity, the spirit within. From our perspective, dealing with humans is to some degree like dealing with children anyway. Where the young human has not gained wisdom on how the world works, a frame of reference, they are vastly more open to see a situation for what it is. They don't wear blinders. They don't have preconceptions. They don't have a vested interest in the status quo.

First Meeting
Nancy had a typical first meeting with ourselves, the service-to-others Zetas, and will tell you the story.

I went down into the swamps a lot. There were so many frogs in the swamp. I'd be gone for hours. Nobody would know where I was because the trees were big. I was a little girl. I was very curious about animals and I would be very quiet and watch for them. I'm standing still and have that feeling going up my spine that you do when you know somebody's around but you don't know where they are or who they are. I can't see what it is that I feel nervous about, but out of the corner of my eye I see a movement, from the left, coming out from behind a tree. Somebody just steps out from behind a tree. It's one of these skinny guys, very gray, light gray actually. They almost look smaller than me. So many wild creatures are very quiet, like deer, they only show themselves when they feel safe. So I'm not alarmed by this. I think a couple of them come up, from the right and the left of me, from behind, and take my elbows. I'm still ot alarmed because I'm just not getting any vibes form them that are hostile.

I'm seeing some sore of a disk shape, small. There's really only three or four of these guys. It's a small disk shape, maybe 2 feet across, not that large. I'm pretty curious. I guess my initial reaction was more curiosity than fear. I'm trying to figure out what this is. I don't feel anything hostile. It seems as if we just walk toward that ship, and there's a ramp that's let down from it. I don't think I'm doing any resisting. They seem to be interested in my head and my hands ad my wrists. They seem to be examining my hands and my wrists, the way my wrists bend. They seem to be putting their hands on either side of my head, almost like they're sizing it. Curious little creatures, very gray, light gray, even slightly smaller than I am, although I couldn't have been more than eight years old or so. One of them looks at me, puts his face close to mine, eye contact I guess, and seems to be trying to communicate something. Maybe he's saying, “Do you know why we're here? Do you know what we want?” Maybe its because I'm not afraid, maybe that's what he's thinking, that I already know. I'm must trying to search and find if I know. But I just keep thinking they're really curious little creatures.

There's something at the side that looks like a little tray at the dentist's office where thy have this little mirror on a stick and things like that. It's off to the right-hand side, and it makes me just a tiny bit nervous to think about that. I think maybe they're going to do something with my right forearm, like when someone takes blood or something like that, poke around in your forearm a little bit. It seems as if I lay back down on a table, but it wasn't really flat, something more like a chaise lounge. They've got my head at an angle and do something to my forehead. It's a little bit sore, but it's a very dull ache. I'm a little more distracted. I tell them I want to go back to my frogs and he says, “We'll be back.”

- Pages 105-112, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder