Sunday, March 29, 2009

06-22-09 Archangel Michael

06-22-09 New Moon Archangel Michael

Fear-a chilling debilitating word, emotion, the planet is full of it. Those without center have no idea as to how or where to find it. Frantically they move trying to locate some form of status quo, trying to return all that is out of the box to the box.

We are all in this together, a difficult concept to learn or acknowledge . We are all a part of the other; higher, lower, middle makes no difference. This is something we will all realize in due process.

Many come in our path to show us what it is we truly desire or need not. Sometimes we need to know what we don't choose to know what we do choose. All at once we see another and can choose.

All humanity really needs is love or to be loved.

As we move through our blockages or emotional traumas pathways are created so others can follow.

07-13-09 Archangel Michael (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)

07-13-09 8:00 A.M. Archangel Michael

All the company of heaven are poised ready to assist in the shift of the ages,
standing at the precipice.

The joy for humanity we feel is overwhelming, know that we are all there with you. The cosmos is sturing in preparation as well.

Maintain your center in all that you do and experience, as this is the most important piece of the process at this time. Maintaining center allows you to open pathways and walk through them. Pathways being created to the NOW assists humanity across the bridges into tomorrows.

When this time has passed and you pause to look back you will be truly amazed at the distances you have traveled. You often feel as if you are barely moving and yet you are moving at the speed of light.

Blessings, Michael

07-11-09 St. Germain (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)

07-11-09 7:57 A.M. St. Germain

This week will change the course of humanity for all eternity-nothing will ever be the same. It is time for the biggest shift of consciousness humanity has ever experienced.

The synthesis of thought and energy has finally become one, sending a pulse into the cosmos. Much has been foretold of this time, stimulating a change in humanity's thought process.

There will be information that will surface this week which will change conscious thought, humanity's basis of beliefs will be altered.

08-11-2009 St. Germain (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)

August 11, 2009 2 P.M. St. Germain

Approximately every 26,000 year there is a shift of the ages, which we are currently in the midst of experiencing.

The last big shift of the ages was the sinking of Atlantis approximately 13,000 years ago with an interim shift approximately 6500 years ago coinciding with the Great Flood of Biblical times and the renewal after.

Great Shifts in consciousness happen every quarter, however consciousness is stronger at the halfway points and more poised for perfection.

Question: Well we feel the shift of August 15, 2009?

You will see it and feel it, it will be very obvious.

At that moment St Germain gave me a vision of a tiny red spark, the spark of humanity, being enveloped by a stream of golden light entering it and exploding it into brilliant ball of red.

This is Source opening the seed of consciousness in humanity in its highest form, in preparation for peace on earth known as the 1,000 years of peace. This is the piece we have been held waited for, choosing not to move forward to allow more of humanity to have this experience with us. There is no more waiting. The moment is here, even more significant than December 21, 2012. Archangel Michael spoke of the moment the seed would burst open in 2005, this is it.

What we have been waiting for is NOW! THIS MOMENT! At that moment I felt a pull in my heart chakra and turquoise chakra. A triangle was being created connecting the heart and thymus to the octahedron surrounding my physical body.

The pinnacle of the shift of the ages is happening at this very moment and with the energy continuing through the 19th of August, with the 15th as midpoint. You will see glimpses of purity of heart, be in the heart. It is of the utmost importance for those living in the NOW to be present and centered during this time frame.

So Be It, So It is, So Mote It Be.

St. Germain

06-20-09 Summer Solstice With St.Germain

06-20-09 Summer Solstice with St.Germain

It is time to be still and listen. The earth is changing and shifting constantly. It is now the norm not the exception, it began last year on the eve of this day, when the ethers shook.

As the cosmos transitions so goes Gaia and humankind, all in perfect unison. As Gaia makes its changes all the cosmos watches-humanity unaware of its magnificence.

Again I say to you, be still and listen. You are in the biggest transformation of this lifetime. Three months from now you will not recognize who you are. You will know who you are, your wisdom shall arrive.

The grid removal is only one portion or piece of the puzzle you will carry. Others will begin to walk out of the box and into the NOW as well. Many are ready they just don't know how to get there.

06-09-09 St. Germain

06-09-09 St. Germain

The time is now, all is moving into the Now, each day a little more. Each day we move closer to the synthesis of NOW. As more grids are removed the light shines brighter, one being at a time as we unite in Love.

It is important to stay centered and focused as the energies ebb and flow in and out of the NOW. The more time spent in the NOW, the more balanced you will feel.

The earth, the river, the trees, the birds, the animals all nurture you-take notice of them. Each and every step you take you assist in creating the tomorrows.

Be in love and walk with God. It is all that IS.

Michael's Passing

07-08-09 1:11A.M.

I was awakened from a sound sleep with the following message: Michael's Passing

Michael Jackson, the gentle light that he was, once again gave of himself for humanity.

The great outpouring of love and compassion assisted the planet and humanity in moving forward on their path of ascension.

Many of his difficulties in life came from trying to live in two worlds-trying to manifest from the New Energy of Neverland into the old energies of judgement, control and jealousy. Neverland exists in the New Energy of the NOW, where we are all going.

Michael helped create a pathway for the rest of us to follow. The pain of living and moving between these two realities became to painful physically and emotionally and he slipped away. If you look at the difficult times and issues he faced, many were issues of humanity which needed to be looked at or viewed. He never lost his child-like knowing and connection to the oneness. He could no longer be kept in a box, it was time for the butterfly to fly.

We will miss him.

Ringing Cedars

The Ringing Cedars, by Vladimir Megre
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This real-life story begins in 1995…

A trader prepares his ships to embark on the most remarkable trip of his life—a trip that will change the course of millions of human lives. Ahead of him lies the mighty Ob River—winding and snaking for 3,500 miles through the Siberian taiga—the vast boreal forest—that stretches across Northern Europe, Alaska and Canada.

A warning! Nothing you have ever read before can prepare you for the journey you are about to take.

You are about to meet Anastasia—a beautiful young woman—discovered by the author, living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia. She is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilisation whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today.

Anastasia's powerful, myth-shattering messages reveal a profound wisdom grounded in ancient knowledge; they expose suppressed secrets and hidden historical facts that will completely change your understanding of our past, and offer a whole new paradigm for our planet's future.

Anastasia will lift you up and hurl you into a future that is… well… everything you imagined life could and certainly should be!

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Book 1:  Anastasia
Anastasia, the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, tells the story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megré's trade trip to the Siberian taiga in 1995, where he witnessed incredible spiritual phenomena connected with sacred "ringing cedar" trees. Here he discovered a beautiful young woman named Anastasia, living alone deep in the forest. He spent three days with her during which she displayed the most extraordinary physical, mental and psychic powers.

She also shared with him her unique outlook on a vast range of subjects as diverse as happiness, co-creation, spirituality, sexuality, child-rearing, healing, gardening, nature and environmental issues, planetary change and much more.

This wilderness experience affected Vladimir so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and went to Moscow to fulfill Anastasia's request to write a book about what he had witnessed and the insights she had shared with him. She told him she would imbue his books with an energy that would uplift the spirit and cause them to sell in the millions. True to her promise this life-changing book has become an international bestseller and is now touching the hearts of millions of people world-wide.

“In the book you are going to write, Vladimir, there will be unobtrusive ombinations, formulations made up of letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good and radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future. Believe me, Vladimir, this is not mysticism—it is in accord with the laws of the Universe.”  — Anastasia

Book 2: The Ringing Cedars of Russia
After rising rapidly to the top of national best-seller lists, first-time author Vladimir Megré has some explaining to do.

Just who is this extraordinary woman Anastasia? How did Megré become her messenger… and her lover? Anastasia's visions in Book 1 are already becoming reality and readers are demanding to know more. What else did she tell him? Here in his second book, Megré reveals some of the answers… and raises a lot more questions.

Prepare to plunge deeply into Anastasia's wild and brilliant world as the author embarks on an adventure through the vast expanses of space, time and spirit—from the paradise-like glade in the Siberian forest, to the rough urban depths of Russia's capital city; from the ancient mysteries of our forebears, to a vision of humanity's radiant future.

Along the way you'll get a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at how Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars Series came to be published.

“Way back in ancient times people living on the Earth had the capacity to use wisdom and intelligence far surpassing the abilities of modern Man. People at the time of the Earth's pristine origins enjoyed ready access to all the information in the entire database of the Universe.” — Anastasia

Book 3: The Space of Love
Nothing you have read in Books 1 and 2 has prepared you for Book 3—The Space of Love.

News of Anastasia's powerful abilities has reached people in high places. Someone wants her captured. As Megré attempts to return to the forest—where Anastasia has borne him a son—he finds his way blocked.

A helicopter hovers over her glade as armed agents close in. But these men with machine guns flee in horror when Anastasia gives them a terrifying taste of hell—and it's far worse than your worst nightmare!

Then… discover a school in the forest, designed, built and decorated entirely by students 7 to 17 years old, without adult supervision. Here students cover a 10-year math syllabus in just one year, while learning three foreign languages, martial arts and ballroom dancing. They come and go as they please, and their parents pay no fees. With a waiting list in the thousands, this school completely redefines the word "education".

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“Love dissolved in Space for one can touch the hearts of many.
So that close to a loved one there will always be a Space of Love.
This is the essence of Love, this is its designated purpose.” — Anastasia

Book 4: Co-Creation
If you've read Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia and The Space of Love, and you think you've "got it"… Book 4, Co-creation, will cause you to think again. In this book, Anastasia's pure energy vibrates at a much higher pitch. Co-creation is vast in its scope of vision and powerfully poetic. You will actually feel yourself changing as you read.

Through words and images that sing to your soul, Anastasia deepens your understanding and raises your sights to a whole new level. This is the story of creation as you have never heard it told.

Now—as Anastasia reveals the Divine blueprint—we see that we are truly masters of our own destiny and that our choices affect not only ourselves but also the entire Universe. Full of astonishing revelations, this book may just turn your world upside-down. Co-creation offers practical steps, grounded in ancient wisdom, which you can use today to create powerful positive change in your life and simultaneously guarantee the future happiness of all mankind.

“I shall tell you about co-creation, Vladimir, and then everyone will be able to provide an answer to his own questions. Please listen carefully and write about the Creator's great co-creation. Listen and try to understand with all your Soul the aspirations of the Divine dream.” — Anastasia

Book 5: Who Are We?
The Ringing Cedars Series is creating a wave of excitement that is sweeping the globe with positive, life-transforming messages of pure love energy from the beautiful Anastasia.
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Anastasia paints images of exquisite beauty, abundance, peace and harmony—images which will fill you with renewed hope and inspire you to begin creating a very different life for yourself—one far better than anything you might have previously imagined.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, and with a surprise ending, Who Are We? will have you fully engaged from the very first word.

“And if you, my dearest, should find yourself scattered across the unfathomable Universe as little specks of dust, still refusing to believe, then from these specks of dust wandering through eternity I shall begin to gather you up.” — Anastasia

Book 6: The Book of Kin
You are about to meet the author's son—raised naturally in the forest by his mother, Anastasia. Rest assured, you have never met a five-year-old like this! This young boy's profound intelligence forces Megré to take a totally fresh look at education, science, and history and… well… just about everything.

In The Book of Kin, Anastasia will lead you on a shocking rediscovery of pages of humanity's history that have been distorted or kept secret for thousands of years. She sheds new light on the causes of war, oppression and violence in the modern world, and guides us toward preserving the wisdom of our ancestors, so that we may pass it on to future generations.

Series translator, John Woodsworth, became so excited when he read the original text of this book, he began working on it day and night. Dr Leonid Sharashkin, the Series editor, said, "It's hard to believe that a human being could have written this book."

Deeply touching, beautifully heart-warming, and utterly life confirming, this book is another sparkling gem in the brilliant Ringing Cedars Series.

“The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. … You are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation.”  — Anastasia

Book 7: The Energy of Life
The Energy of Life reasserts the extraordinary power of human thought and reveals the influence our thinking has—not only on our lives—but also on the destiny of our planet and the Universe.

In this book, Anastasia's grandfather steps in to give Megré a reality check that turns out to be a wake-up call for all of us.

Packed with more stunning revelations, The Energy of Life sheds new light on the forgotten pages of humanity's history, on religion, on the roots of inter-racial and inter-religious conflict—and even on what constitutes ideal nutrition.

This book shows the way to solve the problems of crime, corruption, misery, conflict, war and violence. It reveals practical ways to consciously control and build up the power of our creative thought. It shows how a new way of thinking—together with a lifestyle in harmony with Nature—can lead to true happiness.

“There is a law of the Universe which says: A single Creator inspired by love is stronger than all the sciences combined, which are deprived of love.” — Anastasia

Book 8.1: The New Civilization
The New Civilisation chronicles another visit by Vladimir Megré to Anastasia and their son, providing new insights into practical co-operation with Nature and showing in even greater detail how you can apply Anastasia's wisdom to your own life.

Describing how the visions presented in the previous books have already taken beautiful form in real life and produced huge changes in Russia and beyond, the author discerns the birth of a new civilisation.
Anastasia shows Vladimir a vivid scene of America's radiant future, revealing how the conflict between the powerful and the helpless and between the rich and the poor can be overcome and thereby lead to positive transformations in both individuals and society.

The New Civilisation demonstrates the proven power of Anastasia's creative imagery, as she inspires us to become co-creators of a marvelous future for all mankind.

Anastasia's word-images are being taken up by thousands of readers of the Ringing Cedars Series, and also it seems, by the Universe itself. Across the globe, as if responding to a call, people from all walks of life are committing their support to the creation of this radiant vision of a "Paradise Planet".

“Such beneficial energy can flow from Man as has never before been seen. Every living creature on the Earth needs this energy just as it needs air, sunshine and water. And even sunlight is but
a reflection of the great energy emanating from Man.”  — Anastasia

Book 8.2: Rites of Love
Rites of Love compares today's attitudes toward sex, childbirth, family and education with those of our forebears. Their depth of understanding may cause you to wonder when and how we lost this extraordinary knowledge. Anastasia assures us that it can be regained.

Through the fascinating life-story of one family, Megré portrays the radiant world of the ancient Russian Vedic civilisation, documents the drama of its destruction and then reveals its rebirth—millennia later—in our present time.

In powerful poetic prose, Megré describes a way of life that was grounded in love and non-violence, and then shows the practicability of this same approach today.

Rites of Love reminds us of so much we have long forgotten—it really is like reading one's own life story and, in the process, awakening from a long sleep.

“There are hundreds of thousands who are discovering more and more the truth within themselves and are changing their way of life at the core. They will soon number in the millions, but for now these hundreds of thousands should be seeking for the answer to the puzzle within themselves.” — Anastasia

Friday, March 27, 2009

American Drug Multinational - Pt.2

2nd Part: The World Dimension of the Drug Business

“In 1988 drug-traffic trade generated $500 billion dollars all together. This is equivalent to French GNP in 1985.” – Mohaen Toumi, Science et Vie, Economie Magazine, November 1989 - (official data always minimize reality)

American Drug Multinational

Drugs Through History

Through research done on the history of civilizations as to the origin of the drugs, we have found that:

In Asia Minor, in 5,000 BC, Sumerian people, who created the cuneiform alphabet, included references to opium poppy in their most ancient writings.

In 3,000 BC, China’s native efedra’s bush, ma-huang, was already inhaled. In 2,737 BC, Emperor Shen Nung, wrote in a Chinese treaty that cannabis sativa be made into tea and used for medical purposes.

By 2,000 BC, cannabis had already been introduced in India and the Hindus were probably the first people to have dried and smoked it.

In Ancient Egypt, papyrus dating 1,500 BC mention fear arising from opium elixir, due to the hallucination it provoked.

Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used opium in experiments with medicinal substances. Ever since then, Medicine has not stopped harming human beings with dangerous drugs.

Around 100 AD, Mexico, Aztec Indians created a culture centered around the magic qualities of cacto peyote, from Psilohybin, ololiuqui mushroom, spores which produced an hallucinatory chemical substance similar to LSD.

Around 1,000 AD, Incas from what is today known as Bolivia and Peru, chewed coca leaves to obtain their hallucinatory effects.

In the XI century the word haxixe appeared in Persia, where drugs were associated with criminal activities for the first time. The origin of that name comes from the Persian cult leader, Al-Hansan. It is said that people took haxixe in order to reach ecstasy and obtain a vision of paradise, before facing martyrdom. Then, in that state of intoxication, they attacked their enemies in a suicidal way (haxixe – has the same origin as the word murderer).

Drug-traffic began when the Old World made its first contact with the New World. Expeditions initiated by Columbus found, among other things, cocaine in South America, hallucinatory substances in Central America and tobacco in North America. Such drugs were taken back to European courts where they were very welcome due to the psychological inversion of people who saw great advantage in alienation.

Drug exchange was complete when Europeans introduced distilled alcoholic beverages and Asian cannabis to the Americas (Chile, 1545).

Hindus introduced tobacco in Europe. Shipment of leaves and seeds helped the spread of tobacco cultivation.

In England, which controlled Virginia’s tobacco region, the fever for tobacco reached epidemic proportions, despite its high price. Nicotine gained its name from Jacques Nicot, who brought it to France in 1560 alleging its supposed medicinal potential which, in time yet another proved to be fantasy of medical science.

Describing the habit of smoking, Sir Francis Bacon wrote, In 1623: “Once used to it, one will find very difficult to get rid of such an addiction.”

In 1650 opium started being increasingly used in China. Opium use was already known as a serious health problem. The Manchu dynasty tried to restrain its import but they didn’t succeed because they were powerless against English East India Company’s economic pressure. This company aimed to profit from and dominate people through alienation. In 1839, importing opium was prohibited and all shipments were checked. The result was the 1839-1842 Opium War between China and England where the latter was the winner. The second Opium War took place between 1856-1858.

In the XIX century the use of Opium reached epidemic proportions, mainly in England and America. Tragically the drug was more wide spread in remedies for children. Those medicines were sold under names such as Godfrey’s Cordial, Munn’s Elixir and Mother Bailey’s.

The most popular household guide at the time, “Beeton’s Book of Household Management” saw the need to warn people that certain remedies constantly given to children by nurses and mothers to help them sleep were frequently fatal. 1842 English research so called “The Second Report to the Commissioners”, commented on the dilemma which led poor women to drug their children with opium. Even at that time the drug was already used to exploit people’s slave labor.

German Frederick Engels, in his book, The Condition of the Working Class, England, 1844, described a horrifying increase in drug use, due to the development of a tolerance to such substances in children’s bodies. Because they were given stronger and stronger doses, they became pale, weak, usually dying before they were two years old. The use of this “remedy” was wide-spread in all big cities as well as small villages all around the country.

In the present century the French legalized opium and alcohol trade in Indochina, and created a monopoly of purchase, manufacture, and sales. In the mid-1930s there were 1,500 alcohol and opium distilleries.

Central Asia is the Soviet Union’s drug barn. Eighty percent of the Soviet Union’s narcotic consumption comes from the Moslem provinces.

In all instances of colonization one can note that drugs have been a very destructive merchandise for people but very profitable for traffickers. Such merchandise has brought splendid revenue to the income of a metropolis as much as it has been used to dominate those being colonized. Exploitation becomes easier after one has made the people drug addicts. Dependence occurs on both sides. Not only does the colony depend on the metropolis, but also its inhabitants depend on the drugs. That strengthens the traffic. The same phenomenon is found in dictatorships and imperialist governments due to policies of corruption and exploitation.

The Issue Today

 If the drug trade was substantial in the past, its dimension was infinitely modest compared with today’s traffic.

At the present time one can see that drug dependency and traffic have become worldwide epidemics of frightening proportions, the USA being the center of it, both in terms of drug consumption (the world’s largest) and in terms of illegal trade and profits.

Cahiers du Tiers Monde magazine, nr. 113, published the following:

“Late this century, drug-traffic turned out to be one of the most important axis between Latin America and the United States with significant implications in strategy and national and collective security. For this reason, treating the problem as a mere police question is a gross simplification which ignores its complex reality. In its true dimension, drug-traffic is an economic, social and political problem of trans-national significance, which unbalances the States and the Latino-American society.” (Cahiers du Tiers Monde, “Drugs and the Parallel Power”, by Manuel Gonzalo C. Alvarez, p.10).

In the following chapters, we will focus on the true and terrifying world dimensions of trafficking today, as well as on the preponderous role played, in this trade of death, by the nation which until recently, was the leader of the West – the United States of America.

The Extent of the American Drug Business Today

To have an idea of how attractive the European drug market is to American “investors”: one gram of gold in Paris costs between 60-70 francs, depending on market fluctuation (August 1990), whereas one gram of cocaine is sold at 1,000 francs, that is 940 francs more per gram of cocaine sold!


Drugs are the Major World Business at Present

According to official numbers collected by Swiss writer jean Ziegler (in Switzerland Washes Whiter):

“Today drug profits are a fantastic market (…) between USD $300 and $500 billion per year. Many famous experts support the second figure, Interpol secretary general, Mr. Kendall, among those.”

Official figures are usually at least five times lower than the real ones. Even though this official index places drugs amongst the major world businesses. Drug profits are equivalent to five times some of the 3rd world country’s debts (Brazil, for example, is being forced to export practically all its products in order to pay its US $110 billion debt’s interest rates). According to Ziegler the half trillion dollars drug profit per year is equivalent to “all western country’s yearly expenses in oil purchases.

And it represents over three times France’s budget which is 150 billion dollars!

“The international drugs trade is an economic activity battled against but also protected (…) it is one of the major world economic activities” (Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/1990, article by Christian de Brie, “Who profits from the drug-traffic? Bankers, who are in complicity with drug-traffic.”)

To have an idea of how attractive the drug market is to “investors”: one gram of gold in Paris costs between 60-70 francs, depending on market fluctuation (August 1990), whereas one gram of cocaine is sold at 1,000 francs, that is 940 francs more per gram of cocaine sold!

“Organized crime is only one of the international drug trade’s business “partners” (…) The drug business functions like a three-partner society: the traffickers group, the business group and the political group” (Christian de Brie, art. Cit.)

In practically all countries, bankers are in complicity with this business not only laundering drug money but even giving advice, defending and keeping bank accounts secret; they also provide solicitors and advisors to traffickers; in short, they help drug money to be “clear and respectable”. Everybody knows the remarkable power of influence banks have on modern society’s governments. In many countries they are practically today’s ruling class. In his book Psychoanalysis of Society, Keppe stated that in the past cities were built around churches, after that around castles and today around banks. Christian de Bie in the above mentioned article said that:

“In truth, banks not only don’t avoid drug money but voraciously compete to obtain it (…) In the smallest cities in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia’s cocaine zones there are American, British, German, Swiss and French banks. For what business and for what money other than that of drugs? (…) Amongst the numerous banks involved in the drug laundering service since a long time ago, are some well-known names such as Chase Manhattan, American Express, Louis Dryfus, etc. (a dozen major Swiss banks, more than 20 in Miami.)”

Read chapters “American Drug Multinationals” and “Who is responsible for the drug traffic” in order to be aware of the dimensions of the international drug-traffic business.

The power of traffickers is already larger than that of many States

“Trafficker’s killing power competes with the nations power (…) Let us create against them a protection of the human individual, who is affected on a most intimate level (…) One needs to dare think and say that it is not acceptable to have any commitment to such a network of corruption, with such agents of death” (Francois Miterrand, inaugural address at the Arch of Fraternity, Paris 26/8/1989, Le Monde, 29/8/1989).

“Who does crime pay? Everybody, and that is precisely the problem. How to fight against the running waters, when complicities are all around and corruption is abundant? (Le Monde’s dossier on drugs)

“Nations seem disarmed before the problem, incapable of fatally striking drug-traffic” (Le Monde’s dossier on drugs). (N.B.: In fact there are Nations which are disarmed against drug-traffic. Nevertheless there are others which promote it, and this was not mentioned in that article).

The United States are the world’s major marijuana producer and favors opium, heroin and cocaine production throughout the world.

1.  Opium, heroin and cocaine are produced in the following geographic zones:

1.1  Middle-East: produces opium and heroin. Countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan (Golden Crescent), India, Nepal and Lebanon.

1.2  Southeast Asia: produces opium and heroin. Countries: Burma, Thailand and Laos (Golden Triangle)

1.3  Latin America: produces cocaine. Countries: Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil.

1.4  Mexico: produces 50 tons of opium, converted into 5 tons of heroin.

Most of these productive zones are directly or indirectly controlled by the United States of America, as follows:

Afghanistan, Pakistan

In April 1990, Soviet Life magazine published that: “600 tons of drugs are produced yearly by Afghanistan opposition-controlled zones, with the support of Pakistan and the United States.”

According to that magazine, peasants are encouraged to cultivate opium poppy; an air transportation system, via Pakistan ensures that the product goes to Western European countries and to North America and says that: “armed detachments of the opposition are the ones that transport drugs to Pakistan.”

Afghanistan is responsible for 1/5 of the world production of opium and for half of the world production of heroin.



Studies on the Iran-gate scandal (clandestine arms sale to Iran by Israel and the United States) show that:

a)  those arms were paid for with dollars, “but mainly with drugs (base-morphine and heroine)” (according to Jean Ziegler, above mentioned book, p.151);

b)  the White House had an active part in the operation; even ex-president Ronald Reagan was accused, but alleged not to know what was going on. His National Security Aid, John Poindexter (government’s right arm), was even sentenced, but for only six months in prison. Doubts about the American ex-president still remain.. (according to article “The Reagan Verdict” by Antony Lewis, New York Times / Diario de Noticias, 1/5/1990);

c)  the arms sale money (and that of drugs, of course) was transferred to Central America under the order of North American colonel Oliver North, and others, in order to financially back up gangs of mercenaries against Faribundo Marti Front, in El Salvador, and in order to help with the Nicaraguan “contras” (group opposed to Sandinista government);

d)  “Iran secret arms sale was used to provide equipment to Nicaraguan “contras”, and this made it possible for a significant cocaine traffic between Colombia and the United States to take place, which was done with the logistic support of the North Americans.” (according to Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/1990, Christian de brie).

In July 1990, CIA ex-agent, Richard Brancke, stated the following to Italian federal television (RAI):

“Iran arms traffic was the Reagan / Bush political debt with Tehran in exchange for the delay in the release of the American hostages from the American Embassy in Tehran. That delay had cuased Carter’s defeat in the November presidential elections” and also said that “Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, had been killed by the Masonic Lodge P2, supported by CIA, because he was aware of the illegal arms traffic at the time of the Iran-Iraq war.”


Golden Triangle

Burma, Thailand and Laos

The United States and the CIA created “rebel armies” in Laos and Burma and controlled opium and morphine production using the Golden Triangle. Such drugs were the only currency used for the purchase and supply of arms provided by the CIA, whose airplanes transported the drugs back. Such an arrangement is still in use today, supplying nearly half of the world heroin trade (according to Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/1990, article by Christian de brie).

N.B.: According to Le Monde dossier on drugs, world heroin production is around 106 tons per year (in official numbers). Given that Afghanistan (in part controlled by the US), produces 50 tons per year, and that the Golden Triangle, under the CIA control, produces 45 tons per year, one concludes  that the United States (that is, the White House, and government agencies) participate directly in the overall heroin production trafficked in the world (including that sold in North America itself).

13 Heavens Note: In 2006, a UN report stated the number at 6,700 tons. So from 50-tons per year in 1988 to 6,700 tons in 2006, the question undoubtedly becomes: “Who’s using all of this stuff?” See more… 


Latin America

According to Le Monde’s above mentioned article, Nicaraguan “contras” organization, organized by the United States of America (CIA and Noriega), made substantial cocaine traffic between Colombia and the United States possible, with the logistic support of American agents. By and large, Latin America’s dictatorial regimes were created by the CIA. For example, in dictatorial times Brazilian generals had secret bank accounts at the (Swiss) Migros Bank where 1 million Swiss Francs, coming from the Brazilian network of drug-traffic, were deposited weekly. Money exchanged at the Migros Bank was deposited weekly at New York’s Banesto Banking Corporation account number 13.277.201 (Jean Ziegler, mentioned book, p.71-72).

General Noriega, who organized the Nicaraguan “contras” and supported the Medellin Cartel in Colombia, has been a CIA agent since 1950 and was made both by Ronald Reagan and by the present American president (Expresso magazine, article “Noriega, the American Lesson”, by Tony Jenkins, 20/1/1990). Bush only had him arrested when the dictator of Panama was no longer of interest to the USA.

2.  Marijuana is produced in the following geographic zones:

2.1  United States of America (major world producer, according to Figaro, 19/5/1990).

2.2  Asia (India, Thailand and Nepal).

2.3  Middle-East (Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen).

2.4  Africa (Morocco and Kenya).

As one can see, besides the fact that the United States of America is the major drug producer, those countries used by the North Americans to produce opium and heroin (Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan…) “coincidently” are also amongst the world’s marijuana producers (“marijuana is certainly the second or the third Californian cultivation”, according to economics Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman, in interview for Le Figaro, 19/5/1990)

How Drug-Traffic Threatens Europe

On March 29, 1990, USA Today newspaper reported the following:

“Traffickers take to Europe what is left from the US cocaine” and state “in order to find new markets, United States drug traffickers are now taking to Europe what is left (…) The quantity of cocaine which comes to the United States exceeds the demand (…) cocaine traffickers have saturated the American market at the price they wanted to sell it, so that now they are forced to take the drug overseas (…) Prices in Western Europe are double those in the United States (…) there is no doubt at all that the European market is indeed opened. Federal agents say they are now seizing more cocaine shipments coming directly from Colombia to Europe – and the number of shipments to Eastern Europe will increase rapidly (…) Now that borders are being eliminated, opportunist traffickers will find open doors, says DEA Frank Shultz in Washington, DC.”


As one can observe, North Americans are “keeping an eye” on Europe, now that their country’s economic decay is reducing the fabulous profits of drug-traffic.

It is necessary for Europe to awaken to this danger, for it is a very serious threat to Europe.

In France, for example, drug consumption more than doubled from 1980 to 1987, according to the inquiry on “Drug Addiction” by the Ministry of Solidarity to Health and Social Protection.

Portugal, specially the Azores, is today a new world drug traffic route according to the news published by the Portuguese media (could it be a coincidence that an American military base is located there?)

“There is a dramatically increasing number of drug victims in Western Europe. The polytoxocomaniac progression, the highly worrisome connection between drug use and AIDS and the Association between traffickers and terrorists is a sad balance reported by UN International Body for Drug Control 1988 Annual report, in that organization’s headquarters in Vienna on December 12” (according to Le Monde dossier on drugs).

The same group responsible for the massive introduction of drugs into the United States of America – which has been trying to do the same in Europe, although not with the same results until now, are now concentrating their total efforts on the European market, which is the last stronghold still capable of resisting such an invasion. We are at the doors of a final conflict. Either the traffickers will destroy the world or we unite in order to save civilization”, says Pacheco. In the book, The Decay of the American People, 1985, Dr. Pacheco wrote the following:

“A New York Times, 27/5/1984 research paper showed that 99 percent of the country’s boarding schools were being affected by cocaine use, besides marijuana. Those children were asked the reason for their behavior. It was found that even their parents and teachers were also addicted. This means 90 percent of at least the population of New York have already had experience or still use drugs. And drugs affect the brains’ functions irreversibly (a scientifically proven fact).”

13 Heavens Note: On a similar note, while not considered an illicit drug, Aspartame (a widespread artificial sweetener) also impairs the brain’s ability to focus, recall short/long-term memory, etc. The question could reasonably be asked if the lessons learned by the CIA and US Army (discussed in previous chapters) have found their way into pharmaceuticals and foods of today. In order to support consumerism, repeat customers are eventually needed. Making something addictive is a quick and easy solution. Therefore, addiction - as the vehicle, ensures whatever effect of mysterious or undisclosed “additives” in medications, foods and beverages, will continue – in the same way shown here with illicit drugs.   

Facts like these, which brought about the openly mentioned decay to the North American civilization, are the ones which 1992’s united new Europe must avoid by all means.

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American Drug Multinational

- pages 59-69

American Drug Multinational - Pt.1

“I dedicate this dossier to all those who have given their lives to combat corruption, and to the children who deserve a better life than the one society offers them.”
– Claudia Pacheco




Dear reader:

We must warn the families of England, France, Portugal, and everywhere, of the danger that surrounds their homes in relation to the drug runners.

These criminals, highly dangerous, infiltrate communities and public bodies such as the government, the legal system, the police, the churches, the schools, mainly in positions of economic and public power. They are much more dangerous than the drugs which they distribute. They are the psychotics and psychopaths described in the book Liberation of the People – The Pathology of Power (Keppe, Pacheco and others), who act like demons to destroy civilization.

They act, insinuate themselves, lie, corrupt, threaten, attack, kill, mutilate children, youths, intelligent and productive adults, scientists, artists – they grind people up in their money-making machine called the drug trade.

They kill in various ways:

  • Through the drugs they sell
  • By sucking dry the economies of nations – they suck up all the money that is in the hands of the people – putting an end to the productive capital), keeping it in their enormous private fortunes.
  • Assassinating those who resist their determined and unchecked march toward destruction.

These individuals are not just problems for the police, or for judges, or for public attorneys: they are our problem, they are “the” problem of the people:

1. Firstly, because many of the judges, police and attorneys have already been corrupted and co-opted into the millionaire machine of death and will favor the drug runners in their work.

2. Secondly, because if they resist the temptation of corruption, they fall into the problem of fear. They fear being assassinated, or seeing their families dominated, should they resist or oppose the criminals.

3. And thirdly, because the struggle is disproportionate:

a. There are many more people involved in the traffic of drugs, with all the power in their hands, and the whole structure organized to attack (they are well-armed and fortressed). They have become powerful “shadow governments” which are destroying the true governments.

b. There are, further, many more individuals dependent on drugs who will kill to get access to them than the small group of people who heroically give their lives to eradicate this evil.

For this reason Keppe and Pacheco were attacked in the USA, in Brazil, and suffered persecution and sabotage from secret groups infiltrated from everywhere into the countries where there are centers of ISAT.

It is necessary that the people, the lay-man, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, lovers, husbands and wives, who are living the drama of drug addiction, even unwillingly, or who do not live it as yet, but fear that at any moment they could be touched by the problem, help this little army of courageous and idealistic people, who love life, and still hope to see the birth of a better humanity.

The responsibility for the future of humanity is in the hands of all human beings – of the people, and not of their governments.

Several Governments have already become contaminated by this problem, and the people have to wake up to this reality. The situation is grave. The evil has existed for too long, and even honest governments who are at present disposed to undertake this war will not be able to beat the enemy alone.

Further – and most important – it is precisely within the power structure, public and economic, that the worst assassins of drugs have infiltrated, forming the modern millionaire mafias: the Drug Multinationals.

The problem is more difficult than it seems; it is the tip of an enormous iceberg, because the drug multinationals are like ghosts which never show themselves to the light of truth – they mask themselves, they hide from the eyes of people and act in the shadows, and behind backs. They gag journalists in order for these latter not to denounce them.

If I could find a synonym for them, the ideal one would be: demons.

The American Drug Multinational

Another extremely important point is that the world appears to be sleeping and not aware of the great dragon of drugs which acts within, and through the United States.

First, it spreads drugs within the United States, bringing it into the chaos of economic, educational, political, human, and moral destruction, which is slowly becoming apparent to the rest of the world.

Then, it has become the American nation itself which has basically taken upon itself the task of spreading this same dragon-fire of death and decadence throughout the planet, in these ways:

1. Through the promotion it makes of its habits, and philosophy of life, with its films, TV, books, magazines, schools, music, etc., which spread violence, drug abuse, promiscuity, and cultural, ethical and professional decadence. They promote alienating psychologisms, and “liberalizing” philosophies which preach that “anything can be done”, good or evil.

      2. Through the policy of economic imperialism, which has obliged various countries of the Third World, strangled and sucked dry of their true sources of wealth (naturally derived from work) to opt for “alternative economies” based on the production of the raw materials needed for drugs – coca, marijuana, poppies, etc. – in order to survive (this is the case with Colombia, which is very rich in gold, precious stones, coffee, etc., but was sucked dry by the Americans. The people opted to grow coca so as to have something to eat.)

      3. And, very important, through the international American network of production, distribution, and sale of drugs, which is acting, in an extremely well organized and camouflaged manner, in every country to which they have access.

The great problem with the American Multinational of Drugs is that they are practically unknown to the world. They hide behind a false image, professionally constructed, by specialized promotion. They wear the uniform of soldiers, who are fighting against drug running, in the much trumpeted “War on Drugs” unleashed by Ronald Reagan and presently continued by George Bush. This war looks like a great Hollywood production but it is a hollow promotional farce.

According to Frederic Filloux, NY correspondent for the French periodical Liberation, in the 19 April 1990 edition, with reference to the methods adopted by American Attorney General Dick Thornburgh in dealing with laundering drug money through American banks:

“But this way of ding justice looks just like a publicity stunt. The sort of thing the ailing Bush administration needs now, exactly in the moment that the war on drugs seems to have failed, even in the Federal Capital.”

Americans are seen as victims of addiction, as consumers, but the world seems never to have seen or heard of Americans as competitors of the Colombians, Brazilians or even Europeans on the international death market!

I realized all this in an April morning, in Portugal, and I immediately wrote this appeal to our future friends. I say future friends, because I know that we could form a resistance, or even an army, dedicated to putting an end to once and for all the terror that torments and persecutes not only Keppe and Pacheco, but also the creatures of God.

I plead with you to make this appeal public, that it should be spread as widely as possible, and quickly, for we do not have much time.

We are at a final bottleneck: from now onward, either an army of individuals will rise to finish this “Dragon of Death” (the economic power generated by the drugs trade) or we will all be gradually and fatally liquidated.

With much hope, I greet you.

Claudia Pacheco

- pages 5-7



1st Part: The American Drug Multinational

“Separating consumer countries from those who produce drugs is no longer valid (…) there is an increasing production in the consumer countries both for their own use and well as for others.”

- Phillip Shenon, The New York Times


Drugs: The Establishment’s Weapon to Numb Social Consciousness

When young people take drugs they believe they are going against the establishment. What a mistake! The only ones who directly benefit from their addiction are precisely the individuals who have economic power (traffickers, bankers, politicians) and who are the most evil-minded people.

There is no person, no sector of society which would approve of drug addiction, except those who commercialize it and whose economic interest is directly connected to drugs consumption.

Not even the addicts are happy with their addiction. And the drug barons would not be happy if they saw their children dying by drug poisoning or killed as a result of drug-trafficking.

Drugs are like the devil (*): nobody in their right mind would accept them, although the majority of people are in a pact with them. This is the problem: everybody knows that drugs kill, but they allow themselves to be seduced by them.

For this reason, many researchers say that drugs are, without questions, the worst problem plaguing humanity today. And they are (the drugs), more than ever, actively destroying human consciousness.

Drugs have always interested human beings on two levels:

  1. On a consumer level: their use causes consciousness to go numb; allows a temporary escape from reality and from the perception of personal and social problems; and gives a false sensation of freedom and power.
  2.  On the level of those who commercialize them: the use of drugs by people give those who commercialize them the following advantages:

a. Economic: they are a product which gives those who commercialize them a huge margin of profit. They are much, much more lucrative than gold, than oil; and they count on a guaranteed market with addicts of all ages, sex, race, religions, etc., who give up anything to obtain a dose of temporary “relief”. They give up eating, dressing properly, living decently; they can even kill in order to keep their addiction. No other product has ever guaranteed such faithful customers and regular income.

b. Social-political: drugs have been used for centuries but never as systematically as today by the powers interested in having people’s consciousness go numb.

They have been used since the industrial revolution, when English capitalists provided opium to workers’ poor families, who in turn gave them to their children with the intention of “softening” life’s harsh conditions. Many times children had to be left alone at home for long hours, while their parents went to work – and, as an alternative, parents gave them drugs to keep them sleeping.

In Peru’s agricultural fields, and in those of the majority of cocaine producing countries, peasants with empty stomachs for lack of food, chew “magic” leaves in order to obtain strength to work better for a longer period of time.

In the Soviet Union, for example, the government keeps people more or less under control by providing them “oceans” of vodka. In Leningrad, a Russian artist told me that if the government restricted people’s drink consumption, the Soviet Union would implode.

When youths take drugs they believe they are going against the establishment. What a mistake! The only ones who directly benefit from their addiction are precisely the individuals who have economic power (traffickers, bankers, politicians) and who are the most evil-minded people.

It has been precisely by injecting thousands of LSD doses into American youngsters that the CIA and the evil American power managed to dissolve the sixties political and social “consciousness revolution” which had been started there and had been called the New Left Movement. The youngsters demanded many social and economic changes in the United States (as well as the end of the Vietnam War).

The 60’s and 70’s were rich in students’ and workers’ movements both in Europe and the Americas. They confronted the unjust and anti-human lifestyle imposed by the establishment. Since drugs have taken over the youngsters, protests have been gradually disappearing until today where they’re predominates a situation of total intellectual aridity, “pseudo” calmness, apparent social satisfaction and an economic conformism. This is cancer placed in people’s consciousness to stop them questioning things.

13 Heavens Note: LSD (Lyserigic Acid Diethylamide) is a synthetic (man-made) drug, according to the US Department of Justice, has been abused for its hallucinogenic properties since the 1960s. If the dose is large enough, LSD produces delusions and visual hallucinations that distort the user’s sense of time and identity. The DOJ, however, neglects to say who created this drug and for what purpose.

In search of a mind capacitating or controlling substance, LSD was created by the US Army and CIA, intending to promote illogical thinking, impulsiveness, lower ambition, distorted eyesight and hearing faculties, ‘truth telling’, amnesia, etc. – all to distract the person from what was going on around them.

In 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy stated: The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwitting subjects in social situations.”

The CIA doesn’t need to declassify the documents showing which universities this included, to realize that UC Berkley, the location of many “anti-Vietnam war” protests, was a prime target - if not the first.

During the 1990 invasion of Iraq (Operation Desert Storm), it was broadcast on international television that a US high school boy was arrested for slipping one of his teachers LSD. That high school was the stage for similar anti-war protests and the growing anti-war sentiment during the US-led invasion.

However, never has human beings’ quality of life been worse – the satisfaction today’s societies can offer is practically nil. There has never been such a shortage of thinkers, good writers, artists, scientists, of good movies and plays. The level of education is getting worse day by day in schools and universities; in the cities unemployment and work and living conditions are also becoming more inhumane and stressful day by day.

That philosophy of life where the aim is “work for consuming and paying the bills” is extremely tiring, arid and unsatisfactory. One must admit that the consumer society, organized by the economic power, is a great failure.

Television and movie films are generally about violence and perversion; and at the intermissions one is bombarded by adverts which demand one to consume and spend money.

Governments withdraw support from cultural and artistic events; fashion is a reflection of mentality of profit: much quantity and low quality. Nobody wonders if human blood is worthier than oil or heroin any longer.

At home, family life becomes more tense day by day, as a result of pressures from survival activities. One cannot even breathe fresh air any more and, soon, going out will be suicide, for the sun will radiate lethal rays upon Earth, due to the destruction of the ozone layers and the dumping of pollutant gasses into the atmosphere. Food is more and more expensive and of worse quality. Most of mankind dies from starvation and the people in most “developed” countries work solely for food and essentials, such as a place to sleep, modest clothing, and transportation to get them to work.

People save whatever they can in order to, take a yearly 15-day holiday. But how stressful such holiday trips are, for people are also exploited in the places they go – everything is expensive, difficult, there are crowds packed up in small spaces – in short, everything leads one to spend money, to consume, to enrich an elite few. Should one fail to pay, the system for repression will be ready to attack, to arrest, to punish. Pressured by all sides, the people are seduced once again: now with the promise of being free through drugs.

How can one blame those youngsters or their families and teachers for using drugs?!

A heroin or cocaine dose is seen as the only safety valve for such an unbearable life, which has been organized by some certainly mentally ill people who presently run the destiny of peoples and nations. However, even such a supposed, safety valve is used for the benefit of the drug-traffic group, for people themselves even more quickly: by having their brain destroyed and spending more than they have in favor of their exploiters.

There is no possibility of solving the drug problem if a fundamental change is not made in the organization of social and economic structures as well as in people’s philosophy of life. Power has organized a hell-like kind of life and now numbs the people’s consciousness so that they will not complain.

Many individuals who participated in such pathological structures of power are inconscientised (unaware) about what is going on. Not everybody knows what to do, and even fewer imagine that they ware contributing to such evil intentions of the dominating group.

Fortunately not everybody deliberately exploits and plans with coldness their profits to the detriment of the many.

And if this destructive mechanism, in which mankind is, is not stopped, life will be unable to continue to exist on this planet.

We will never have scientists, politicians, artists and educators of worth to lead mankind’s destiny if today their brains are being destroyed by drugs. Life will become more and more unbearable, day by day.

Such a vicious cycle must be interrupted as soon as possible. Those more lucid individuals, who have some power of influence, must be conscientised to the fact that a major reform must occur so that we can save the new generations and preserve what little is left of what has been built by our ancestors.

Mankind was growing, gradually and continually in its conscientisation and freedom from the pressure of the ill-intentioned powers. Revolution after revolution mankind was moving towards more developed and more democratic conditions.

Human beings were moving toward dignity and progress until, suddenly, their progress was interrupted, to a large extent, by the introduction of drugs, an efficient technique used by the Machiavellian intelligence of the holders of economic power!

Fortunately, most people find violence unacceptable. This is a legacy nobody will ever steal from mankind: the consciousness that violence can only generate violence. But reforms must continue – and they must be rational, conscious and based upon the use of intelligence and affection, that is, based upon the use of precious consciousness.

We are in an era where, either human beings become attuned to the universal laws, of harmony, truth and beauty existent in the universe, organizing a truly mature kind of life which is worth living; or we will witness the destruction of the human race.

There is no doubt that drugs have served as one of the most efficient means, if not the most efficient one, to make social and human consciousness go numb, paralyzing the natural development of civilization.

(*) the origin of the word “drug” is found in the Persian language, meaning Devil.

The American Drug Multinational

Our experience and research show that at present the American economy depends greatly on the millionaire drug business on an international level. American imperialism, which used to be based on certain sectors of production and the sale of products is now based on cheating financial maneuvers and on crime machines at national and international levels, mainly the business of narco-trafficking, a business which is more lucrative than any other.


“By far the greatest share of drug money is earned, banked and spent in the United States” – The Economist, July 21, 1990


USA – A victim in the trafficker’s hands?

A highly intriguing aspect of the American situation with regard to the lucrative international drug industry is that the USA hold themselves “above suspicion” as far as the production, the refining, the distribution and sale of drugs, as well as the money-laundering of the proceeds.

Although some journalists, such as Phillip Shenon, of the New York Times, in 1988, had already raised doubts about the matter, saying that “The separation between drug producing and drug consuming nations is no longer valid (…) in the consuming countries there is an increasing production of drugs for home consumption and for overseas,” the question seems not to have been properly conscientisided. (Article, “Drugs in the US are a Synonym of Corruption,” Phillip Shenon, The New York Times, transcribed by Diario de Noticias, 8/5/88).

The way American society has represented itself so far, is as a helpless victim in the claws of drug dealers, dealing in drugs brought in from overseas and sold mostly by immigrants, while the Government, the investigative agencies, and the judicial machinery are shown as being absolutely incorruptible and great world heroes in combating the death traffic.

This role is now being fully questioned, both by the liberal media and writers in some countries, who see the Reagan / Bush Administration’s war against drugs not only as a big failure, but also as a big publicity stunt. (Liberation, 19 April 1990). Even more dishonest is the instance of the American Government upon attributing its own crimes to other peoples, in a paranoid projection typical of the gravely mentally ill, sing themselves as the innocent victims of the evil actions of others.

At present the American economy is based mainly on the multi-million drug business.

Our experience and research show that at present the American economy depends greatly on the millionaire drug business on an international level. American imperialism, which used to be based on certain sectors of production and the sale of products is now based on cheating financial maneuvers and on crime machines at national and international levels, mainly the business of narco-trafficking, a business which is more lucrative than any other. Unfortunately in countries where the Americans have much influence, the economy becomes based on corruption, contraband, and crime, while constructive activity is abandoned. For example, Colombia no longer bases its economy on gold and coffee, and has now become a member of the American Drug Multinational. The same is happening to Brazil, whose economy is stagnating, and criminal contraband is the great “business” of the moment. Portugal seems to be going the same way. In the other countries where the United States are not so dominant, there is also contraband, but it does not constitute the largest sector of the economy.

The following facts illustrate this thesis:

  • The American people are by far the greatest consumers of drugs in the world. If they wish to consume so many drugs, it is not the problem of other nations; but it surely indicates a serious psycho-social imbalance in America.
  • After the famous “anti-drug war” launched by the Reagan administration, and followed by Bush, the supply of drugs on the American market increased in volume and ease of availability.

“The budget for combating drugs rose to $2.5 billion dollars in the fiscal year of 1988 (…) Only, all this effort (…0 has turned out to be ineffectual. The supply of cocaine has never been so great on the streets, the price has never been so low, the quality has never been purer.” (Diario de Noticias, Phillip Shenon, article cited).

“When President Bush unleashed his war on drugs (…) drugs were being sold in profusion throughout the city (Washington), from the parks around the White House to the black ghettoes of the suburbs (…) Until the end of March (a year later) the fall of prices of packets of cocaine in the streets of the city shows that supplies have never been so abundant.” (Veja magazine, April 1990, page 63).

“The Mayor of Washington, Marion Barry, was caught red-handed buying a dose of crack from FBI agents.” (Same article above).

  • The American drug market has already been invaded by synthetic drugs, much more potent and harmful, made in the USA, at ridiculous prices. Crack, for example, a cocaine derivative, is prepared there, and is more easily available than ever at the ridiculous price of two or three dollars a dose, not only in the great capitals, but from point to point throughout the country.
  • The production and trade in drugs is by far the most lucrative in the world. The USA is no exception to this. Drugs are the only thing that the American cannot do without, impoverished though he is by dependence on them and his philosophy of life devoted to pleasure.

“Organized crime is only one of the partners in the international trade in narcotics, which is an economic activity bot combated and protected (…) one of the foremost world activities in terms of the volume of money involved.” Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/90, article by Christian de Brie, “Who profits from the narcotics trade? (The bankers who work with it)”.

Milton Friedman, American Nobel Prize winner for Economics, says that the States “have become without doubt the most important producer of marijuana in the world, and tis plant is certainly the second or third cash crop in California” (Le Figaro, Sat. 19 May, 1990). Marijuana is the most lucrative cash-crop in North Carolina, despite being illegal, turning over $1.5 billion dollars annually. (Vega magazine, 16 may, 1990). USA Today also reported that marijuana is the most lucrative cash crop in the USA, representing a turnover of $18.6 billion dollars in 1985 alone. (USA Today, 10 January 1986). Likewise, Terceiro Mundo magazine said the following:

“The president of the Senate North American Banking Committee, William Proxmire, states that six out of ten banks have accounts of traffickers (…) Traffickers’ dollars circulate freely throughout the veins of the North American financial systems (…) The volume of illegal money which rots its structure is so high that one is led to believe that the whole financial structure would collapse without the narco dollars” (Terceiro Mundo, July 86, no.90, p.70).  

To have an idea about the vast profits made from the drug-business, note this: the price of gold in the international market is 60 French francs per gram (August 1990), whereas approximately one gram of cocaine is sold in Paris for 1,000 francs – 940 francs more! There cannot be a more attractive business for those greedy for economic power than this million dollar and non-competitive drug business!

Dirty Money Laundering on Wall Street

It is clear that there is a daily profit made in the drug trade on American territory possibly greater than that of Wall Street. Where does all this money go? What route does it follow? In the holds of airplanes, hidden inside clothing? Of course not!! The biggest slice of the millionaire drug takings can only be heading for American bank accounts, where it will be most welcome and appreciate!

Some of the takings are laundered overseas illegally by the banks. But the greater part is being invested on Wall Street on the international real estate market and through the purchase of American Treasury bonds. By the very high volume of narco dollars being invested in the US one can conclude that a good part of these government bonds are already in the drug mafia’s hands.

“North American magazine Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) cites Merril Lynch (one of the most important brokerage houses in the US) as a pioneer firm in money laundering (…)

From another source:

“(…) A substantial part of (…) the Mafia’s profits is laundered in Eurodollars in accounts numbered, which, as it is known, are accountant transactions of money which physically stay in the United States. Obviously the heroin route travels through many other European countries, but the ultimate destination of these resources is invariably Wall Street banks, through the Eurodollar circuit, along the Zurich-New York axis” (apud Cadernos do Terceiro Mundo magazine, July 1986, p.70).

It’s important to note that Merril Lynch was denounced not because of money laundering, which is something most American banks also do, but because it made an agreement with Zurich’s Credit Suisse to dominate the $140 billion Eurodollars market. The majority of this money comes from drug-traffic. Obviously such an agreement would divert US currency to the Swiss, something the American Government didn’t want (the accusation was perpetrated against Merril Lynch in 1984 by a Presidential Committee on organized crime – leaving other banks safe and sound).

The Bank Secrecy laws in the United States which say that no one can deposit or send out more than USD $10,000 without registering its ownership, where it is coming from, and where it is bound for, should be used in relation to the millions of dollars which are produced by the sale of drugs on American soil, and which are deposited there. However, this is not done. Probably, this law was only made to be applied incases which interest the American Government: a selective persecution.

“This year, Dick Thornburgh announced the seizure of documents corresponding to 750 bank accounts, and the “freezing” of 684 other accounts, ordered by a judge in Atlanta (…) but at the moment the only effective seizure by the FBI and the DEA consists of $20 million dollars in accounts in Miami, and $15 million dollars in banks in New York. This represents no more than 0.03 percent of the $110 billions of dollars (according to figures supplied by the Treasury Department) generated by the sale of drugs on American territory. Why such a modest rate of success?” (Frederic Filloux, Liberation, 19/4/1990).

The Economist, 21/7/1990, reports the following information:

“Mr. Crawley (Latin American Newsletter’s editor) estimates at US 1.3 to 2.8 billion Peru’s profits from cocaine export and US 1.4 to 2 billion those of Bolivia. On the other hand, Colombian processors need to import expensive chemical products; their net profit could be between US 7 and 15 billion – enough for the terrible quantity of bribery and arms needed to protect the drug traffickers.”

The same magazine lists the drug prices for the different steps of production and sale:

“Coca leaf: USD 2.10 per kg; cocaine paste: USD 875 per kg; cocaine base: NA; pure cocaine: USD 11,000 per kg; street cocaine: USD 90,000 per kg.”

One notes that the greatest profit is obtained from the street sale in the world’s biggest consumer country: the USA.

There are many who say that:

“The banks hardly avoid drug money; in fact, they hurl themselves at it in bloody competition to get hold of it (…) In the smaller towns in the cocaine zones, in Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia, branches of American banks can be found, as well as branches of English banks, German, Swiss, French (…) For what business, and with what money, if not drugs? (…) Among the numerous banks which have long been implicated in the laundering of drug money (ten great banks in Switzerland, more than twenty in Miami) figure such names as Chase Manhattan, American Express, Lous Dreyfus, Algemeene Bank Netherlander, and firms “de courtage” (intermediates such as Merril Lynch). (Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/1990, Christian de Brie, cit.).

It seems that this American Administration is principally concerned with allowing the profits of the drugs trade to remain, as far, as possible, on American territory and to be laundered by American banks, by Wall Street and by the American Treasury. In other words, the Bank Secrecy Law serves to keep drug money inside the US, to be spent there. Could it not be this money, that is at present sustaining the US economy? Is the American Government not mainly preoccupied with avoiding putting itself into debt with the commerce of drugs with Colombia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Uraguay, Panama, etc.? is this not the source of the rivalry with Noriega? Was this not the principle motive for the war against Colombian mafias, that the Reagan / Bush administrations do not want drug money to be diverted to other countries?

The American Government’s theatrical struggle against the illegal commerce of drugs

“There are many who think the trial of General Noriega will be a circus act capable of rivalry those seen at the Roman Coliseum”. (Tony Jenkins, of New York, for Expresso Magazine, 20/1/1990, article “Noriega: the American “Lesson”, in which the journalist shows that the Panama dictator and drug-dealer has always been a CIA agent, supported since 1950 by successive American Governments, even by Bush, when he was  the director of the CIA and Vice President of the USA.)

It is also said that Noriega knows too much about the illegal operations of drug-traffic and money laundering practiced by the American Government, and that this was the real reason for his imprisonment.

For what reason has the use of drugs not been legalized in the US until now? Obviously, moral questions are not the determining factor. In a country where exploitation, racism, fanaticism and corruption are totally free, what is the point of moral considerations? The problem of drugs is the same as the problem of alcohol at the time of the Prohibition – if the Government legalizes them, the revenue from their commercialization will necessarily go into the public purse, and there will be an end to corrupt dealings: besides which, the exportation and distribution made world-wide by the USA would come to light, and the whole world would come to know what has been keeping the US economy on its feet.

There are many who advocate the de-criminalization of the consumption of drugs, as the only way to deal with an evil still greater than the first. Friedman asks “Where is the criminality in this case: with the suppliers of marijuana, or with those whose refuse to legalize it?” – commenting on the danger of the increase of synthetic substitutes, supplied on the black market (Milton Friedman, in interview for Le Figaro, 19/5/1990).

Friedman asserts that “If we could succeed in completely blocking the entry of drugs into the United States, the country would be flooded by substitute products, already made within our own frontiers: and since these substitute products are of a much inferior quality, the problem would be aggravated, instead of being reduced.”

The issue of legalizing drugs or not is a very controversial subject. Drug use is an evil itself and no evil should be legalized. It seems that such a discussion occurs because there are those who wish to carry on with the organized crime’s profit by legalizing it. And that could make the problem even worse.

The US has a long history of profiting from death and corruption:

  • the profits they derived from the Second World War with the destruction of Europe and the division of the world between the two super powers;
  • a tradition of violence and corruption within the country. “Some investigators say that in certain American communities, corruption among agents of the Law – police, sheriffs, prison guards, and even attorneys and judges – is out of control” (Phillip Shenon, article cited above);
  • the arms industry, used to defend capitalist exploitation;
  • incentivizing international friction to guarantee its economic interests and the sale of arms. The Vietnam War itself seems to be closely connected with the question of drugs, as can be seen in the following article:

“The United States and the CIA favored the formation of rebel armies in Laos and in Burma, controlling the production of opium and morphine (…) the only currency with which to buy the arms supplied by the CIA, whose airplanes flew back loaded with drugs. This arrangement made at the time, lasted throughout the Vietnam War, supplying the GIs and now supplies nearly half the world market of heroin.” (Le Monde Diplomatique, 25/4/1990, by Christian de Brie);

  • the mafias of alcohol, gambling and prostitution which have always flourished there. “We already know of a similar period in American history, the “Prohibition” of alcohol in the 1920s. it produced the same effects as the drug trade: crime, gangs, deaths of alcoholics, particularly after drinking illicit alcohol,” says Milton Friedman in his interview with Figaro;
  • the capitalist colonialism which lives off of the exploitation of the work and the hunger of the poor of the Third World;
  • and, why not now, the Drug Multinational? Says Christian de Brie:

“The recent desire of the United States to put an end to the traffic in drugs leaves room for doubt. It will require much virtue from the democracies to root out the worst form of “wild” capitalism that has ever existed, which is even now triumphant.” (Le Monde Diplomatique, article cited above).

To which we would add: It does not seem to us that virtue is the forte of the American civilization.

The Americans seem, indeed, to have developed a well thought out plan to profit from drugs, not only in their own country, but on the international scene.

The USA’s interest in the European market

Portugal has become the principal entry gate of drugs to Europe, and the Azores have become the most recently active. Is it not precisely on these islands that the American military bases are found? Coincidence? Or intentional protection of death’s traffic?

“Recent studies show that Portugal is a center of transit for international drug-traffic coming from Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Switzerland and the GFR (most of these countries are controlled by the US, which is also a direct producer – as in the case of Pakistan) (Expresso magazine, 28/4/1990, p.46R). “The Azores, where there are North American bases, are a great center for narcotic traffic for Europe and the US.” (Semana magazine, Rui dos Anjos, p.24)

The Untied States show enormous interest in penetrating the European Common Market without however having any goods which are competitive in this market. They have been desperately trying to keep their armaments industry going but have failed: the Russians are no longer playing this unhealthy game – for them, it is a thing of the past.

“During a student conference, the American President reaffirmed the necessity for the USA to secure its place in Europe. (He said) America is looking for new reasons for staying in Europe. Our involvement is not only a matter of defense, it has to become an involvement in all aspects of European business. I want to see NATO, the only organization America has in Europe, become a political organization.” (Liberation, 6/5/1990, p.2, Francois Sergent).

In every part of the world, people are becoming increasingly conscious of the need for peace and for democracy – except in the American Government. What products, then, will the Americans be able to offer the Europeans, without serious competition, unless it be the trade in death drugs? Nobody at the moment can compete with them in that department; no one lives with and understands the drug trade like them!

And there is another point to consider. The Americans have military bases in various places in Europe and throughout the world. Are these not being used as centers of dissemination and distribution of the drug?

“We ourselves cultivate around four thousand metric tons of marijuana and have the capacity to produce synthetic cocaine and heroin, twice as powerful as the natural product.” (Sterling Johnson, public prosecutor in New York, for drug cases, in Expresso, 28/4/1990, article by Miguel Calado Lopes, Washington correspondent.)

Those Europeans who still have a love of life, have ethics, and hope to construct a better and more decent life for their children, should open their eyes to the American peril while there is still time. We are asking them to verify: to investigate the activities of the officials of the American Government, the military, the police, businessmen, and banks scattered throughout European territory. They will most certainly encounter some disagreeable surprises. Some of these bases, and many of these enterprises, must already be operating secretly and criminally.

Their intention seems to be to spread throughout the world that which they experience within their own borders: corruption and decadence. The American Mafias, whether of drugs or of any type of economic corruption, appear to have sucked dry the domestic American market and are now ready for the “filet mignon” of Europe.

“My European colleagues want the US to become part of the future of Europe, affirmed Bush taking his allies at their word… but America should be a full partner in the Community (CEE) and leader of the West.” (Liberation, 6/5/1990, p.2, Francois Sergent).

What kind of leadership are the Americans trying to exercise in Europe? The same as they have already practiced in other poorer regions of the planet?

“In the zones of Afghanistan controlled by the opposition, with the support of the United States, 600 tons of drugs are produced every year.” (Nassir Akmed, of the Afghan Ministry of Security, for Soviet Life no.175, year 16, Feb./90).

Today the United States are able to export that which they internally produce most: corruption and decadence

North American people are already living in a state of collapse. Violence has attained record levels (285 daily violent crimes on the streets of New York); sexual promiscuity has made AIDS into a national epidemic; the country is $3 trillion dollars in debt [$12 trillion in 2008]; poverty and unemployment are increasing, the educational system has failed, and high figures for illiteracy and crime in schools; all this, inflamed by the indiscriminate abuse of drugs – from the earliest ages, children 5 or 6, to the oldest, of all races and religions – the US is at present a great monster in a state of decomposition. One has to live in the US for a few years, to travel through all the States, and to check all the facts “in loco” to see this clearly. Official data provided by the Government minimize the gravity of the facts, for dollar value is based upon the confidence of the investors in the American economy.

This being so, the interests of the merchants of death turn toward more promising markets: principally, to Europe!

For example there is the case of former US Attorney General, Edwin Meese, who was dismissed for “corruption”, but it was never known what type of corruption he had been practicing. The case was hushed up.

This shows the general pact within the medias in the American socio-economic and political structure, to stifle the growing consciousness of the state of collapse in which the nation finds itself.

The newspaper USA Today of 29 March 1990 says that since the American market is saturated, traffickers can get double the price in Europe, “upwards of $55,000 per kilo.”

“says Miami Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman John Fernades, “There isn’t any question that the European market is open”.” “Our interdiction efforts have basically failed”, says Dick Powell, director of Vermont’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs. “Cocaine is now within reach of anybody”.

In the same breath they affirm that all the traffic is coming from Colombia, leading the world to see the Colombians as the guilty ones, and drawing attention from the dealing carried out by the Americans themselves, many of whom are from the FBI, the CIA, and the American government.

These are the tactics of disinformation they always use – not only in questions of the trade in narcotics, but in relation to any problem; they blame, and attack, other nations, so as to defend themselves from accusations of their own errors.

And those Americans who are disposed to correct their problems, to raise the question of their faults, have not the slightest chance of being heard. They are immediately wiped out by super-power structure, which is already rotten to its core.

The White House role in drug-traffic

The American social structure has already reached such a degree of corruption that it is difficult for honest individuals to have any chance of surviving in the country, much less of building something better so that their children can survive.

“History is rapidly turning against Ronald Reagan. Fifteen months after leaving his position, surrounded by an aura of public consideration, he is today more and more associated with greed, corruption and conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy has been one of the five crimes which the jury pointed out to condemn his National Security Advisor, John Poindexter. Jury concluded that there was a conspiracy at Reagan’s White House, in order to conceal the truth on the arms sale to Iran and on aid to the Nicaragua’s contra. Reagan denied any effort to deceive congress and the people. The jury’s verdict, then, meant either that his statement was false or that he was not aware of what was going on. That is, he was either a liar or a fool.”

“Let’s consider only one aspect: the 1985 shipment of American Hawk missiles from Israel to Iran. Both the White House and various security agencies were involved in the deal. And President Reagan knew about that. (…) He denied having any prior knowledge about the shipment of the Hawk missiles (…)” (“The Verdict on Reagan”, by Antony Lewis. Exclusive DN/New York Times – Opiniao, 7, Diario de Noticias, 1/5/1990).

Note from the Editor: It is important to note what was behind this shipment of arms to Iran. The following text from the book Switzerland Washes Whiter, by Ziegler, explains:

“Arms-traffic is usually accomplished in the same way as drug-traffic. Cases of exchange (drugs for arms) are countless” (p.151). “(…) The Irangate case, in which Colonel Oliver North and his accomplices were condemned by the American justice in April 1989, is still under consideration by Swill court. North and his accomplices’ deal was as simple as lucrative: they shipped American and Israeli war weapons to Khomeini and he paid for them with dollars and also with drugs (morphine-based and heroin). The god-fathers of the Zurich based Turkish and Lebanese networks took their share and deposited the rest in numbered accounts in some of the main banks and financial societies in Genève and Zurich. Then, under the command of North and his accomplices, bankers organized the shipment of money to Central America. They financially supported the sabotage wars, terror and killings perpetrated by mercenary groups, as from Honduras, against Farabundo Marti front, in Salvador, and Sandinista Government, in Nicaragua.”

Note from the Editor: Today, it is believed that those funds diverted to Central America and Nicaragua, aimed not only to help the “contras” but also to strengthen (that is, to provide arms to) drug-traffickers in El Salvador and in other international centers of production and trade of drugs.

We think that an international conscientisation of these facts will be necessary, so that, at least, the American Multinational of corruption, and of trade in death drugs, does not inflict on the European Market the scars of destruction that it has left in the United States, in Brazil, and in other countries.

“Laws ought to take power away from the powers-that-be and should not be made against the people. Additionally, they should prevent any single individual, from the general population, from wishing to obtain power.” 
– Norberto R. Keppe

Military Bases: A Possible Connection to Drug Traffic

If one compares three maps: one of the production and money laundering zones; the other of the places where the largest shipments of narcotics come from, pass through and head for; and a third one showing the areas of American influence and military presence – one will notice a surprising coincidence: the biggest shipments of drugs are produced, come from or pass through or arrive precisely at regions with American military presence.


1989: Bush administration wages total war against drug-traffic on an international level.

1989: Portugal, mainly via the Azores, becomes one of the main entry gates for drugs in Europe. That country receives large shipments of narcotics from Pakistan, India, Morocco, Turkey, Spain and Latin and Central America and other countries.

Lajes, in the Azores, where an American military base is located, becomes an “obligatory route for drug-trafficking.”

Lajes AB, Azores

If one compares three maps: one of the production and money laundering zones; the other of the places where the largest shipments of narcotics come from, pass through and head for; and a third showing the areas of American influence and military presence – one will notice a surprising coincidence: the biggest shipments of drugs are produced, come from, pass through or arrive precisely at regions with American military presence (see illustration in this chapter).

Question: Why would that happen exactly at a time when the United States say they are fighting war against drug-traffic? Logically, shouldn’t the regions under more influence and with American military presence be exactly the ones to be more free from such problems? Nevertheless, one can observe precisely the opposite.

In May 1990, in their special edition entitled “Drugs – The World War”, the French newspaper Liberation published a world map showing regions which produce narcotics, their traffic routes and money laundering zones. The source of this map was the United States Justice Department. This shows that the US is aware of the details of drug-traffic.

Facts pointed out in the maps:

click images to enlarge

Map: Areas of Drug Production

Map: Areas of Drug Traffic for Western Countries' Consumption

Map: American Military Bases

Map: All 3 Maps Combined

1.  The State of Oregon produces marijuana;

2.  The State of California, besides being the country’s second or third largest producer of marijuana (according to Economist Milton Friedman), is the country’s main entry point (via Los Angeles) for cocaine and marijuana coming from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela as well as for opium and marijuana coming from Calacau and Guadalajara, in Mexico;

3.  Texas (famous as the State where John Kennedy was assassinated) is also an importer (via Houston) of cocaine and marijuana coming from Latin America;

4.  Miami and New York are also major North American centers which receive and disseminate drugs;

5.  Money laundering is done by banks located mainly in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York, Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

Question: If the United States Justice ministry is aware of such cases, why is the “total war” against drugs so much publicized by the North American Government not promoted in that same country?

Why are they going so far away to combat drug producers if such producers are based within the United States themselves?

Our map on drug production and traffic and money laundering was based on that of Liberation newspaper. If the readers compare our illustration with the third map (the one which shows the location of American bases and their zones of military influence), they will note the following: just as drugs in the United States are produced, trafficked and imported with no major problems (the country consumes 60 percent of the world’s production), drugs proliferate furiously in those regions which are militarily dominated, controlled or “assisted” by the United States. Military bases seem to work like fertilizer for poppy, marijuana or cocaine plantations!

Note the following examples:

1.  North America

1.1 Canada: which has American military bases, is known as a laundering center for drug money (these bases are located in Toronto, on the US border; there are others in New York State and New York City).

1.2 Mexico: (zone of “personal security assistance” and “North American military concentration” produces opium and marijuana. Traffic from this area goes to California.

2.  Central America

The Central American countries which serve as a corridor between South and North America illustrate the following situation:

2.1 El Salvador: (zone for North American military “assistance” in permanent state of civil war) is a route for marijuana traffic between Medellin and Los Angeles.

2.2 Honduras: (where there are American bases and Nicaraguan “Contras” are trained) is a zone for cocaine and marijuana trafficking, which crosses the whole country en route to Colombia / USA.

2.3 Nicaragua: known as a “zone of conflict”. It is said that the White House, with Noriega’s help, organized here a group of “Contras”, with the alleged aim of fighting the Nicaraguan government. This armed group facilitated a significant flow of cocaine between Colombia and the United States, with the logistical support of North American agents” (according to Le Monde Diplomatique, 24/4/1990, by Christian de Brie);

2.4 Panama: where a huge North American military base is located and which is under the overall domain of the USA. It is a center for arms and drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and money laundering. General Noriega, CIA agent since 1950, was the organizer of those crimes. He received from successive North American governments a yearly salary of $100,000 for his services (according to Expresso magazine, 20/1/1990, article: “Noriega, the American “Lesson””, by Tony Jenkins).

 2.5 Costa Rica: vital center for CIA operations in the exchange of arms and ammunition for cocaine. “The center for the traffic was a huge farm situated on the frontier near Northern Costa Rica. The owner, John Hull, was a member of the CIA. Loaded with cocaine, by the Medellin Cartel, in Colombia, airplanes stopped in at that farm before setting off to Miami. The money from this traffic was used to purchase hundreds of tons of arms and ammunition for the Southern frontier Contras based in Costa Rica” (Croissance des Jeunes Nations, nr.5, “Amerique Latine: Le Boom de la Cocaine”, p.33)

3.  South America

These South American countries are all under the total economic, political and military control of the US:

3.1 Colombia: considered to be a “North American zone for military assistance” is the largest world producer of cocaine (Medellin). It also produces opium in Cauca region and marijuana in Santa Marta. It exports to the US, Canada and Europe by air, land and sea.

3.2 Ecuador: it is also a “zone for military assistance” and produces cocaine for the USA.

3.3 Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, all have the following characteristics: they are “zones for assistance in personal security or zones for North American military concentration”. They have been governed by Washington DC, through dictators or “friends” directly chosen by the CIA, such as Videla, Stroessner, Geisel. All these countries are involved with production, traffic or laundering of drug money. Peru produces cocaine which is exported to Colombia, Ecuador and the USA. Bolivia, also a cocaine producer, is a distribution center of the product for Colombia, USA, Argentina, Paraguay, and North, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Brazil. Paraguay produces marijuana which is exported to Brazil and Argentina. Argentina sends cocaine to the USA, Canada and Europe. Uruguay is a center for money laundering (as well as that of smuggling between the US and Brazil) via Montevideo. Brazil exports cocaine to the US, Canada and Europe.

4.  Europe

In Europe one can see the following picture:

4.1 The United Kingdom: where there is a large North American military base (the country has a big political and economic pact with the United States) is not only a center for money laundering but also a center for reception and exportation of opium to the USA and Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Finland).

4.2 Holland and Belgium: have American bases and are receptors of opium and cocaine coming from Lebanon. Luxembourg is shown to be a center for money laundering.

4.3 Federal Republic of Germany: where there is one of Europe’s largest North American military bases, is the center for the import of opium and marijuana coming from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

4.4 Portugal and Spain: where there are also American bases, are being considered even by local media as corridors for the traffic of drugs coming from South America, USA, Africa and Europe.

5.  Australia

5.1 Australia: a country dominated by the USA, hosts North American bases on its territory. The country imports opium and marijuana coming from Thailand and Cambodia. Vanuatu Island, Cambodia, is a center for money laundering.

6.  Middle East

In the Middle East, the situation is clear:

6.1 Pakistan: being a North American “military assistance zone” Pakistan forms, together with Iran and Afghanistan, the so called “Golden Crescent” a world center for the production of opium, heroin and marijuana. The US “military assistance” to Pakistan is in such terms: creating military forces to oppose Afghanistan government (a sort of “contras” in the East). Such opposition controls well fortified zones. It is in these zones that 600 tons of drugs are being produced yearly, according to Soviet Life magazine, April 1990. As one can see in the other chapters, Iran was the center of Irangate, which involved the White House and the Reagan / Bush government. In this case the White House supplied the Iranian government with arms and was paid with drugs (Jean Ziegler, Switzerland Washes Whiter, P.151).

Comparing maps the reader will see that the same “coincidence” is repeated in the other countries: zones of USA military influence are zones involved with drugs (Lebanon, Laos, Cambodia, Morocco, etc.)

All this leads one to suspect the intentions with which military bases are created. The Reuter’s News Agency published the following article by Bernard Dubusmann:

“The USA built a fortified military base in the heart of Peru’s cocaine producing zone. Its defensive boundaries, with its bunkers protected with bags of sand, reminds one of Vietnam” according to the article, such bases were used by DEA Agents and Peruvian policemen to attack clandestine trails and laboratories for the processing of cocaine in the neighboring forest). Considering that the flow of cocaine to the US still goes on, even more intensely than before, one questions the efficiency of such a gigantic base. Is it really for fighting against drug-traffic? Or might it be providing “logistical support”, in the same way that the American agents who were connected with the Nicaraguan “Contras” gave them support for the very same cocaine traffic?

Drug-traffic may have turned out to be a question of “national security” for the USA, just as in the Third World countries which can only arm their armies with profits from cocaine, opium, heroin and other drugs.

The United States economic difficulty in supporting the whole structure of its military power is widely known: budget cuts have been necessary in a country where the index of poverty, illiteracy and homelessness reach even increasing levels. Not to mention the fact that the USA has become the number one debtor country in the world, followed by Canada. The US debt is many times larger than that of Brazil, which is the biggest debtor in Latin America. If one is to count the United States internal and external debt (today around USD $3 trillion), one will see that in fact the US is a Third World nation. It is indebted and it seems to be using the same techniques used by Third World nations, in order to keep its military power (the only aspect which still holds the country within the rank of the 7 “big” nations). Third World countries are forced to exchange arms for drugs in order to arm and support their armies and guerrillas (such is the case in Afghanistan, Laos, Burma, Lebanon, etc.) In other words, drug-traffic may have turned out to be a question of “national security” for the USA, the same way it is in the Third World countries which can only arm their armies with profits from cocaine, opium, heroin and other drugs.

Following this line of reasoning: what would be a safer or less vulnerable place for one to organize headquarters for the transportation and sale of drugs than military bases equipped with airplanes, ships, launches, tanks, and other vehicles, besides the fact that they have people highly trained and with total immunity, security and confidentiality in their operations?

Everybody knows that American soldiers were led to drug addiction in the Vietnam War in order to tolerate the severity of the fighting. Such a practice, obviously, continued after the war was over. The use of LSD, for example, was introduced by the CIA into the American Army, as well as into other sectors of American defense and intelligence. (Acid Dreams, the CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain).

Are there not entire nations which base their economy on drug traffic? Have not conflicts over economic interests been the motives for nations to engage in wars? Therefore, drug-traffic and narco-terrorism have become a question of national security amongst countries. The following report clearly illustrates that:

“Garcia Meza and the Bolivian Mafia> (Title)

“A secret report has recently been leaked, in La Paz, about a plan to collect the amount of $200 million dollars yearly for the Bolivian government. The plan was elaborated by the Bolivian President at that time and by the country’s most important drug-traffickers. The report was prepared by ex-president Luis Garcia Meza’s close aids.

“The report also reveals that the cocaine “exporters” agreed to support the ex-president on the condition that he curbed minor producers and guaranteed the functioning of factories with the capacity to produce five tons of the drug monthly.

“The leak of the report took place when General Garcia Meza was being sued by the Supreme Court because of his connection with drug-traffic, among other charges. (Third World magazine, nr.91, July/86, p.68).


One must seriously suspect the involvement of the American Armed Forces in the Multinational of Drugs

1.  If high-ranking CIA officials have already been denounced for participating in the production and traffic of drugs as well as money laundering. For example: it was the CIA that smuggled heroin to the Golden Triangle in south East Asia and introduced it to the American ghettos in the 1940s and 50s, according to the book Acid Dreams, the CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, Crone Weidenfeld, NY, 1985. Afterwards, the CIA controlled the opium and morphine production in the Golden Triangle region during the Vietnam War; drugs were the only currency used in the purchase of arms supplied by the North American branch of the CIA, which trafficked them to the United States (according to Le Monde Diplomatique, 25/4/1990, article by Christian de Brie);

2.  If the Regan administration was directly involved in the arms smuggling to Iran; such smuggling was paid with drugs, whose re-sale profit was channeled to the Nicaraguan “Contras”; and the Nicaraguan “Contras” are connected to the major Colombian trafficker “D. Pablo” (according to articles “Veredict on Reagan”, by Antony Lewis, New York Times / Diario de Noticias, 1/5/1990; “Who profits from drug-traffic”, buy Christian de Brie, Le Monde Diplomatique, 25/4/1990; and the book Switzerland Washes Whiter, by Jean Ziegler, p.151;

3.  If in one of the most questionable operations ever accomplished by the American government, Mr. Bush invaded Panama in order to arrest Noriega, known by many as being commissioned by Mr. Bush himself and the CIA for many joint operations (according to article “Noriega, the American “Lesson””, by Tony Jenkins, Revista Expresso, 20/1/1990);

4.  If the CIA has already been pointed out by the media as being involved in the exchange of arms for cocaine in Afghanistan and Burma, and is suspected of running similar operations in other areas of armed conflict (Le Monde Dossier on drugs, February 1990, Christian de Brie, p.6);

5.  If the American Senate (under Ted Kennedy’s leadership) has already revealed a small part of the secret operations involving LSD and many other drugs promoted by the CIA and supported by various sectors of the American Government, and given to thousands of unsuspecting persons: military, agents and citizens (according to the book Acid Dreams, the CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion, by Lee Martin and Bruce Shlain, Crone Weidenfeld, NY 1985);

6.  If such secret operations were spread to other countries in Europe and the world (according to the same above mentioned book);

7.  If Mr. Bush vehemently insists on keeping his troops on European soil, without the least objective reason, in an era when all Europe is rapidly moving towards peace and disarmament (and by doing so Mr. Bush contradicts the will of the European and the American people);


Then one must seriously suspect the involvement of the American Armed Forces in the Multinational of Drugs.

Next follows a report by ISAT physician and psychoanalyst Deise Iamada. She points out the results of her research on the American military activities in Japan.

“I worked as a teacher of English for the employees of the Encyclopedia Britannica from June to December 1986, in one of that organization’s nine schools in Japan. On that occasion, I worked with many American colleagues who also taught in the same schools. They had in common the fact that several of them had served in the American Army and Navy. My “boss”, who was the teachers’ coordinator, had been a sergeant and had been to the Vietnam War for about two years. He personally told me that during the war the great majority of soldiers and American officials made daily use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. He said that up until that time (1986) he still smoked marijuana, which was a bit difficult to obtain in Japan. Another teacher, who worked with me in the same school in Tiba, told me that in San Diego, California, he was not only a marijuana and cocaine addict but also trafficked those drugs. Because of that he had problems both with his family and the police. After that he joined the American Navy. He lived for two years on the American bases in the Philippines and Malaysia. According to him, drugs had always been abundant there. He said they were more difficult to find in Japan, but he had some “contacts” who were helping him. He had bought a big motorcycle, at that time, which he could not have afforded on the salary we received at the school. He also purchased many other things all at once such as a gold watch and jewelry for himself and his wife, who also worked with us. That leads one to believe that he, as well as many other Americans in Japan, was making his living by drug trafficking for that country. Today I believe that that school was just a façade for those much more profitable, drug trafficking operations. Another teacher at the Britannica School in Tokyo was an American ex-military man, known amongst the teachers as a “marijuana obtainer”. He was from Florida and, as far as I was told, had joined the Navy in Miami. Everyone knows that the Okinawa Islands (to the South of the Japanese archipelago) still has a huge American military base. Japanese people must be very concerned about getting rid of such and undesirable presence which is dangerous to Japanese youth in terms of drug-traffic. Therefore, it is important that the American Army and Navy’s activities and influence be carefully checked.    

CIA and the American Power Control Minds Through Drugs


“This is the aim of those individuals who work for certain internationals: weaken Western elites’ moral and physical resistance by means of drugs” 

– Yan Moncomble, Le Pouvoir de la Drogue dans la Politique Mondiale, 1990, Paris


The book 1984 – Orwell prophetically described the future of civilization: political, economic and social power, united in a diabolic tirade, finally manage total control over citizens’ minds. Brain washing, totally successful, act with the violence of monsters, like lobotomized giants. A Zombi army is programmed to demolish any trace of consciousness and lucidity which could sprout within that gray mud of alienation. Two individuals (a man and a woman) go against the status quo. The book talks precisely about the struggle of the arbitrary powers that be and the brain-washed masses to annihilate the consciousness brought by these two beings.

The USA in 1984 – Drug abuse has reached alarming levels. A great part of the population has been made useless through addiction. In great capitals, such as New York, 10,000 “crack babies” are born per year. They are children of mothers addicted to “crack” and suffer terrible consequences from their mother’s addiction. Violence and poverty reached frightening levels, sick and drugged vagrants are thrown onto the streets. But what is worse: the American people seem to be millions of individuals who think, speak, feel, act and eat the same way. They go to the same places, like pre-programmed robots in a system of mass brain washing.

Surprisingly, they believe the USA to be the best nation in the world, with the best form of government and life, the best economy and they are united to defend the “good ideals” and laws of their leaders.

In 1984, psychoanalysts Keppe and Pacheco moved to New York and were shocked with what they found in that nation. They did detailed research and, in 1985, initiated an intensive program for the conscientisation of the catastrophic state of decay of the Americans and their country – in the psychological, economic, cultural, social and ecological sense, was Orwell’s “1984” come true. And they tried to awaken people in time.

That desperate struggle to bring lucidity to the people took three and a half years and it was done through television, radio, newspapers and magazines published by ISAT, lectures, pamphlets and contact with the media. The attempt failed. The people were already excessively brainless and did not hear those who tried to warn them about the great danger.

In 1988, after an endless series of terrorist acts against the two scientists, the American “system” (which today we know is a criminal one) arrested them, tried to kill them, confiscated all their assets and spread a slanderous and demoralizing campaign in the media and literally destroyed them both and their work in the USA.

Miraculously, Keppe and Pacheco managed to escape from the FBI and CIA’s strict vigilance and flee from the claws of that diabolic power.

Partially protected on European soil, where the tentacles of the Machiavellian power haven’t yet managed to dominate, the two scientists announce the alarm, a shout of urgency for the salvation of human consciousness, on a universal level, as the brain-washing through drug-consuming, the robotizing philosophies, the excessive attachment to money and materialistic speculation – the American lifestyle – has already gained the adhesion of many throughout Europe.

Is the similarity between Orwell’s forecast and reality a mere coincidence?

In the past, Machiavellian power was introduced in communist countries through the corruption of dictatorships; in the United States and capitalist countries it dominates through economic corruption (consumerism, exploitation, speculation). Lately, the “trust” of the powers-that-be plans to rule the whole world through the spread of drug addiction combined with various techniques of brain-washing.

Those individuals – many of them psychotic and even psychopaths eager for power, managed the total manipulation of the American people’s minds and have been insistently trying to introduce the same mechanism in those countries influenced by the USA and, more recently, in those of Western and Eastern Europe.


“CIA’s experiments – special projects called “Bluebird”, and “Artichoke” among others – were conducted by the president of the World Association for Psychiatry, Ewen Cameron”


This plan of domination through drugs has been in force for a long time. There is solid evidence that in 1947 the CIA financially supported and developed some horrible work with the aim of creating secret weapons for controlling brains.

Actuel magazine reported in March 1989:

“When America wanted to control brains. In 1947, the West was persuaded that the Russians had a secret weapon which would allow them to control brains. In order to compensate for the delay, the CIA financed the most incredible project for twenty years. In a castle-hospital, in Montreal, the CIA conducted experiments with all types of drugs, electric shock and sensorial isolation. In these experiments and tortures the subjects were not volunteers.”

13 Heavens Note: This sounds very much like the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” from 1975. In fact, there have been suggestions that Charles Manson was a victim of the CIA’s chemical and electo-shock therapy as depicted in the film. For this reason, some believe him when he says he was hired to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, once the “government” or “media” report someone is crazy, spent time in a psychiatric hospital or mental health clinic, they are branded crazy, discredited, and no one will believe a word they say.

Those experiments – which were a CIA special project named “Bludebird” or “Artichoke” – were conducted by the president of the world Association for Psychiatry, Ewen Cameron, with the excuse of defending the world’s balance of power. The CIA tried to create a methodology for changing the behavior of individuals so defined by Cameron as “dangerous for a country’s social balance: those who are anxious, frustrated and narrow minded, with all sorts of neuroses. It was absolutely necessary to modify those individuals’ behavior in order for one not to condemn democracy to death.” (Note: who can be excluded from the above classification?!)

The experiments reached a barbaric level, with the justification that it was all necessary in order to reach their goals. Their slogan was “Anything goes” and they used, besides brain surgery, barbiturates and many drugs brought from the four corners of the globe – mainly cocaine and heroin, the latter much appreciated due to the dependency it creates.

The CIA did not hide its interests in finding the means to easily manipulate human minds – “techniques to put an end to all psychological defense mechanisms” – techniques that were already of the domain of Russians and Nazis. That in fact, was just an excuse for the American agency to go ahead with its plans for domination. Its ideal: to keep the individual sufficiently lucid so that he would say everything, but, at the same time, lead him to a state where he would be prevented from understanding what was going on.

Most Americans have already become a mass of drugged zombies, beings with no consciousness, intellect or will of their own

What Keppe, Pacheco and their collaborators notice clearly is that the present state of the American people is precisely as mentioned above. The plan which was allegedly aimed at affecting the Russian enemies, was expanded to practically effect the entire US population, as the most efficient technique for keeping it under the “democratic American control”; to keep it imbecilic enough so that it would not properly question the system in force, and, on the other hand, keep it docile enough so that it would accept all its commandments.

Many times the two scientists asked how the powers-that-be had managed to turn the American civilization of the last years into the most unpleasant one on the planet, and, at the same time, how they had managed to persuade its people that their country had a better quality of life than any other nation. How was it possible for the Americans not to realize the horrible situation they are in: that they have such a lack of freedom and yet they defend their lifestyle as a model of civilization for the world?! One is only able to understand the issue if one realizes that:

1.  Most Americans have already become a mass of drugged zombies, beings with no consciousness, intellect or will of their own. They are slaves of those pathological powers who govern them.

2.  In a Machiavellian way, the consumption of drugs was considered the most efficient technique for controlling human minds.

Most worrisome, however, is that the CIA has in fact fulfilled the plan it developed in 1947, of introducing cocaine, heroin and LSD into the America’s upper echelons, including the Pentagon. The same article mentions the following on page 99:

“In fact, that game included all CIA’s agents who passed by; be it an agent returning from a mission, a fresh recruit, or a veteran passing by saying “good morning”. Anybody was subjected to a whiskey with some acide in it. That happened to such an extent that the “trips” became an occupation as any other one within the CIA! (…) They only got a bit scared when an official found that they wanted to pour some acid into the fruit juice at the Agency’s Christmas party. Two thousand and five hundred people were to attend the meeting and the Pentagon’s chief among them!

“Therefore, they were lacking a study on the average American’s reaction. They knew the acid could not be applied as a massive weapon. The old dream of certain hippies of pouring hectoliters of LSD into a city’s water reservoir in order to make the world fly was impossible. Chlorine would kill the effects.”


By taking LSD the youngsters believed themselves to be opposing the establishment when they were in fact being addicted by it.


The following article describes some experiments applied to thousands of individuals who were involuntary “guinea pigs” and who, also without their knowledge, were observed and studied.

More detailed and more shocking information on those experiments are to be found in the book Acid Dreams, the CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain. The two journalists who had access to the CIA’s files (partially revealed by the American Senate under Robert Kennedy), informed that, after the Second World War, the CIA “imported” 600 Nazis to lead the experiments aimed at controlling minds. The most barbarian surgeries were developed under their orientation, such as those of lobotomies without anesthesia so that the human guinea pig could report his sensations as he was administered LSD.

In the seventies, the CIA made millions of individuals, most of them youngsters, addicted through the use of LSD, which was distributed free of charge by psychiatrists, psychologists, artists, intellectuals and professors of universities specially hired for that purpose.

These individuals used all means to promote the wonders of the psychedelic drug. Within a short period of time they made LSD to be the great flag of the American youngsters from coast-to-coast – the latter believed that by taking drugs they were contradicting the economic-socio-political system in force. They naively believed themselves to be opposing the establishment, whereas, in fact, they had been addicted by it.

The establishment felt that the anxious consciousness of the youngsters had to be urgently “neutralized” and those voices from popular protests should be silenced, because that was a time when there was a political anxiety and workers and youngsters from all around the world were uniting. They organized strikes, protests and intelligent proposals, which demanded a radical change in the socio-economic and cultural organization in force.

In the United States the so called “New Left” movement, which protested, amongst other things, against the low level of Higher Education and against the Vietnam War, became a major threat to the American Government. 

It was not difficult for the American powers-that-be to “govern” the people and lead them to this kind of “democracy” by the use of drugs. What would have been difficult was for the people to accept that kind of socio-economic and political system without being drugged!

Martin Lee, says the following on pages 284 and 285 of his book Acid Dreams:

“The wide use of LSD has, in this respect, contributed significantly to the extinction of the New Left, because they accelerated the metabolism of the political body, which made all changes – both positive and negative – go faster, with all their contradictions. For this reason, the New Left was able to dismiss a president and to keeping another one from starting a nuclear attack in Northern Vietnam. These accomplishments were in fact powerful, but the movement fell apart in the long run, because it was never able to control its own intensity. So it was not able to keep in power with political good sense.”

The author adds:

“In the late sixties, the use of LSD amongst the youngsters In the US reached its peak, right after the CIA started its secret operations to destroy, discredit and neutralize the New Left. Was it a mere historic coincidence or did the Agency really promote the illegal acid trade?”

For such a task ti used very intelligent and charismatic individuals, such as English writer Aldous Huxley, American psychologist Timothy Leary(1), musicians such as John Lennon, who had free access to and were totally accepted by young people, and the intellectual and creative population in both the United States and England.

It is worth mentioning what john Lennon said right before his death in 1980:

“You don’t hear about this anymore but people are still visiting the Cosmos (referring to the use of LSD). We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Armed Forces for LSD. This is what people forget… They invented LSD in order to control people, but what they ended up doing was giving us freedom. Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways so that wonders can take place.”

What kind of freedom is that if John Lennon himself was assassinated soon after he made such a statement and all individuals from the psychedelic generation have been literally destroyed both intellectually aspect and in terms of their power to change things?!

What freedom to the thousands of drug-addicts in this would have today? Freedom for their imagination, freedom to escape?  Or freedom to destroy Freedom for themselves, to consume and support the establishment without question?

Manipulation of people is easy after they have become addicted and dependent – after an individual’s consciousness has been eliminated it is easy to re-program his mind. It was not difficult for the American power to “govern” the people and lead them to this kind of “democracy” by means of drugging them. What would have been difficult would be for people to accept the socio-economic and political system in force without being drugged!

It is simply horrifying that something similar must be happening amongst European youth, and in advanced stages by now. And what is even more terrifying is that, according to data revealed by the media today, most of this international death’s traffic is still being accomplished, protected and financed by the CIA. The same plan which succeeded well on American soil is now quickly expanding to other continents.

ISAT General Information


(1) In 1960, American psychologist Timothy Leary, who was a young people’s leader produced by the power, said the following about drug use: “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

The Death Traffic in Portugal

“(…) The Azores really are a mandatory stop in the famous “Drug Route” due to their privileged geopgraphic position.” – Semana Magazine


Both the United States and Brazil, have made repeatedly clear their interest in being active in Europe. Vega magazine, 16 May 1990, p.95, cites the American Secretary of State:

“Our soldiers must stay here in order to help Europe and Germany, as a quiet guarantee and reassurance of the rights they’ve gained.”

Their presence in Portugal is remarkable, although American and Brazilian investment in business and productive activities are not significant compared with those of England, Sweden, Germany and other countries.

One wonders: Why does the American Government maintain such a close relationship with Portugal? What is its interest in imposing the presence of its military bases in strategic points in Europe, even against the Europeans’ will? Most of these points, coincidental or not, have already proved to be important centers for drug-trafficking and consumption (Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, England…)

As far as the Brazilians are concerned, many of them (such as Abreu Sodre and ex-president Sarney) are known to have purchased properties in Lisbon in order to be based there. Why?!

The following is a series of quotes gathered from the Portuguese media, where one can see the involvement of customs officers; TAP; American bases; policemen; import/export enterprises; diplomats and Brazilian citizens in this traffic of death.


Portugal joins the drug-route

“Some “drug barons” have chosen Portugal as their area of action, as an alternative to those countries devastated by the Bush Administration’s open anti-drug war.” – Semana Magazine

This magazine has the naïve opinion that the Colombian drug barons have chosen Portugal. In fact the North Americans chose that country a long time ago. There are reports, for example, of drug cargos floating around the beaches of Portuguese islands where Americans have their bases. The magazine itself will mention this fact further ahead.

“Our country’s strategic geographic location, together with completely outdated legislation, make it a privileged field for the “barons” to act (…) In Northern Portugal (…) Viana do Castelo (…) which is known on the drug circuit as “the Hashish Princess”*, a squad of fast launches, so called flying launches, function as heads for the introduction of drugs in Portugal and Europe. The “barons” settle villages on Santa Luzia’s slopes and, from there, coordinate their operations and perpetrate their theft to Europe and to the World.”

“In Portugal, the laundering of illegal profits, including those coming from drug-trafficking is not a crime punishable by the laws of the country. Portugal’s need for foreign currency is so great that any amount of dollars, pounds or marks invested in the country is welcome and is not subject to control as to its origin.”

“(…) Braganca: Prison security guards arrested and suspended for selling drugs to inmates.”

“In greater Lisbon the number of places where one can buy drugs is ever bigger (…) like drugs malls, they function efficiently.”

- Semana Magazine


Airport Customs, Custom Offices, Airlines Companies, Diplomats – all partners in the drug mafias

 “It is easy to divert luggage containing drugs at the Airport Customs. As an agent of the judiciary police, who testified on Friday before the Court where a drug-trafficking hearing was taking place, said that “there are many ways whereby luggage possibly containing drugs can be diverted through Customs (…) The legal proceedings involve elements both from the Customs Offices and airline companies (…) As far as a probable entrance of 800 grams of cocaine coming from India is concerned, the sub-inspector said that it was seized in Germany. The item will have entered in Lisbon and then been sent to the former Portuguese Consul in Frankfurt, Walter Leitao, together with “diplomatic luggage.” The consul has already been sentenced and is serving the term at this moment (…) The lawsuit covers two drug-routes: one from Europe, via India, and one via Latin America (…) The drugs, carried in luggage identical to those used by the aircrew, were diverted from the ordinary flow of luggage at Lisbon Airport (…) The legal proceedings involve a long serving TAP officer, two members of the Customs Office and also a former boxer and candidate for director of the Athletico Clube de Portugal.” – Correio da Manha, 1/4/1990, p.9

“Airport works for drug-traffic (…) In her testimony before the court, an inspector who has participated in various investigations at Lisbon Airport, said that attempts to pass several kilos of drugs are very day events at the Airport (…) The lawsuit, which involves 33 people, refers to events which started in 1981. Amongst those charged are members of TAP and VARIG, as well as those of the Customs Office.” – Diario de Noticias, April 1990, article: “Arrested by the PSP at Alto do Pina – young man confessed being a drug-trafficker but not an addict.”


Lajes’ American Base (Azores) and the Route of Drugs

“(…) The Azores, due to its privileged geographic location, is indeed a mandatory stop for the famous “Route of Drugs” at this moment. In their trip to Europe and mainly to the United States, drugs make a stop here (…) According to the authorities, drugs are brought by the open sea and stocked in buoys close to the beach. From there, they are later collected by vessels setting off to Europe or to America; (…) sometimes (…) the buoys break off and the drugs are found floating by the sea shore. Early this year several bags with drugs were found on the beaches of Faial Islands, Flores and Sao Miguel. A pack with 20 kilos of hashish was found on the shore of Flores Island and one with 10 kilos in Faial Island.” – Semana Magazine, p.24

Why think that these drugs were being sent from those islands to the United States? Couldn’t they be coming from the United States, perhaps via military in Portugal as a center for smuggling of several goods, a former Portuguese soldier from Lisbon, Jose Carlos Simoes, 26, stated to our magazine:

When I was serving in the Portuguese Army in 1988 and 1989, it was common to purchase and sell many kinds of smuggled goods coming from the American Base in the Azores, such as sun-glasses, electronics, camera, clothes, etc. if it was easy for them to smuggle those goods, the same channels could obviously be used for drug-traffic. As a matter of fact, that would be even easier, considering the bulky size of sound equipment as compared to a tiny bag of cocaine, which, although smaller, is worth millions (…) Our neighbor Spain is not an exception and shipments with substantial quantities of drugs arrive from Brazil and get into Portugal. 200 out of the 788 kilos of cocaine seized by the Portuguese Judiciary Police in 1989 came from Brazil, whereby nearly all the drugs produced in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru pass through.” – Semana Magazine

(Note: those four countries are dominated by the United States and produce and distribute drugs. The 788 kilos of cocaine seized in Portugal would yield the fantastic profit of 262 million dollars (each 3 kilos of cocaine is sold for 1 million dollars on the streets, according to an article by Beatrice Bontman for Le Monde in 12/10/1989). As the seized amount is 10 times inferior to that which actually reaches the market, according to the Judiciary Police, the actual total of the trafficked drug would be that of 7.8 tons (2.6 billion dollars). And that refers only to cocaine.

“(…) Azores: Judiciary Police and FBI have found a network of drugs dealing which has introduced hashish to Americans at their Base in Lajes.” – Semana Magazine

This is very important data. It shows that:

  • Americans, at their Base in Lajes, do consume hashish;
  • Where there are Americans, there are frequently drugs.

Now, one may ask: would not this network be in competition with the other network from the inside of the Base of Lajes?

It seems that it would be useful for the European Nations to investigate and control these bases in order to check whether shipments of drugs are leaving from there to Europe (via Portugal in the case of Azores).

Shouldn’t there be a safer and more effective way to traffic drugs other than to make use of this well organized scheme which is already equipped with aircraft, ultra-modern launches, weapons, submarines, sophisticated surety systems, radars, communication, etc.?

How do we explain the fact that drug-traffic has increased precisely in those areas where American military bases are located on the Portuguese coast?

What has the Bush Administration done, considering it so well promoted international war “against” drugs? What do its military do other than “avoid” such danger? Wouldn’t they be the ones who intend to keep the monopoly in such a trade?

Drug traffic is supported by those groups with great economic power


“White-collar crime is more lucrative than the work of a machine-gun. The protagonists of the economic fraud against the European Social Fund diverted more money in three years (and drug-traffickers in one year) than did the number of robberies committed in the last decade (…) But, amongst the crimes of high delinquency, drug-trafficking is the most sophisticated and organized (…) As far as the profits from drug-traffic are concerned, they are incalculable and turn out to be a real underground economy. Control over it is null, for, up to this point, the Portuguese State has no legislative measures to inspect and prevent “dirty” money from being laundered. Unlike other countries, a vast amount of foreign currency can get into our banks, without being investigated (…) In the opinion of magistrate Goncalves da Costa, who teaches at the Center for Judiciary Studies, “what is worrisome, however, is the high degree of criminality within the sphere of power. But, as the power-that-be are involved, this kind of criminal is treated with kindness. A greed speculator dilutes his action in such a way that one can never really pin blame on him. For example, is it not a great criminal act to off-load astronomical amounts of bonds into the market, causing their prices to plummet? However, these people are usually congratulated (...) What characterizes it as a crime of high delinquency is the kind of interests involved, the extent of such actions and the subtleness of their means. These cases are much more difficult to single out. Only a tiny minority is revealed; most of them are from the black ciphers and, ironically, are the most severely punished (…) According to researchers of drug-traffic, police seizures represent only one-tenth of the quantity of drugs which actually get into the market.” (Publico, 9/4/1990, p.2).

Note: The money so raised is used by the international mafia in order to buy weapons, to bribe people in all countries, to organize their ultra-modern army and to equip it with highly sophisticated spying devices and arms which sometimes are more developed than those of some countries. They use that money to coldly spread destruction and death amongst the peaceful workers in all nations in the world. Never before has organized crime been so well structured! Today, it is already infiltrated into the government of nations, and in extreme cases, such as that of the United States, it forms a powerful parallel government. In that country it has taken over all control of today’s social, political and economic events, shaping the course of contemporary history.

“(…) Drug-traffic is organized crime par excellence, and it has no frontiers. According to director of Drug Investigation in Portugal, Goncalves Carvalho, such traffic is supported by groups with great economic power. Such groups have already been detected among us, such as that which were in the leadership of the recently caught network of C. Venntoso (…) many Portuguese networks are found amongst groups with interests in the hotel industry and among individuals who came back from the ex-colonies, these are dedicated mostly to the traffic of heroin coming from the Golden Triangle (India and Pakistan). Southern America countries, especially Brazil, are great cocaine suppliers; the drugs travel from here into the European market (…) The means of transportation are varies, many times covered up by “import-export” companies.” (Publico, 9/4/1990, p.2)

click image to enlarge

Seizures by Country Map

“As one looks at the map, Portugal shows itself to be the ideal stopping point for the entry and exit of drugs into Europe, a continent which will have no frontiers within three years time. One fears that the problems will get even worse. Drugs are consumed in the great urban centers, as shown by the arrests carried out by the Portuguese authorities in 1989. Cocaine enters via Lisbon – incidentally Lisbon is the great national center of distribution – and from there gets off via train to the rest of Europe.” – Expresso magazine, 28/4/1990, Joao Garcia

 click image to enlarge

Portugal's Organized Crime Against Keppe and Pacheco 

Itamaraty’s Corruption and the Involvement of the Brazilian Government in the Drug-Trafficking


We would ask international authorities to seriously consider the possibility of banishing privileges granted to government representatives all around the world, for that has already proved to be, if not the cause, at least a major contributor to abuse and international crime.


The Brazilian magazine Veja recently published an article on the difficult and special diplomatic mission of releasing Brazilian citizens from Iraq. In that article “an important diplomat of Itamaraty”, who didn’t want to reveal his name, comments that the Brazilian Ambassador in London, Paulo de Tarso Flecha de Lima, has been chosen to organize the deal with Bagdad:

“This can be looked at from two perspectives: it was either decided that the leader’s diplomatic ability could not be replaced or that nobody else could better deal with a cheater but another cheater.” (Veja, Editora Abril, year 23rd, nr.37) This phrase is self explanatory.

One of the main intentions of this dossier is to question the legitimacy of the legal immunity and all sorts of indulgence enjoyed by diplomats, officers of embassies and other diplomatic bodies.

If a government is relatively honest, its diplomats will also be more correct (ethical) in their conduct. But if the nation they represent is built upon a corrupt political and socio-economic structure, they will in turn be like international gangsters with no punishment, and no restraint.

Unfortunately such has been the case with a major part of the Brazilian Diplomatic Corps, the so-called Itamaraty. For most of those employed in the organization (with exceptions), the Itamaraty is a source of international “employment.” Corrupt and lazy officials are involved in smuggling, money laundering and trafficking; they are selling Brazil for a trifling price while depositing large bribes in their Swiss bank accounts.

In the book Cabo Frio Connection – Scandal at Itamaraty, 1989, the journalist responsible for the Brasilia branch of Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, Gilberto Dimenstein, through true and fully documented evidence, denounced Brazilian diplomacy as being involved in a network of illegal and corrupt activities perpetrated by a gang operating in New York, London and Brasilia. His book involves names such as those of Abreu Sodre (ex-Minister of Freign Affairs), Paulo de Tarso Flecha de Lima (Itamaraty’s General Secretary), Antonio Carlos Magalhaes (Minister of Communication), Ivan Mendes (head of SNI – National Services of Information) and Romeu Tuma (head of Federal Police).

All of those men are or were direct representatives of the Brazilian government holding positions of high responsibility. Dimenstein also mentions names of other Itamaraty officers as well as those of joint-enterprises and foundations, such as that of Cabo Frio Foundation, ALALC (Latin American Association for Free Commerce) and that of the Ministry for the Development of Industry and Commerce. In addition Itamaraty has connections with dollar traffickers Paulo Passos, Antonio Soares, Paulo Mafra among others.

According to Dimenstein, such individuals perpetrate highly illegal operations between Brasilia, New York and London, under the protection of the authority of diplomatic bodies.

At page 53 Dimenstein describes the following event:

“A Federal Police sheriff phoned Folha Newspaper Editorial Office in the morning. He had read the news. He was quick:

  • Did you know that his Paulo Passos is one of the main dollar traffickers in Brasilia and that he operates in the Itamaraty?
  • Are you sure?
  • Yes. And if you carry on investigating you will end up in cocaine.
  • What do you mean, cocaine? I asked breathlessly.
  • Money laundering. I can’t give you more details. But what you have in your hands is a connection which involves dollar trafficking and slides into cocaine smuggling. That’s for sure, believe me.

“Next I phoned several diplomats and all confirmed Paulo Tarso’s private secretary to be indeed one of the main dollar smugglers in Brasilia and definitely Itamaraty’s most important one. And he operated openly along the Ministry corridors.”

On page 98 Dimenstein adds:

“I thought of the Federal Police chief’s clue (which he told me on Friday 23rd of June) that sooner or later one would find cocaine involved in the case. In fact it did. So much so that the Department of Organized Crimes was called during the Cabo Frio case’s inquiry.

“In Brasilia, cocaine smugglers got cruzados (Brazilian currency) from the selling of the product. Afterwards they had to launder the money in order to buy more cocaine. And for that they needed dollars. They went to the Itamaraty, a safe place to get it. Abreu Sodre did not like this information being released and reacted toughly through a letter sent to Folha newspaper. He accused me of leading a campaign to libel the image of that institution with distorted facts and lies.”

Interesting fact: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abreu Sodre, only got indignant when the news mentioned drugs… In any case that was not the first time Itamaraty reacted that way.

“On May 1st 1989, Miami Police revealed that they havd found one ton of cocaine in a Varig DC-10 operating Rio de Janeiro-Miami. Agents of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), a North American body for repression of drug-trafficking, arrested Jose Machado, 55, and Warley da Silva, 47, two Miami based Brazilians who received the shipment at the airport. Varig tried to deny the news that the drugs had been carried by one of its aircrafts. But the news proved to be true later on. (Folha de Sao Paulo, 30/4/1989, “Varig aircraft carried a ton of cocaine, says the USA.”)

Showing a lack of trust in the Brazilian Federal Police investigation, DEA agents were sent to Brazil to “aid” Brazilian police. Superintendent of Rio de Janeiro Federal Police, Fabio Calheiros Wanderley admitted that “at least three” North American agents had meetings with Federal Police chief, Romeu Tuma, in Brasilia on 3/5/1989. (Folha de Sao Paulo, 4/5/1990 “In Brazil, Americans investigate shipment of cocaine.”)

That was when Brazilian president, Jose Sarney, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abreu Sodre, and ministry secretary general, Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima interfered in the case, vigorously defending the trafficking enterprise.

“President Jose Sarney through North American Ambassador Harry Schlauderman, personally asked the United States to reconsider the involvement of Varig airlines in the capture of one ton of cocaine, given the company’s previous integrity. At the end of a dinner party in honor of the Ambassador, in Alvorada Palace, Sarney talked with Schlauderman about the case (…) Some hours before, Schlauderman had been called by Itamaraty to hear from the Foreign Ministry’s secretary general, Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima, an official protest from the Brazilian Government about the way Varig was being treated in the episode. (Folha de Sao Paulo, “Department of Taxation investigates Varig Flight which may have carried cocaine to the USA.”)

The case ended with the Brazilian Federal Police’s official conclusion, watched by the DEA, that countless Varig employers participated in the operation, which had been organized by Brazilian Warney da Silva, had about twenty participants and had sent approximately 2.5 tons of drugs to Miami in the last three years. Cocaine came from Colombia, entered Brazil via Rondonia, then went to Rio de Janeiro and was then exported to the USA.

Going back to Dimenstein’s book Cabo Frio Connection – Scandal at Itamaraty, although his initiative is praise-worthy, this question still stands: What will be done, in practice, for the charge of corruption detailed in the book?

Some of the people mentioned in Dimenstein’s book, and many others had already been mentioned in the dossier sent by Pacheco to Brazilian and American authorities in 1986.

The practical results from this dossier are unknown up to now. However what is known, for sure, is that the main heads of the Brazilian and USA crime organizations carry on operating without being penalized. Such has been the extent of the official protection that these white-collar gangsters have with their political and socio-economic power. And they simply have their victims punished and arrested when any confrontation is to take place.

Brazil as a whole is harmed by its corrupt representatives. Embassy and State officials do not pay taxes as the rest of the citizens. They are paid enormous wages and buy whatever they want fro prices lower than the ordinary citizen has to pay. They are not subject to customs, nor to customs inspections, they contravene normal citizenship laws, cannot be sued nor fined… privileges are abundant, duties are minimal.

Furthermore, because of this corruption, Brazil is becoming more and more the largest center for drugs in the world, in opposition to its simple natured people. Police chief Teodoro Rodrigues Pereira, from the civil Police’s Department of Drugs, states that he fears the “settlement of Medellin’s head-quarters in Brasilia” (article by Renato Lombardi, released in 15/7/1990 by O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, page 36)(*).

A summary of that news may be useful to help the reader understand:

“Arms trafficking and smuggling come to the National Congress (…) Drivers Antonio Henrique Moreira and Elias Martins Azevedo used official cars to sell cocaine (…) PDS-MT Roberto Campos ex-parliamentary secretary, Joao Pedro Aquino Ferreira and Claudio Luis Salgueiro de Carvalho, from the Senate security were arrested bearing modern arms which were to be delivered to traffickers, bank burglars, farmers, members of Parliament (….) The arrest of the son of ex-presidents Ernesto Geisel and Joao Figueiredo’s ex-private secretary, Heitor Aquino, will make it possible to identify the whole gang (…) Aquino Ferreira travelled to Miami, Florida, every 20 days and managed to smuggle, through the Brasilia airport, arms and ammunition, printing machines; film cameras; computers; videos and electronics (…) One of the trafficking leaders is Chamber of Deputies driver Antonio Henrique de Moreira, known as El Bigodon. He used to travel to Miami, Spain and Holland, presenting congressional documents at the airports. He carried cocaine with him and brought back arms.”

On July 15, 1989, Folha de S. Paulo newspaper published:

“Brasilia’s Police worries about National Congress official’s involvement in drug trafficking. In the last seven years the Department of Drugs (DTE) has been seeing 27 Senate and House of Deputies officers. The head of DTE, Police chief Teodoro Rodrigues, says that “should one investigate within the Congress that number would probably be much bigger.”

“(…) With the arrest of House of Deputies driver, Antonio Henrique Moreira, charged for involvement with an international gang, police found (…) credentials for visitors, authorized by members of Congress, which were used, according to the Police, by other traffickers enabling them to circulate within the Congressional premises (…) As the names of the politicians who signed such credentials became publicly known Federal the case. That was not the only time when Police faced pressure (…) Arms and drugs walk together. “Drugs leave Brazil and, in return, arms come in,” says Police chief Pereira. “But we have no access to investigate the Congress.” There is no cooperation between the police and the inner security (…) “What is most disturbing is the immunities, which these officials want to extend to relatives, friends and employees” says the Police chief. According to him, such privileges explain in great part the involvement of Legislative officers with crime. “(…) Legislative privileges, according to the Police, were being used to feed the cocaine trafficking which was in operation in the Federal District up until recent times. Elias Martins Azevedo and Terezinha Senir do Prado, charged and arrested for trafficking, had arrived to Brasilia from Rondonia carrying air tickets given to them by PRN-Rondia deputy Francisco Sales. Both had already been arrested in 1988 carrying 5kg of cocaine paste while using a Deputy’s private car.

Such facts show that the National Congress, Senate, House of Deputies Inner Police as well as people connected to Brazilian ex-presidents are also involved with drug trafficking, other than Itamaraty – that is, the political leadership of Brazil.

Another problem is the censorship faced by journalists in their denouncements. After 3 days, news about the above mentioned scandal was briskly interrupted by the media and nothing else was ever seen or heard about it.

Nevertheless, this is not what one would verify from Bolivia’s media. Aqui newspaper, which is not under the influence of the Brazilian Government, openly denounces drug-traffic linked to tin smuggling in the Brazilian State of Rondonia and clearly mentions Mr. Romeu Tuma’s involvement in such operations. The newspaper reports:

“In the Bazilian State of Rondonia, which shares its borders with Pando Department; the tin industry is directly linked to drug-traffic and dollars laundering, according to a public document of denunciation from SITERON’s president. (Workers Union at State of Rondonia Industry of Extration and Trasformation).

Such a denunciation was recently made at a conference of the International Organization for Work (IOW) in Geneve, Switzerland.

The dossier sates that there are 64 “enterprises” and 135 foremen irrationally exploiting what is considered to be the world’s biggest production of cassiterite (unofficial data).

Region Union head, Moraes do Amaral, denounces those enterprises’ “insane and ultra ambitions attitude of power. They ignore human, social and workers’ rights, taking away from our fellowmen their last traces of human dignity.”

Amaral also alerts one to the complicity of Rondonia’s authorities in what is called “organized crime, due to the fact that tin extraction is controlled by drug-traffic.” Among such authorities are the state governor himself, Jeronimo Garcia de Santana and Federal Police Chief, Romeu Tuma. The report states that the volume of tin smuggling amounts to 10,000 tons a year (5 percent of worlds’ consumption), whereas the whole national output reaches only 12,000 tons.

The estimated annual value of this smuggling is USD $60 million, but that of drug-traffic is not yet estimated.

Amaral, who has already suffered four attempted murders, fears the same end as Chico Mendes, the famous Brazilian ecologist recently killed in Northern Brazil.

Rondonioa’s Federal Police ex-superintendent, Arthur Carbone Filho, was recently removed from his potion by the body’s head general, Romeu Tuma, because of the former public declaration that Rondonia is one of the country’s major entry points for traffic (besides gold and cassiterita smuggling), with connections with Aao Paulo, Mato Grosso and Manaus. Both of them attack each other through the Brazilian media, a fact that deeply concerns the Brazilian government, which “wants to keep the subject from reaching international levels”, according to Bolivian newspaper Aqui.

Therefore, as Brazilian citizens and representatives of the hones part of the population, we have the duty and the dignity to alert international authorities to be careful of the possible corruption perpetrated by corrupt “authorities” of our countries.

Going even further, we would ask international authorities to seriously consider the possibility of banishing privileges granted to government representatives all around the world, for that has already proved to be, if not the cause, at least a major contributor to abuse and international crime.


(*) Rivalry between Civil and Federal Police originates denounces from both sides, and this is somehow beneficial.

N.B.: At present (Sept.1990) Mr. Paulo de Tarso Flecha de Lima has been transferred from Brazil to London to occupy the position of Brazilian Ambassador.

American Drug Multinational

Uncle Sam Depends Totally on Drugs – Psychologically and Economically Speaking

“Only this year, 1990, I have conscientized that the United States, as a nation, is entirely dependent on the Death Traffic and, mainly, from drugs – not only in the sense of taking them but also in the economic sense.” (*)


In 1984, when I moved to the United States, I was horrified to notice the overall erroneous orientation of its economy; factories were deactivated, agriculture totally abandoned, a great part of the population lived on social security, students’ level of knowledge was poor – and, what was worse, there was an atmosphere of aggression, of discontent (and mad joy on the other hand). I definitely was not in the country I had idealized; and, at the same time, I speechlessly contemplated an ex-movie star (Reagan) acting out all the time, lying and following a political strategy of total speculation.

I could see that that nation was moving towards its destruction, repeating the same errors of the nineteen twenties and thirties.

Today I know that that nation is non-viable, for it only recovered when it entered the Second World War (having then started to produce arms), returning to full employment, when the economic situation in Europe collapsed. Therefore it was Hitler who “recuperated” it. Later on, the Soviet Union gave it incredible international power, leading it to continue producing arms and place its armies all around the Western world and its multinational enterprises to exploit the other countries.

When we demonstrated in New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia we didn’t understand the reason why people did not join us in that attempt to rehabilitate their country. Little by little, I started to understand that a true “mutation” had occurred in that people, as though

(*) This is an excerpt of a book which is now being written by Norberto Keppe, based on his experience in the United States of America.


All of them had gone into a collective psychosis. Worst of all was the group of drug-traffickers within the government which was persecuting us. One fact which must be noticed is that of the dismissal of US Attorney General Edward Meese, for corruption, right after our release from prison (28/6/1988). We had the impression that it was he who ordered Customs special agent Brownholtz to arrest us, and that Edward Maloney, from the New York Eastern District did not act alone.

It is only in this year 1990, that I conscientized that the United States, as a nation, is entirely dependent on the traffic of death, and mainly dependent on drugs – not only in the sense of taking them, but economically speaking. Since the United States’ industrial and agricultural phase was over and international hostilities had ceased, its main source of income began to come from this type of fabulous profit. After all, the US is the greatest consumer country in the world.

When we travelled the country’s interior, we constantly found signs forbidding one to leave the motorways. The vigilance of the highway police was extreme, showing that the Government does not want the people to come to know what goes on inside those 9.5 million square kilometers – and it is known that there are huge plantations of marijuana, probably refineries for the manufacture of cocaine, etc. Soviet Life, February 1990, p.4, published the following:

“The United States intend to give an image of great champions in the struggle against drug-traffic, to a point of “justifying its invasion of Panama”. Nevertheless, zones of Afghanistan controlled by the United States produce 600 tons of the drug per year (…) Afghanistan is, today, a new world center for drugs...”

The reader can now see why the American Government could never like us, because we intended to rehabilitate a large number of drug-addicts and to conscientize people that they were serving the drug multinationals. We were an enormous stone in Uncle Sam’s shoe.

- pages 8-58


13 Heavens Note: Ask most Americans why the US is over in Iraq and they will most likely respond, depending on the year you ask, 

  • Fight to free Kuwait
  • Hunt Saddam Hussein to free Iraq
  • With Kuwait free, Saddam executed, what's left? Oil

However, ask them why the US military is over in Afghanistan (since 2001) and they will most likely respond, “Fighting terrorists!” 

  • With a quick search from Google, something else begins to surface: Drugs!

According to Dave Gibson, writing for The American Chronicle (Jan 22, 2008), using the following title:

"President Bush Has Made Afghanistan Safe Once Again For Opium Production"

The Taliban banned opium production in Afghanistan as it became illegal to grow poppies. Those caught faced death. By mid-2001 there was essentially no opium produced there - a nation which led the world’s production of the drug. However, since the US invasion, the poppy fields have started growing and the trade of opium is flourishing like never before.


“The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime released a report this week which found that during 2006, opium production increased by 50 percent from the previous year. Afghanistan produced a record of 6,700 tons last year and was responsible for 92 percent of the world's opium production. This rise corresponds with the dramatic fall of Southeast Asia's opium production, in contrast that region only produced 370 tons last year."

"It has been reported that the CIA is involved in Afghanistan's opium production, or at least protecting it. It is widely known that the Pakistani Intelligence Service is terribly corrupt and profits directly from the sale of opium. For whatever it's worth, the CIA relies on the Pakistanis for intelligence regarding the insurgent Taliban as well as al Qaeda. Given the history and immorality of the CIA, it is certainly no stretch to believe that the agency is complicit."

"In March 2002, a U.S. foreign intelligence official speaking on the condition of anonymity, reminded a reporter with of the CIA's record of involvement with the international drug trade. The official said: "The CIA did almost the identical thing during the Vietnam War, which had catastrophic consequences--the increase in the heroin trade in the USA beginning in the 1970's is directly attributable to the CIA. The CIA has been complicit in the global drug trade for years, so I guess they just want to carry on their favorite business."

"He went on to say: "The sole reason why organized crime groups and terrorists have the power that they do is all because of drug trafficking. Like the old saying, 'those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.'"

"Osama bin Laden got away and President Bush does not even mention his name anymore. The Taliban has become stronger once again in Afghanistan. Terrorists, mafia, and warlords are profiting from bumper opium crops. To date, 480 American young men have lost their lives in Afghanistan...So what was the point?"

"Afghanistan could now fairly be described as a 'narco-state' and the U.S. military has played a large role in that nation's illicit evolution. Have we sent our young men to die in Afghanistan to protect or possibly monopolize the opium trade?”

- Source:


Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat and co-author of Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America (1992) writes:

Poppy Paradox: US War in Afghanistan Boosts Terror Funds, August 3, 2002

“… Thanks to the U.S. intervention, Afghanistan will again supply up to 70 percent of the world's heroin this year, 90 percent of the heroin reaching Europe and even a part of the heroin reaching the United States."

- Source:

* End of 1st Part *