Friday, July 3, 2009

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Spotlight - Brenda Dempsey

Brenda Dempsey has been a practicing metaphysician for over 20 years. Her personal journey with Michael consciously began in this life in 2000, when answers to questions began arriving as she thought them. Her life has never been the same. Her personal processing and life path have taken her to this point in time to assist others in their journey as a spiritual guide and life coach. Her "Golden Light" seminars are enlightening, inspiring and often life altering.

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Archangel Michael's Handbook of Sacred Symbols (Vol. I)
Michael Jackson's Passing
St. Germain 8-11-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* Archangel Michael 7-13-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* St. Germain 7-11-09 (re Aug. 15, 2009 Shift)
* Archangel Michael 6-22-09
* St. Germain 6-20-09
* St. Germain 6-09-09

Archangel Michael's Sacred Symbols - TOC

Use of the Sacred Symbols
Use of Candles with the Sacred Symbols
Sacred Symbols
1. Dispersing Energy
2. Condensing Energy
3. Vitality Spiral
4. Prosperity
5. Joy
6. Beginning
7. Female
8. Male
10. Lightning Strike
11. All That Is
12. Infinity
13. Hope
14. Transition
15. Sunset
16. Clearing
17. Release
18. Unification
19. Aurora Borealis
20. Light
21. Health & Wellness
22. Gateway to the New Energy
Chart for Use of Symbols with Life Issues

Michael's Sacred Symbols - Forward

Archangel Michael's Sacred Symbols - Forward

It is with great humility and joy that I put these handbooks together to assist lightworkers on their journey. It has been a very intense and rewarding journey to reach this point in my soul's path. Michael has been my strength and resolve, and without his assistance, there were many times I don’t think I would have made it through. I remember in January of 2003, when he told me to take up my sword and prepare to defend myself. I wasn’t sure what I was fighting but I was ready. Little did I know that it would come at me from every direction and some I didn’t even know existed, at least not in a 3rd dimensional reality. After a two and half year Pluto transit of soul clearing, I exited out the other side filled with wisdom I never dreamed possible to find Michael as my constant companion and guide. Thank you Michael!

Having taken out my psychic sight ability in a lifetime in Egypt I asked for it to be restored and in a matter of days in March of 2005, the information began flooding in. Not knowing what I was receiving, but trusting they were important, the handbooks evolved one at a time. I had been told by an intuitive in 2004 that I would be writing some kind of handbooks on different topics, which takes us to the current day with information flooding in daily, continuing my journey.

I am grateful and thankful for my husband Dennis’s support, understanding and patience in this growth of my soul as I know it hasn’t always been a piece of cake! Thank you to my daughters, Tina and Kimber, for their patience and understanding in times of insanity for allowing me to follow my path.

Thank you, Kathy for being such a great friend and participant in this process. We have much more to do, it has just begun. I must also thank my friend Ken, whose journey has often paralleled mine, for sharing the ups and downs of my spiritual process.

Joy and blessings to all in your journey from Michael and myself.

Brenda Dempsey
January, 2007

Michael's Sacred Symbols - Chart

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