Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Bees

"Having a meadow or living near one is transformational."

"I'm glad to say that we think we know the cause of all of these conditions, and that cause is N.D.D. (Nature Deficit Disorder). And that is what I think we have in our society and that we forgot our connection with Nature. And I think that if we reconnect to Nature we'll be able to have the resources and that interest to solve these problems. And I think there is an easy cure for N.D.D., and that is make meadows and not lawns. And I think we have lost our connection and this is a wonderful way of reconnecting to our environment..."

"If we look at the history of lawns, it's rather tragic. It used to be 2-3 hundred years ago that a lawn was a symbol of prestige, and so it was only the very rich who could keep these green, actually deserts. They're totally sterile."

"Make Meadows not Lawns." 
"Not all of us have meadows or lawns we can convert, and so of course you can always grow a meadow in a pot. These aparently can be the gateway to, you know... other things, so I'm not saying that you should plant a meadow of pot, but a pot of a meadow."

From Taste3 2008 Conference in Napa, California
(Video Duration: 16:28)

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