Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flipping Channels - Pt.2

Now that we've seen a little of what Blossom's message generated, how can we be sure that any channeled message we receive is correct? Who can we trust? Let's look at a few more points first.

In recent times, many people are beginning to question the existence of Ramtha, most of which are former RSE students. Websites to help former students recover from their experiences at the school are popping up, such as Enlighten Me Free and FactNet. Additionally, if the back story from 1977 is true, when Ramtha first appeared in JZ's kitchen, then is he still around today? Some have seen JZ's personality and mannerisms return when Ramtha supposedly still had control of her body. Some have also witnessed behavior from Ramtha that just didn't seem 'enlightened'.

The clips below are interviews with Ramtha's former bodyguard Glen, with JZ's former husband Jeff, and with former students during a 2007 conference.

There are many who claim to channel beings from other planets, other periods on Earth, the future, the past, other aspects of themselves, such as the higher-self, and angels. However, none publically admit to channeling their own ego or alter-ego. This form of channeling is very common, according to David Wilcock, and is the main reason to use caution when seeking advice from a channeller.

From Tuning-In
(Video Duration: 3:27)

Among the messages themselves, there are oftentimes conflicts between what one person received versus another person's message. Take the Oct 14, 2008 UFO announcement for instance. Not every channeller agreed that it would take place or that it was the best time for it.

In the next clip, you will see a clone of Ramtha, named Mafu, channelled by Penny Torres. In this interview, she sounds pretty convincing to everyone but the person conducting the interview. However, she's apparently come forward and admitted that she made the whole thing up and would not continue unless her following wanted her to. Many forgave her and acknowledged their desire to continue with her. She is now known as Swami Paramananda Saraswatti, and continues conducting similar training at her ranch in Oregon.

From West 57th
(Video Duration: 13:11)

For those familiar with the story of how JZ met Ramtha, you may recall that Ramtha was very clear that he would not be channeled by anyone but JZ. Here is a clip of Ramtha for comparison.

From the Merv Griffin Show
(Video Duration: 15:19)

Penny, in learning to be a channel, visited JZ Knight. It's not clear if they met only once or if she also witnessed a performance by Ramtha. It was shortly after this time that she began channelling Mafu.

Ramtha says that he was the first human being to ascend his physical body and did it 17 times before finally departing Earth. He has never returned to incarnate on Earth since his one-and-only lifetime during Lemuria 35,000 years ago.

Mafu says that he is 32,000 years old, lived 17 lives, most recently as a leper in Pompeii some 2,000 years ago.

In answering the question of whether or not we can believe a channelled message, I'd like to remind you of a comment from the West 57th clip above.
"Most people have a need for even such a simple message, of some sort of spirituality about themselves... Those who follow channels are ordinary people searching for a new place to put their faith. Most of these people, I think, have traditional religious roots and have continued to be religious, but un-churched, and are kinda finding themselves a new church. Most people are seeking meaning in their lives and this is one way to seem to get it."
In the next clip, you will see many incidents of corruption and deception by leaders among the religious community. This sort of behavior isn't unique to the 'Church' however. Penny Torres admitted to being a fake and taking all the money from her followers; JZ Knight asked her students to donate as much money as they could because the IRS found a way to take the ranch from them - only to later admit that it was a lie. She hadn't paid her income taxes and needed the money or else. She promised to repay everyone the 'millions' they donated, but only a few select people close to her are known to have received any money. Then there was Miss Cleo, self-proclaimed psychic, healer, and shaman, and the owners of the Psychic Readers Network, which were sued by people, at least two States, and the FCC for fraudulent business practices.

(Video Duration: 6:51)

To further emphasize this point, that the two groups really are more alike than not, consider the similarities in how 'religious' people receive their message of inspiration and how 'new age' people receive their message of inspiration. One minister I know channels his sermons and believes it comes from the Holy Spirit. This begs the question of who church-goers call Angels and Demons and who they believe their 'inspired' messages come from. New-Agers have their names for benevolent and malevolent beings as well. In the post Count The Ways, there are many more important examples of how these two groups are the similar. Maybe these groups have more in common than first meets the eye, and not just in terms of their separatist beliefs. Take a look at the image below of a well known channeller (left) and a popular church gathering (right).

Both religious congregations and the new-age followings have identified with a teacher/teaching they feel comfortable with or which resonates with them for that time in their lives. Those who currently fit within these two groups, those who have before or will in the future, as well as the rest of humity - are all considered 'seekers'.  Each of us rests upon the path (discussed in the next section) where we need to be at any given moment. 

Reflecting on the 'similarities and differences' or how our cultures have evolved can also be seen in this example. I recommend you read the post on Beliefs & Values if you haven't already, as this point will be more clear if you do.

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