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New Earth - Introduction

This is an introduction to a two-part segment on what's possible on Earth and for its inhabitants. The introduction below is from The Thiaoouba Prophecy, by Michel Desmarquet (2004), and the remaining material relates to The Venus Project, by Jacque Fesco.


‘Arki,’ the Thaora was saying, ‘this is Michel, from the planet Earth. I welcome you to Thiaoouba, Arki. May The Spirit enlighten you.’

Addressing me, he continued. ‘Arki has come to visit us from the planet X’. (I am not allowed to reveal the name of this planet, nor the reason I have been forbidden to do so.) ‘And we thank him in the name of The Spirit and all the Universe, just as we thank you, Michel, for your willingness to collaborate with us in our mission.

‘Arki has come in his Agoura(1) at our request, especially to meet you, Michel.

‘We wanted you to see with your own eyes and touch with your own hands, an extra-planetarian quite different from our own race. Arki inhabits a planet of the same category as Earth, although it is very different in certain respects. These ‘differences’ are essentially physical and have contributed, over the course of time, to the physical appearance of the people.

‘We also wanted to show you several things, Michel. Arki and his fellow beings are highly evolved both technologically and spiritually which might surprise you considering you will find his appearance ‘abnormal’, even monstrous. However, you can see by his Aura that he is highly spiritual and good. We also wanted to show you, by this experience, that we can give you for a time, the gift not only of seeing Auras, but of understanding all languages - and that, without recourse to telepathy.’

So that was it, I thought to myself.

‘Yes, that was it,’ Thaora replied. ‘Now, move closer, the two of you. Talk together, touch each other if you want to - in a word, make each other’s acquaintance.

I stood up and Arki did likewise. When he was upright, his hands almost touch the floor. Each had five fingers, like ours, but it had two thumbs - one in the same position as ours and the other where our little fingers are.[8]

We approached each other and he held his arm out to me, the wrist forward and fist closed. He was smiling at me, revealing a set of straight, even teeth, just like ours, but green. I held my hand out in return, not knowing what else to do, and he addressed me in his own language - now perfectly comprehensible to me.

1. Spacecraft of the planet X which travels at a speed slightly below the speed of light. (Author’s comment)

‘Michel, I am very pleased to meet you and would have liked to be welcoming you as a guest on my own planet.’ I thanked him warmly, and filled with such emotion, began the sentence in French and finished it in English, which he, likewise, had no difficulty understanding!

He continued. ‘At the request of the great Thaora, I have come to Thiaoouba from planet X, a planet that resembles yours in many ways. It is twice larger than Earth, with 15 billion inhabitants but, like Earth and other planets of the first category, it’s a ‘Planet of Sorrows’. Our problems are much the same as yours: we have had two nuclear holocausts during our existence on our planet and we have experienced dictatorships, crime, epidemics, cataclysms, a monetary system and all that is associated with it, religions, cults and other things.

‘However, eighty of our years ago (our year lasts four hundred and two 21-hour-days) we initiated a reform. In fact, the reform was set in motion by a group of four people from a small village on the shores of one of our largest oceans. This group, comprising three men and one woman, preached peace, love and freedom of expression. They travelled to the capital city of their country and requested an audience with the leaders. Their request was denied for the regime was dictatorial and military. For six days and five nights, the four slept in front of the palace gates, eating nothing and drinking little water.

‘Their perseverance attracted public attention and by the sixth day, a crowd of 2000 had gathered in front of the palace. With feeble voices, the four preached to the crowd of uniting in love to change the regime - until guards put an end to their ‘sermon’ by shooting the four and threatening to shoot members of the crowd if they did not disperse. This they quickly did, in genuine fear of the guards. Nevertheless, a seed had been sown in the minds of the people. On reflection, thousands of them came to realise that, without a peaceful understanding, they were powerless, absolutely powerless.

‘Word was passed around among the people - rich and poor, employer and employee, worker and foreman, and one day, six months later, the entire nation came to a standstill.’

‘What do you mean by ‘came to a standstill’?’ I asked.

‘The nuclear power stations shut down, transport systems halted, freeways were blocked. Everything stopped. The farmers didn’t deliver their produce; radio and television networks ceased transmitting; communication systems shut down. The police were helpless in the face of such unity, for, in a matter of hours, millions of people had joined the ‘cease work’. It seemed, for that time, the people had forgotten their hates, jealousies, differences of opinion as they united against injustice and tyranny. A police force and an army comprise human beings and these human beings had relatives and friends among the crowd.

‘It was no longer a question of killing four subversive individuals. Hundreds of thousands would have had to be killed just to ‘liberate’ one power station.

‘In the face of the people’s determination, the police, the army and the Dictator were forced to capitulate. The only deaths to occur during this incident were the 23 fanatics who comprised the Tyrant’s personal guard - the soldiers were obliged to shoot them in order to reach him.’

‘Was he hanged?’ I asked.

Arki smiled. ‘Why, no, Michel. The people were through with violence. He was deported instead, to a place where he could do no further harm, and, in fact their example inspired his reform. He found, again, the path of love and respect for individual liberty. He died, eventually, repentant for all that he had done. Now, that nation is the most successful on our planet, but, as on yours, there are other nations under the domination of violent totalitarian regimes and we are doing all in our power to help them.

‘We know that all we do in this life is an apprenticeship, offering us the possibility of graduating to a superior existence and even freeing us forever of our physical bodies. You must know, too, that the planets are categorised and that it is possible for entire populations to emigrate to another, when their planet is in danger, but no-one can do so if the new planet is not of the same category.

‘Being, overpopulated ourselves and, having highly advanced technology, we have visited your planet with a view to establish a settlement there - an idea we decided against since your degree of evolution would bring us more harm than good.’

I was not very flattered by this reflection and my Aura must have indicated as much to Arki. He smiled and continued. ‘I’m sorry, Michel, but I am saying my piece without hypocrisy. We still visit Earth but only as observers, interested in studying, and learning from you, your errors. We never intervene because that is not our role, and we would never invade your planet, as this would be a backward step for us. You are not to be envied - materially, technologically or spiritually.

‘Going back to our Astral bodies, an Astral body absolutely cannot change to a superior planet until sufficiently evolved. We are speaking, of course, of spiritual evolution and not technological. This evolution occurs thanks to the physical body that improves as it progresses right up as far as this planet. [9] You have already learned of the nine categories of planets – ours are at the bottom of the scale. We, in our present physical bodies, can be permitted only nine days’ stay here. According to Universal Law, on the tenth day, our physical bodies would die and neither Thao nor the great Thaora, within whose power it is to revive the dead, would be able to prevent or reverse the process. Nature has very inflexible rules with well-established safeguards.’

‘But if I were to die here, perhaps my Astral body could stay here and I could be reincarnated as a baby on Thiaoouba...?’ I was full of hope, forgetting, for the moment, the family I loved back on Earth.

‘You don’t understand, Michel. Universal Law would require that you be reincarnated on Earth, if you had not yet finished your time there. But it is possible that when you do die on Earth - when your moment has come - your Astral body will reincarnate in a body on another, more advanced planet...a second or perhaps third category planet, or even this one, depending on your present degree of development.’

‘It’s possible then, to skip all categories and find ourselves reincarnated on a ninth category planet?’ I asked, still full of hope, for, most decidedly, I regarded Thiaoouba as a veritable paradise.

‘Michel, can you take some iron ore and some carbon, heat them to the right temperature, and produce pure steel? No. First you must skim the rubbish from the iron; then it goes back to the pot to be processed again and again and again... for as long as it takes to produce first-class steel. The same applies to us; we must be ‘reprocessed’ over and over until we emerge perfect, for eventually we will rejoin The Spirit who, being perfect himself, cannot accept the slightest imperfection.’

‘That seems so complicated!’

‘The Spirit, who has created everything, wanted it this way and I’m sure that, for him, it’s very simple; but for a poor human brain, I admit, it is at times difficult to comprehend. And it gets more difficult, the closer we try to get to the Source. For this reason, we have tried, and in several places with success, to abolish religions and sects. They apparently want to group people together and help them to worship God or gods and to understand better; and yet they make it all much more complicated and quite incomprehensible by introducing rituals and laws invented by priests who look to their own personal interests rather than following nature and Universal Law. I see by your Aura that you already realise certain of these things.’

I smiled, for it was true, and asked, ‘On your planet, can you see Auras, and read them?’

‘A few of us have learned to, myself included, but in this domain we are little more advanced than you. However, we study the subject enormously because we know this is what’s necessary for our evolution.’

He stopped there, quite suddenly, and I realised it was a telepathic order coming from the great personage that made him do so.

‘I must go now, Michel and I will be completely happy to do so if in having spoken to you, I have been able to assist you and your fellow creatures - on Earth and across the Universe.’ - pages 118-121

- The Thiaoouba Prophecy (free ebook), by Michel Desmarquet

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