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The Problem is Choice

"Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without."

For this to be true, you must understand how we have been domesticated over the years. Freedom of choice is the illusion created by those in power to ensure our continued behavior within our accepted belief systems.

In the diagram below, to the left is the group who only cares about themselves (Service to Self). To the right is the group that cares only about others (Service to Others). 

Service                                 Service
   to                                            to
  Self                                      Others
(-) ------------------|----------------- (+) 

The reason for using this diagram is to help visualize our conditioning. Most of us have been taught that it's better to give than receive; do unto others as you want them to do unto you; don't be selfish; we shouldn't have to pay for these materials, they should be free; what's good for the goose is good for the gander, etc. If we see someone who doesn't follow these same principles, it will most likely anger us. Then, on the other side, you have the greedy, controlling, selfish, etc.

Regarding freedom of choice, these can be considered hive and unity group consciousnesses, respectively. The farther to the left or right you lean, the more you are giving up your freedom of choice. The more you believe in giving to others, the more you surrender your freedom of choice and independence (self-reliance and self-determination) for the will of the group consciousness. The more you believe in hording to the gain of those above you (we'll call this kissing ass to get ahead), the more you surrender your freedom of choice - independence (self-reliance and self-determination), just like the service to others camp.

For the purpose of this post, there are two kinds or modes of freedom of choice 1) the illusion where we believe we have free will because we were taught so and 2) the free will (but still an illusion) that comes after your inward journey. The difference between the two is that in the first mode, you don't know it's an illusion and in the second, you do. It's likened to the idea posed in The Matrix Trilogy, where Neo was living in the Matrix before being freed to exist in the real world. When 'jacked in', Neo had the ability to go back and forth, but in truth, both realities were an illusion. He simply let go of one belief system, previously said to be real, for another illusion - also said to be real (eg, when Morpheus welcomed Neo, saying "Welcome... to the real world."). 

Getting back to our diagram above, let's look at a few examples of what would make us happy:

1. Being wealthy - If you are Service to Others (StO), you cannot be wealthy unless everyone is wealthy. For the Service to Self (StS), you too must give up your free will and accept the preferred doctrine necessary to achieve that wealth. If you are of the StO camp, you will need to pull back and allow some of the StS attributes (your selfishness) to play-out. However, you must find the balance between not leaning too far to the left and while not remaining too close to the right. If you are of the StS camp, you will find that in order to bring your own longings and passions into the picture, you will need to pull back from the left until you too find a proper balance somewhere in between the two ideas. This is recognizing your individuality.

2. Being in a wonderful relationship - If you are of the StO group, the idea of a wonderful relationship falls outside of the group or collective consciousness, as it pertains to you - the individual. Therefore, you must again find a happy medium somewhere along the scale between selfishness and selflessness. Likewise, if you are of the StS group, you need to find another person to share with and learn from. If the relationship is to be truly wonderful, for both of you, then you are going to find yourself giving to another person more than you have been conditioned to. StO people have by and large, given and given until they cannot give any longer. If they are partnered with a StS person, this relationship quickly ends unless they are both able to meet somewhere in the middle, but eventually the giving and support provided by the StO person will come to an end. It's more difficult for the StS person to share and support than for the StO person. If the StO person is partnered with another StO person, when they begin showing signs of StS selfishness, if it's not properly understood the realationship will encounter serious problems and will likely end. They both need to be understanding and allowing of the one who decides to follow their heart.

3. Having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want - If you are of the StO side, then this again concerns the individual desire and not the collective desire. This independence will require you to slip along the scale until you find the degree of self-interest acceptable. Only you can know what's acceptable for you. If you are of the StS side, you most likely believe that you already have this freedom, but in reality, you are confined within the same system of controls that the StO person is. In order for your freedom to be realized, or to live your passion at any moment, you must pull away from the control mechanisms which govern your behavior to seek more independence and self-determination.

In the Flipping Channels and Count The Ways posts, we discussed how many believe in a negative or dark energy and others in a positive or light energy. When someone is said to rebuke the dark or evil energy, they are 'choosing' not to deal with it, as they've been taught it's of the Devil and is considered an attack against their soul. They will not rebuke something considered positive or of God, however. The same principle applies, whether negative or positive ETs or entities. In choosing not to deal with whatever that evil represented, they continue to remain polarized where they are and will in short time, see other 'perceived' attacks against their soul.

For those familiar with the stories of how the Pleiadians wound up on Earth and then left, this will make sense. When they left their home-world in the system of Lyra, it was because there were those there who were doing things they didn't like. After a while, they experienced the same thing while living on Earth, and so rather than face confrontation, they fled. There were other stops in between and even returns to Vega, but in the end found a place where they could be left alone and not bothered with war, unkindness, hate, etc. To many, this may sound ideal, but at what expense? They were of the unity or StO group consciousness and have since realized that those negative events, people, etc., were reflections of things they needed to accept within themselves. Only then, could they truly be free. This meant that they needed to start acknowledging their inner desires and allowing them to manifest so they could be experienced and learned from.

When we are polarized to either side, we surrender our free will and freedom of choice for whatever the group-mind wants. This is the same as following years and years of indoctrinations, dogmas, etc.  In finding 'our truth', we cannot continue looking to others to provide the answers. They can only provide clues - reflections of our need.  Turning inward and discovering yourself, you become self-aware, and when emerging back into the world will be self-determined and self-reliant. From that point on, when you decide to do something, you have a better idea of why and can give 100% without any sense of hesitation, reluctance, or obligation - and therefore without the embarrassment and guilt. 

Have you ever wondered why people caught up in the 'materialist' mentality never find happiness? How about all those who have given and given and given - but never received? How did they end up? The wealthy and materialistic may find true heart-felt happiness and joy, but it's typically through various forms of philanthropy. Those who have known only service, such as for an ill family member or loved one, will become grumpy and bitter, unless they are allowed to live out some of their own desires.

There are many examples of high-paid corporate executives who have had enough and cashed in everything to find a quiet plot of land in the forest so they can be with nature and express their creative desires. One woman did this to take up painting and pottery sculpting. One man did this so he could begin working with iron, sculpting beautiful and inspired custom gates for driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Another man gave up his executive lifestyle to become a janitor for a local elementary school. He had enough money after leaving that the minimum wage job wasn't really necessary. He was then able to spend more time with his children, who attended the same school. That was the most important thing to him. Another man left a very promising career to travel, stopping wherever he wished for as long as he desired. Meeting new people and trying new things was his desire, while not being tied down to the corporate philosophy - or the clock. Click here for more recent stories - source CNN

There are also many examples of over-extended StO volunteers who have had enough and at the first chance, took off and never returned. One woman who became an enslaved prisoner to her bed-stricken husband had suffered quietly for the better part of 20 years. What started out in love and compassion, turned into misery and regret. Once he finally died, she sold the house and everything in it and went on a cruise. She finally had a chance to meet new people and see the world outside of her small 2 bedroom home. A man who had provided unyielding service to his family's business wanted to have more time to himself and his family. When the family resisted his desires, he stayed on to support them for as long as he could. It was family after all, and he was taught that family comes above everything but God. Finally, once bitterness set in, he had no choice but to leave. He moved away and hasn't spoken with his family for nearly 10 years. Oddly enough, another woman who volunteered for this same business, but wasn't family, ended up doing the same thing. When she left, the family didn't understand what happened or why she wouldn't return their calls. That bridge was burned beyond repair and there was no desire to find another way across the divide.

By following our Heart's desire and not the mind's conditioning or other people's ideas, will we end up in the middle  - and very happy I might add. This takes courage, but is where true Unity and happiness are found. The Service to Others destination may be called a Unity consciousness, but it's in the collective sharing and decision making role (a school of fish or flock of birds all moving in unison is a good example of this). 

From TED 2004 Presentation in Monterey, California
(Video Duration: 4:13)

The Unity here is in bringing all of the tiny pieces of our scattered-selves together into one healthy whole. This is achieved by accepting and balancing all of our negative and positive attributes.  

Leaving the restraints or conditions of either group paradigm leads you to Unconditional Love - for yourself and all that you choose to include in your reality. You no longer choose sides, this way or that way... you simple are.

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