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Beliefs & Values - Pt.3

The Future & Unconditional Love
With what we've already discussed, how easy do you think it is for someone to understand and describe something truly Divine, Unconditional or Limitless?  Before we examine some popular definitions of Unconditional Love, let's look at two more video clips.
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Ok, now what does Wikipedia say about Unconditional Love? 
  • It's used to describe a love between lovers, family members, comrades in arms and others in committed relationships.
  • It's used by religions to describe God's love for humankind, this is however, predicated upon the believer's fulfillment of one or more criteria (conditions) first. 
  • It's representative of an unlimited way of being. It's even suggested to be the greatest power known to man.
  • It's a prerequisite to being able to love another person unconditionally. One must first love themselves unconditionally.
The third bullet is probably the closest we have come to defining Unconditional Love, but let's discuss the last bullet point for a momentTo most people, it would probably make sense. But what if the person here doesn't have your definition of what it means to love or your definition of what unconditional means? In some communities, men physically beat their wives and children because they have been taught that this is how to communicate their love. Do you think your loved one would consider your method of showing love as being unconditional - all the timeHow do you feel about their love towards you?
Quiz: True or False
Can you determine which beliefs are True and which are False?
1.  The Dark Ages in Europe were a time of ignorance.
2.  The human body is 80-90% water.
3.  Humans use less than 10% of their brain.
4.  The natives were unable to see Spanish tall ships parked off the coast.
5.  The shift into the Age of Aquarius will be in 2012.
6.  The 'mark of the beast' in Rev. 14:9 refers to a tatoo.
7.  Jesus was caucasion.
8.  Borack Obama is the first African-American US President.
9.  Applying the '100th Monkey Theory' is the catalyst for collective change.

Answers: If you responded True to any of these questions, you would be incorrect. However, this is not the point of the quiz. It is meant to demonstrate how several of these wide-spread beliefs are easily accepted and repeated as true without much or any research on our part.

You might be thinking then that these things aren't really that important after all. But remember, we judge everything and all new choices we make are based on our existing belief system, paradigm, filter, or whatever name we call it. If our foundation is built on ideas like these, what will the rest of our beliefs and values amount to? Nevertheless, we will typically still defend them as true regardless of what anyone says, only serving to further convince ourselves that we're right. It's not our fault we do this. It's what we've been taught to do since we were born. The fact that we judge everything is really the issue here, not what's true or false.  

Unconditional Love is not limited to how we think, how we feel, or how we demonstrate our love to someone we are romantic with, our comrades in arms, family members, or anyone else suggested by Wikipedia. Not even if we are right or wrong. Unconditional Love is unconditional. That means we cannot hold any judgment or prejudice towards anyone or anything! True Unconditional Love is about oneness in love to all that is - not just people. This means extending the same unlimited and unconditional love towards plants, animals, buildings, plastic toys, automobiles, clouds, streets, signs, food, water, grass, kleenex, pencils, stones, and anything else that has ever nourished us, given us joy, helped us learn, kept us from harm, taken us safely to the hospital, etc. Our entire realities are co-created to help us evolve, and that means everything we needed over the years should receive the same unrestricted appreciation and love - not just people. That is Unconditional Love.

From Marley and Me
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Yes, the future requires change, but the good news is that we won't have to do it alone. The necessary help, in the form of shifting energies, will be right on schedule and we will be along for the ride. Courage is also necessary to first, admit that much of what we have believed our entire lives is either false or simply irrelevant and therefore unnecessary, and secondly, to let go of those beliefs without judgment towards ourselves or anyone else. 

You may have noticed, there are many signs that times are changing. People are talking about energy, consciousness, and making changes to the status quo. We are definately being prepared for what's to come with the next major shift in the Mayan Calendar. The Universal Cycle. (see chart)

In closing, consider the numerous ads and marketing campaigns we've seen and heard over the years. In particular, the ones that say, "Our children are the future." or "Our nation's children are our future." This means one thing to a parent and yet another to a corporatation living off profits. Using what we have just learned about domestication and our indoctrination processes,  can you see that those seeking increased profits would consider our children their future? Indoctrination is all about training us to support existing systems and institutions. Simply put, children are another resource!

From Thank You For Smoking
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