Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Count The Ways

The following comparrisons are made only to show how Christians and New Agers are more alike than not.  These are not judments of who's better or right, simply observations that tend to be ignored by both sides.


Christians have the rapture, where they will be taken up into heaven and there will no longer be any pain or suffering, and all that they ever wished for is theirs. The New-Agers have their shift into the next dimension, where there to will no longer be pain and suffering, and all that they desire is manifest in but a moment.

Christians have miraculous healing, where disfigured bodies are straightened before their eyes; tumors and other serious conditions are mysteriously healed overnight; and there are those among their ranks who are known to lay hands on another believer and that person is healed. New-Agers have these healing as well and have labeled those that can perform healing like the Christians, as healers.

Christians routinely channel the 'Holy Spirit', sometimes in small gatherings and other times during primary worship. Granted not all divisions or denominations believe this is of God. It happens in different ways too. One may be lifted to such heights that they are receptive to the Holy Spirit and begin speaking in tongues. This is the speaking of an unknown or unrecognized language, but is something the subconscious can understand. Sometimes there will be another person present that is open and receptive to the translation, and will then begin translating into English what was just said. This way, the consciousness of all present will hear the message from God. New-Agers have various methods of channeling as well, and yes, some also speak in tongues. It is said to be how Spirit moves and communicates as necessary. Sometimes, a trance state or altered state will be entered, and again, this is common the the Christians. During the opening 'Praise and Worship' session, one Christian tuned into the Holy Spirit in such a way that they completely blacked out into a trance. When the person finally opened their eyes, they were no longer standing up and church was over. They missed the entire 1-2 hour event. Afterward, many people made comment regarding the message that was delivered during the channeling. The person had no memory of any of it, even some 20 years afterwards.

Christians have their many denominations or categories, just like the New Age group. Each has a unique doctrine meant to uplift or enlighten those who adhere to their teachings. There are endless variations of Bible interpretations, and even have courses whereby devotees may continue their education. Thew New Age is full of the same degree of interpretations, courses, colleges, etc.

Christians may not realize it, but most likely the church they attend is really a corporate franchise - just like their favorite fast-feeder restaurant. The 'chain-churches' are this way, not necessarily the smaller one-off churches. It's definitely not a topic discussed in public either. These organizations are typically headquartered somewhere in the 'Bible-Belt' and have regional and corporate directors/overseers; the selection of real estate where the building is to be located is approved of or suggested by headquarters; the minister is as well; they have governing bylaws; a board of directors and shareholders, etc. The entire operation is a very well oiled machine, ensuring pipelines continue to flow of monies and doctrine. Just like corporations you're well familiar with, these also have their means of protecting their investment and profitability, employing lawyers, lobbyists or special interest groups, and yes... some even have enforcers or thugs.
From Sex Crimes and the Vatican
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The name on the door is leased, if you will. You can't just put up a sign that says Church of God, Assembly of God, Seventh Day Adventist, Masonic Lodge, etc., and think you can get away with it. Fast-food joints have the same exact framework and it's for the same purpose - Corporate Profits. Yes, the churches really are corporations and yes, the ones at the top enjoy the same luxuries as the exec's in the Big 3 - GM, Ford, and Chrysler! The New Age is by no means exempt from this process. Names are registered, trademarked; material is copyrighted and they won't think twice about suing you in court. Courses are designed to support the specific faith and keep you needing more and more; credentialing or certification is also offered and there are even colleges or 'ranches' where you can enroll to begin your education in secret teachings of the enlightened. You too can become a wise master as long as you stick to it. To the degree of using a franchise model, the established religions are far ahead of the New Age community, but the mindset of profit over all else is very prominent.

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Christians have their stones, figurines, images, and other symbols which are believed to hold power to help them in times of need or protection. The same is true with the New Agers. Go into any New Age bookstore and you'll find the same things, and yes, even items held sacred by Christians, such as images of Jesus.

Christians have their music, singing, and prayer and devotional time for their Lord. New Agers have music, singing, prayer and devotional time as well. Many consider this various forms of meditation, mantras, giving thanks, etc.

Christian sects also have their esoteric counterparts, but this isn't widely publicised or at least not widely recognized as such. The Jewish community has the Cabala; the Christians have groups like the Freemasons; the Muslim community has Sufism and the 5-Percent Nation. Even in Biblical times, there were groups such as the Essenes, who practiced a belief system not allowed or endorsed by the state. In the New Age community, there too are various degrees of esoteric material, from Alchemy to Manifestation to Transcendence. Mystery schools and secret brotherhoods all adhere to the same basic tenets and funnel students up the ladder. Each step of the way, more money is needed to ensure you stay on the right path. Books, books, and more books. And that too is sent up the chain until it reaches the groups or people at the top. You will find the corporate business structure here as well.

Christians are fundamentally divided against the rest of humanity (the secular world), as well as other denominations of believers. The New Age bookstores are evidence of the same belief in separation. For example, there are books to instruct you in how to take control of your ego and open up to your inner-child (which are dualistic names for the same thing). The Inner-Child is always viewed as the sensitive and loving part of you, while the ego/alter-ego are considered the dark or shadow self, and should be controlled or ignored. It's become the war between Light and Dark. Other forms of separation are the distinctions of the various aspects of ourselves, such as the subtle energetic fields (also called bodies). One is the Emotional, another is the Mental, another is the Spiritual, etc. We are broken up into pieces and taught to think of them individually or separate from the whole.

Christians are taught that when confronted with a challenging situation, it must be an attack from the Devil. One of the most effective tools is to rebuke the evil one in the name of Jesus. New Agers are taught to send the dark energy into the Light to be transmuted. Interestingly, many New Agers also rebuke in the name of Jesus, because it's been known to work. 

Christians gather or congregate in large halls, church auditoriums, school gymnasiums, classrooms, someone's home, etc. New Agers gather to here channelings and other teachings in like manner.

These are just a handful of examples. At any level one looks at the teachings, the lifestyles, etc., they are pretty much identical. One argument many Spiritualists or New Agers will present is that the 'Church' has manipulated and controlled people to their own gain since the beginning, even manipulating scriptures as deemed necessary. Whether they see it or not, the New Age community has been manipulated and controlled as well. It's just another 'market of opportunity' and has been saturated with teachings of instilling fear and division, as well as get-rich-quick schemes, multi-level marketing and other forms of business opportunities. The important point here is that the strings being pulled or the buttons being pushed, really aren't visible to the untrained eye. This goes back to our domestication/indoctrination process, making it very easy to prey on someone's insecurity, need for attention and approval, need to be successful, to be important, special, wanted, etc. 

In the end though, it's all necessary for our growth and we should be grateful for being here together and sharing our experiences in such a diverse environment as this.


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