Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spotlight - Nancy Lieder

Nancy became aware of her contactee status in 1993, and the potential for being a communicator of the Zeta message, in the midst of a full life with a family and a full time job. As a contactee, Nancy participated in the hybrid program, and met one of her hybrid children. In preparation for her communicator role, Nancy was given life form introductions and introduced to MJ12 at an early age. Nancy expends her retirement time and money on getting the ZetaTalk message out. Requests for interviews take top priority. She quit a professional job in California in 1999 to move to Wisconsin to walk the talk. Born in Wisconsin, Nancy returned to her grandparent's homestead, where she first met the Zetas in the woods as a young girl. There, she gardens, saves seed, raises chickens, and tries to be an example of how people should prepare for the coming changes. As the ZetaTalk message is threatening to the establishment, who fear the populace will panic, Nancy deals with a lot of flack.

ZetaTalk began on January 19, 1995 in Michael Lindemann’s ISCNI chat group. By late 1996 the Zetas were debating with astronomers on the sci.astro Usenet. On October 24, 1997 ZetaTalk was featured on the Strange Universe TV program. A script written by Nancy in 1997 to depict the Passage is being considered for development into a movie, with a companion documentary on ZetaTalk. A ZetaTalk book was produced in 1998, and the basic message remains the same. 

The inbound Planet X was sighted at the coordinates given by the Zetas in early 2001, imaged in infrared twice in January, 2002, tracked by CCD images in late 2002 to early 2003, and thereafter photographed by amateur astronomers around the world. That a middle aged woman with a high school degree, who does not even know which end of a telescope to look into, could pinpoint the RA and Dec of the brown dwarf, Planet X, is astonishing, and speaks to the validity of ZetaTalk. Due to the international interest in ZetaTalk, Nancy assists with providing translations into almost two dozen different languages available to the public. Due to the serious nature of the ZetaTalk message, the Troubled Times group was formed in 1996 to seek survival solution sets for the common man. Nancy functions as the web mistress of the huge Troubled Times site. A nonprofit, Troubled Times Inc, was incorporated in 1997. Nancy supports the nonprofit in an administrative capacity, has grown and gathering seed for the seed team she started in 1998, maintained a hydroponics and verimculture lab started in 2000, and assisted in the layout of the booklet offered by the nonprofit to the public in 2001.


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