Monday, January 26, 2009

Spotlight - Ian Xel Lungold

Welcome To The Evolution, by Ian Lungold
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Ian Xel Lungold (January 26, 1949 - November 16, 2005), was known as the quintessential starving artist. Bread, peanut butter, wine and art were his diet. Cheap wine. Good art. No sales, and a few "broke" friends.

In 1996, he made it to Scottsdale, Arizona, where, he bought his first book on the Maya, Maya Cosmos by Linda Shiele and David Friedle, because of the illustrations.

He began carving the Mayan symbols as pieces of jewelry. The symbols, as he carved them with his own hands, communicated in the same frequencies as the beam he had joined earlier. This was something brand new, and yet it felt so familiar. He was enchanted. With a novice's understanding of the Mayan calendar, he began carving all twenty Mayan sacred sun signs as astrological pendants. This took the lid off! By the time he was finished, he had downloaded information of patterns and numbers, memories of being Mayan and of being sent from the past as a Mayan to this time, to pick up the skills needed to broadly educate mankind about the importance of the Mayan calendar.

He created a conversion codex, which eventually got the attention of Dr. Carl Calleman. After meeting, they began working together, combining Ian's codex with Carl's research from The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.

Ian continued giving presentations around the world for several years until his passing.

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