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Montauk Revisited - Ch.27

Nazi Gold

It was mentioned in The Montauk Project that the entire operation was possibly financed through Nazi gold that found its way to Montauk after mysteriously disappearing from an allied troop train in Strausborg, France.

I was surprised to receive an anonymous newspaper article in the mail one day that indicated that there well could have been Nazi gold used to finance the Montauk Project. But before I elaborate on that, it is time to reveal a new character in the Montauk psychodrama. His name is Kenn Arthur.

I mentioned earlier that I met Preston, Duncan and Al Bielek all on the same evening. Kenn was also there, but he seemed out of place. Intuitively, I could immediately see that he served in the Navy, and he confirmed that. He had came to the Long Island Psychotronics Chapter to buy one of Preston’s psychotronic devices. I subsequently studied with him in another group, and he warned me point blank to stay away from the Psychotronics crowd. It was too dangerous. Kenn liked Preston and Duncan but it came to a point where he could no longer be around them. He thereafter has avoided the group like the plague.

As the months went by, I got to know Kenn well. I refer to him as a walking oracle because he relays esoteric information in the most ornamented and interesting fashion. He is a personal friend of Edgar Cayce’s family and studied at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) for years.

Kenn was extremely cynical about Preston’s story and would sometimes make up the most hysterical jokes about it. However, he would be the first to admit that he is obsessed with pessimism about anything. As time went by, I would make little discoveries that indicated that a project really did exist. He’d laugh it off in one way or another. Then, I told him about a video I saw that showed a radio device in the Montauk underground. It contained a coil wrapped around a large crystal. He didn’t comment on the crystal but said everyone knew about the Montauk underground. In fact, he used to buy radar equipment from the underground when he served in the Navy. He later told me details that indicated he had served in a top secret position.
I found this all very odd. He apparently had some connection to Montauk, but he wouldn’t talk about it. As time went by, the main thrust of his communication was that Preston’s story was an elaborate hallucination. He said that the true story is far more bizarre than anything Preston could possibly put together. He did acknowledge that Preston sincerely believed his own story.

Preston was amused by all of this and said it confirmed that Kenn had a connection to Montauk. But we were both frustrated. If Preston’s story isn’t the real one, what is? He could at least have the courtesy of telling us!

Then one day I received the newspaper article in the mail that I referred to earlier. It was entitled “Hunt for Nazi Booty” and was from The East Hampton Star of November 14, 1985. The article tells how New York State employed a treasure hunter by the name of Ovid Arnold of Varina (should actually be Fuquay – Varina), North Carolina to use a pendulum to detect precious metal located at Camp Hero (the Montauk base). The Nazis were believed to have buried at least $12 million in cash, diamonds and gold in 1945.

Under the watchful eye of the State Park Police, an eight food deep hole was dug where Mr. Arnold thought the treasure was buried. Officials from the state capital in Albany filmed and tape recorded the entire event.

Tom Tubbs, a spokesman for the Division of Land Utilization of the State Office of General Services was quoted as saying news of the dig was “leak proof, hush-hush to the point we didn’t tell anyone why they were going to be there”.

He also said the belief in the existence of the treasure was based on an old tale from 1945. According to the article, Tubbs relayed the following information.
“In 1945, the Nazis, convinced the Third Reich was about to fall, sent a U-boat to Montauk containing riches seized during the invasion of France with instructions to bury them underground inside twelve metal shell casings. The German sailors followed orders and buried the treasure at Camp Hero, with a large rock nearby to be sued as a landmark. After the war, the money and jewels were to be used for bribes, false passports and safe passage to the United States and South America for high officers of the Reich.”

According to the article, the submarine was sunk but several German sailors survived and told their story years later to the treasure hunters who wrote the Governor and obtained permission for the hunt. The entire booty was to be split between the State and the treasure hunters. Although the treasure hunters were unsuccessful on the
November 6th dig, they wanted to return in the spring.

The entire article could well be disinformation to cover up a very successful dig. It is also possible the dowser was used by the State so that they, or some other agency, could follow through on the initial dowsing and then find the actual treasure. There were certainly more technologically sophisticated devices than dowsers for finding lost treasure in 1985. It is also thought the amount, which was quite huge at the time, was far greater.

I asked The East Hampton Star for permission to reprint the entire article in this book. They knew about The Montauk Project book and expressly refused permission to reprint.

I faxed the entire article to Kenn Arthur and was surprised by his response. He said that I was finally getting close to the actual truth of what went on there. Again, he emphasized that it was more bizarre than I could ever imagine. He told me that the German sub captain came ashore and met with the US military authorities. A deal was cut with the military personnel, but the sub captain would have to go back for four additional runs and transfer more money.

Kenn believed only one run was made. The captain and other German sailors made their way ashore and settled on Long Island. He said many ended up owning barber shops on Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens. Kenn also said he knew the families well and grew up with the captain’s family. He couldn’t reveal any names but said they were very respectable people.

If one looks in various books covering that time period, different mentions are made of that incident and another one where four Nazis reportedly landed in 1942 and turned themselves in after taking the Long island Railroad to Manhattan. Most of the accounts are sketchy and offer contrary views. The incidents were filled with suspicion including complicity of J. Edgar Hoover and other top military and government officials. Some also believe that the entire operation was pulled off by the Thule Society of Germany. They engineered Hitler’s rise to power and were a splinter group that derived from the Ordo Novi Templi which in turn had derived itself from the Ordo Templi Orientis* which was associated with Aleister Crowley. For some reason, no matter which way we turn, this man keeps coming back into the picture.

* This information is according to The Occult Conspiracy, Secret Societies – Their Influence and Power in World History, by Michael Howard, Destiny Books, One Park Street, Rochester, Vermont, 05767. It should also be noted that the practices and principles of the above organizations are not considered to be in alignment with those of the O.T.O.

- pages 181-185

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