Monday, March 2, 2009

Montauk Revisited - InsideCover

In 1943, invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the “USS Eldridge” that resulted in full scale teleportation of the ship and crew. Popularly known as the “Philadelphia Experiment”, these events resulted in paranormal experiences and mental disablement for the majority of the sailors involved.

After World War II, a massive research project was undertaken to get to the bottom of the Philadelphia Experiment and thereby discover the functional secrets of the Unified Field Theory. The purely technological developments eventually resulted in today’s stealth aircraft. Additionally, a human factor study was conducted that was far more bizarre. While seeking to understand how human beings could survive in other dimensions, people were subjected to experiments whereby their minds were interfaced with radio waves and vacuum tube computers. Psychic abilities were monitored and eventually harnessed until time itself could be manipulated. The most extravagant of these experiments took place at the Montauk Air Force Station at Montauk Point, New York and have been popularized in the first of this series, “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time”.

Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity digs deeper into the mysteries of Montauk and offers countless stories and corroborations that show the project did actually exist. In a new twist to the story, powerful occult factors are discovered to lurk behind the entire scenario of the Montauk Project. An amazing search is undertaken which takes us far beyond the scope of the first book. The secrets uncovered eventually lead us to the very core of creation itself.

The stars await.

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