Monday, March 2, 2009

Montauk Revisited - Ch.14

Alien Treaties

I made a very interesting discovery in 1992 that broke ground for me in understanding how the electronic transistor was developed. This is one other story you won’t find in the typical “history of science” textbooks.

First, I will explain the legends of treaties between the Government and different alien groups. These treaties are referred to as legends because there are no copies to show you. I’m not even sure they exist. I can just tell you what I have heard through the grapevine from countless conversations. The pertinent point, and the other reason I would mention this, is that these legends will serve to help understand the nature of what has occurred with the development of the electronic transistor.

The first treaty between aliens and the US Government was supposedly signed in 1913. I don’t have any information on it other than it involved World War I.

The second treaty was signed somewhere around 1945 to 1947. This was supposed to be an alien technology exchange of some kind. Rumor indicated this exchange was with aliens that referred to themselves as the “K Group”.

The K Group had been alarmed b the dropping of the atom bomb and wanted the world to disarm from nuclear weapons. They apparently feared what mankind might do. There was an agreement that nuclear devices would be abandoned in return for other technology. Of course, this treaty was not adhered to by the humans and the K Group eventually abandoned us.

The third treaty happened when the Regelian grays came and contacted the Government. These grays said they could help us, but they wanted us to help them as well. They desired certain technology. According to what I’m told, this treaty was agreed upon sometime between 1951 and 1954. We are currently under this treaty although the grays have violated it from time to time.

I believe that alien contact was made in 1946 because of the document which you will see in page 132 entitled “The Surface Barrier Transistor”. Notice that it uses the term “crystal valves” in 1946. They were subsequently called the semi-conductor triodes. Finally, in 1948, these devices became known as transistors. This is where my discovery about the transistor begins.

- pages 125-126

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