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Montauk Revisited - Ch.18

Alien Technology Exchange and the Orion Connection

As the transistor industry developed, the Government continued to make atomic bombs and built up the nuclear arsenal. Eventually, the K Group showed up and they were understandably very upset. They wanted to know what was going on. The K Group was told by the Government that nuclear weapons were needed to keep the upper hand in the world situation. They wanted to have their cake and eat it, too. Atomic power and the alien technology exchange meant not only military domination of the world but superior electronic technology. The K Group was not pleased and left. Fortunately for us, they weren’t hostile.

The Government’s decisions in these matters is certainly open to criticism, however their choices had been complicated by the Roswell crash of 1947. There, the military had discovered human body parts in alien craft. This was not the K Group, but Truman was reported to be very upset. What were these “advanced beings” doing with human body parts?

The Roswell craft was studied, at least what was left of it. There were actually two crafts and one was somewhat intact. They learned what frequencies the aliens communicated at and also some of the alien language. Big radio transmitters were turned on and the military kept sending out the communication, “We want to talk to you.”

The next thing that happened was that the sightings became more numerous and crafts were seen flying about Washington. The aliens indicated a willingness to talk and there was a meeting. Truman wanted to know why they were picking up body parts. I believe the aliens gave an excuse. They might have said something to the effect that they were trying to clone a human.

An agreement was reached that included the technology exchange. The aliens had trouble with some of the equipment on their ships and they wanted to find someone in the galaxy would could produce equipment for them. This equipment primarily consisted of the Surface Barrier Transistor. The aliens would receive a cheap and effective labor source and the humans would get alien technology. That is the point in the story when the Regelian Greys appear in the plant.

The story I got from Joe Pitone was that the production of the SBTs would stop, start up again, stop and follow this sort of pattern.

Al Bielek worked at Singer HRV. He remembers them making some kind of weird electronic counter measure receiver that used the Surface Barrier Transistor. While he was there, Singer called up their supplier, the Sprage Company, to order some more SBTs. Suddenly, they were not available. What had happened?

Investigation showed that it was Sprage that actually had a major contract with the Government to sell the SBTs. This contract had been sub-contracted out to the E.T. Company. Sprage had been ordered to shut down the entire line. Not only could Singer not get their SBTs, the E.T. Company was not stuck with a half billion transistors that they had already produced for the purpose of Sprage’s government contract. They had unsalable merchandise on their hands and were told to scrap it. The E.T. Company wanted to be compensated for what they had produced and decided they could change the number on the SBTs and sell them under their own name. they were told by the Government that they couldn’t do that, and if they did, they would be held in treason.

The E.T. Company was understandably upset and negotiations continued. It was finally decided that Sprage would pay the E.T. Company for all costs to produce the transistors. They would then be destroyed or scrapped as per the Government’s direction. In a cabalistic turn-around, meetings were held at the E.T. Company. They surprisingly decided that the transistors would be shelved and put away for a rainy day. The Government would assume they had been destroyed.

The company eventually ended up in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That means the company is protected from its creditors so that it can reorganize its management and become viable. The company was renamed Orion Diversified and Joe remained as a key executive. The company has since emerged out of bankruptcy and is functioning as a government contractor once again.

I was introduced to Joe as the company was getting its act together. The SBTs were still in storage and Joe asked me to have a look at them. I took some home and asked Duncan to do a reading on them. He said that these transistors were key to bending time because of their esoteric properties. We would need about 150,000 of them.
According to Duncan’s reading, these were part and parcel of a time machine. I also discovered that the SBTs had healing properties that were even stronger than the Tachyon energy beads that are popular in Japan. These properties were demonstrated with kinesiological testing by Bernice Louie at a Long Island Psychotronics meeting.
I went back to Joe and told him I would like to have as many transistors as possible. These were still a hot item as far as the Government was concerned and he seemed anxious for me to have them. I worked for him in an engineering capacity for several weeks and we had agreed to work out some sort of barter arrangement. My time would compensate for the transistors.

Within a short time, a bushel of transistors were missing from his warehouse. What happened next continues an even stranger mystery. It is best not told by myself.

- pages 139-142

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