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Montauk Revisited - Introduction

Writing The Montauk Project was a most intriguing personal experience. There were more bizarre occurrences than I could hope to put on paper. Certainly among the most interesting have been those of working with Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron. As I am frequently asked questions about the nature of these two people, I will start by giving a quick overview on who they actually are.

Preston is a walking talking security risk as far as the intelligence community is concerned. There is now question in my own mind that he has been involved with secret government and intelligence projects. It is also obvious to anyone who knows him well that he has been schooled in information that is beyond the boundaries of higher learning. Preston remembers studying text books and information that is privy only to those in secret sectors of the military industrial complex. Though his only degree is a Bachelor’s in engineering, he estimates that he has obtained the equivalent of Ph.D.’s in physics, psychology, theology and engineering. His opinions are most definitely sought after by prominent people in the scientific community.

On the more personal side, there is a good sense of humor and a strong psychic streak in him which he plays down, even to himself. Preston is by nature a friendly person but experience has taught him to be extremely careful of whom he trusts.

For whatever reason, his experiences and life seem to foster constant intrigue. Sometimes I feel that he may be stirring much of it up himself. Other times it is clear that there is a deeper thread at work and there is a much bigger scenario of which he is just a part. Preston’s life is loaded with mystery, and I have only been exposed to a part of it. Although it is a delicate area for him, it is my hope that he will cooperate and do an autobiography in the near future.

If you think that Preston is a mystery to figure out, then go an try Duncan Cameron. He is one of the most curious human enigmas that I have ever been exposed to. Duncan is a very private individual yet can be extremely charismatic and sociable at times. While Preston speaks with scientific terms and references that are quite detailed yet out of the range of college text books, Duncan does the same with metaphysics. He speaks quite eloquently at times the access to an enormous amount of information that apparently comes from some mysterious source. Duncan says he has an I.Q. of about 100. This is hard to believe when you hear him speak. I think he would score poorly on such a test because while his is absolutely brilliant in some areas, in others he is untrained or simply not interested. It is my hope that Duncan will also do a book someday. Currently, he is a carpenter by profession and works with Preston on almost a daily basis probing various psychic phenomena. He very badly wants to clean up the bad effects from the Montauk Project and has said that he would like to someday sponsor a foundation that would help care for some of the victims.

I also believe that both Preston and Duncan have been subject to programming by the intelligence community. This is most obvious in Duncan but it would apply to anyone who had involvement with the Montauk Project. Preston has apparently broken the majority of the programming although there are some people who would disagree.
Have they travelled in time?

I’m not exactly sure but if I had to place a bet with an impartial judge, I’d say yes. If time is an illusion and all possibilities are happening in some universe, time travel can be taken for granted. It is my personal belief that we are moving into an era where the consciousness of time is reverting to what it was many eons ago. Duncan and Preston are simply pioneering the areas that most of us have left unexplored.

It is not fair to mention these without mentioning Duncan’s half brother, Al Bielek. He is not only a scientist and a metaphysician, but remembers being aboard the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment. If his experiences are not to be believed, his contacts in the intelligence community are noteworthy to say the least. Al is perhaps more dedicated to resolving the conspiracies behind the secret government than anyone I’ve met.

I don’t claim to have secret government contacts or to be a time traveler like Al or Duncan, but I have studied and dealt with implants for over twenty years. Implantation has everything to do with the nature of knowing exactly who you are and who might have caused you to think in ways that are not in your own interest. It is a vast subject and is right at the heart of the cosmic conspiracy. There have been many articles and shows about abductions and implantation, but most of the practitioners I’ve seen on television know very little of the entire scope. However, their efforts do seem to help the general public come to a better understanding of the subject.

Needless to say, implantation and making people forget is what the Montauk Project was all about. Had I not had extensive experience in this area, I do not believe that I would have been able to get close to Preston and write his story. As a matter of fact, after the book was out and doing well, he told me later that other writers had attempted to work with him. They would become frightened and depart as soon as they began to get an idea that his stories were indeed real.

When I first heard the Montauk story from Preston, I was intrigued because it had all the earmarks of being a real live implant station. I’d witnessed their effects and had dealt with them but had never met anyone who actually worked at one or knew the various technologies, with the exception of Hubbard. Preston had new information for me about how people are programmed and his insights are vast. Duncan and Al were both with Preston when I heard the initial story and they greatly contributed to my understanding. As I left them and rode home in an astonished state of mind, a thought suddenly ran through my mind: “So this is why I came to Long Island”. This was not a thought from my ordinary thought processes. I would later look back and realize that I had moved to Long Island a few weeks before the Montauk Project culminated on August 12, 1983. The strings of synchronicity were already at work in my personal life. Thus, you have a quick overview of how it became my destiny to become the scribe for the Montauk investigation.

In this book, we will attempt to satisfy some of the curiosity concerning The Montauk Project and also give a sane perspective on what this story is about, its relative truth and what are the implications of it all.

We will begin with a brief discussion of legends and how they apply to the truth. Next, I will give a chronicle of my actual experiences in writing about Montauk. This will not only give a different view on the whole affair but will corroborate some of Preston’s stories. Next, Preston will give an update on startling events that have occurred since The Montauk Project was published. I will then follow this up with yet further information that has come to us. The plot thickens…

- pages 15-19

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