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Montauk Revisited - Ch.16

The Surface Barrier Transistor

In 1984, I made my now famous excursions out to Montauk Point, taking apart various equipment and carting it off piece by piece. As I took things apart, I noticed an oddity. There were about 300 solid state transistors hooked up to the transmitter. This is surprising because solid state technology (which is what transistors are) does not lend itself well to the esoteric technologies with which I was familiar. (For those who are more technically minded, I will say that solid state technology does not lend itself well to the linear amplification of potential etheric technology. Based upon what I knew, I wouldn’t have expected any solid state devices to be placed in the analog path of the transmitter). I was familiar with vacuum tubes which are more common when dealing with matters of time and space. To this day, I still do not totally understand the entire setup they had out there.

I yanked out all the little transistor boards and took them home. At the lab, I carefully took the devices off, pulled them out of the mounts and looked at them with a magnifying glass. I recorded the number on the transistor and looked it up in my transistor manual. It said “Type SB”. Referring to the legend in the manual, I discovered that “SB” meant “Surface Barrier”. What in hell was a Surface barrier? I’d been around electronics a long time and had never heard of it. I was only able to turn up one paper on the Surface Barrier. It turned out to be fifty pages long – a very interesting widget indeed!

My next step was to try and find a Surface Barrier Transistor. I tried to find a Surface Barrier Transistor and called everybody under the sun but was not successful. Finally, I would discover the truth about this device. That occurred in 1992 when I received a call from a Dr. O (fictitious designation). He is a brilliant naturopath and is an expert with cures for AIDS through the use of ozone. He showed up at a Long Island Psychotronics meeting out of the blue and informed us all about the conspiracies concerning AIDS and the medical profession. This is an entire subject all to itself, but it is not the subject of this book. What is significant is that Dr. O invited me to meet a friend of his by the name of Joe Pitone (fictitious name). Joe is a senior executive at Orion Diversified Technologies and was quite friendly. Dr. O thought it would be good for Joe and I to meet each other as we could possibly help each other out.

I was subsequently escorted around the plant and saw a mountain of transistors, diodes and other electronic instruments. Lo and behold – I saw literally millions of Surface Barrier Transistors! I told Joe that I was interested in them as they involved esoteric technology and they would prove useful in my research. He said that we could possibly make some arrangement. I took home a sampling and put them on my tester. These were indeed Surface Barrier Transistors as per the manual.

As I was testing, Duncan walked in the lab and looked at the front page of the catalogue that I’d received from Joe. It said “E.T. Co.” He thought that I’d concocted some sort of joke and that “E.T.” was meant to stand for “Extraterrestrial”. I told him no, that is the name of a real company. Suddenly, I remembered what my friend Klark had told me about working for the E.T. Company. I called him immediately.

“Yes, that’s the name of the company I worked for.” Klark said.

All along, Klark had been giving me more information than the papers on the Surface Barrier Transistor revealed. He obviously knew more. This also validated his story that he had actually worked on them in the 1960’s. He basically analyzed them and tested them in the lab.

Klark also related stories from that era. He said that the company joke of the day was that “E.T.” stood for “Extra-Terrestrial”. I reminded him about the story of Herman Anapoly saying that aliens had worked on the transistors. Klark swore that Anapoly had indeed said this was true.

I asked Duncan to do a reading on the transistors and he said that they were the key to opening the time barrier. There was also free energy, sometimes referred to as Tachyon energy, in the transistors.

In addition to Duncan, I called Al Bielek in Phoenix and asked him to do a reading on the transistors. He hadn’t been told any information from the earlier reading. I was keeping things very quiet because I didn’t want to say anything until I could have the devices under my control. I was afraid some competitor might try to buy them all up.

Al indicated that the transistors went right back to the alien technology exchange. He said the original alien device was in a plastic package about a half an inch in diameter and had eight leads coming out of it. It consisted of six of these SBTs ganged together in one packet. His read said literally that the aliens had come to us because they were having reliability troubles with these things in their craft. The SBTs drove the levitation of the power crystal. Now, it all began to make sense. A spacecraft requires free energy and control of gravitational waves. If you’re dealing with these factors, you’ve literally got to have an opening into space and time. This is exactly where the SBT fit in.

It is also interesting to note that I was pronouncing Joe Pitone’s name incorrectly. When I had spoken to Klark, he corrected me on the pronunciation. This convinced me completely that Klark had worked at the E.T. Company and that he in fact knew Joe Pitone. Klark asked that I not mention him to Joe.

I went back to see Joe Pitone and said that I had a friend who worked for the E.T. Company quite some time ago. I told him the story about the initials of “E.T.” standing for “Extra-Terrestrial”. I asked if it were true and he got almost bug-eyed. He was silent and bug-eyed for about a minute. I knew then that I’d struck a nerve. He finally admitted that it had been a major rumor. He said that he didn’t know if it was true.

About two hours later I went to him again and said, “Come on, Joe, tell me. Is the alien involvement in E.T. Company true?”

He said, “Yes, it is, Preston”.

- pages 129-134

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