Monday, March 2, 2009

Montauk Revisited - TOC

Inside Cover
Back Cover



Part 1
One –
Legend and Mythology
Two –
Montauk Chronicle
Three – Montauk, The Proof
Four – Montauk, The Occult and Thorn E.M. I.
Five – The Cameron Clan
Six – The Wilson Clan
Seven – Magick and Psychotronics
Eight – Mister X

Part 2
Nine – The Montauk Boys
Ten – Stan Campbell, CIA Applicant
Eleven – The Devil’s Chapter
Twelve – Stan Goes to Jail
Thirteen – Stan is Silenced
Fourteen –
Alien Treaties
Fifteen – The Legend Behind the Transistor
Sixteen –
The Surface Barrier Transistor
Seventeen –
History of the Electronic Transistor
Eighteen –
Alien Technology Exchange and the Orion Connection

Part 3
Nineteen –
Orion Comes Alive
Twenty – Montauk Comes Alive
Twenty-One – A Visit to Von Neumann
Twenty-Two – A Visit to Klark
Twenty-Three – A Visit with Helga Morrow
Twenty-Four – The Norfolk Triplets
Twenty-Five – The Investigation Continues
Twenty-Six – Hauntings at Montauk
Twenty-Seven –
Nazi Gold
Twenty-Eight – Catacombs of Montauk
Twenty-Nine – Madame X
Thirty - The Babalon Working
Thirty-One – Crowley Chronicle
Thirty-Two – Crowley Rising
Thirty-Three – The Wilson Moon Children

Appendix A –
L. Ron Hubbard
Appendix B –
Aleister Crowley
Appendix C – The Shelleys
Appendix D – Cameron
Appendix E – Jack Parsons

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