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Work and Capital - TOC

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The Problem: Capitalism (Total Division)
1. We Live in the Worst Possible Society
2. The Human Being has Organized a Schizophrenic Society
3. The Capitalist Approach to Economy and Freudian Approach to Psychology Are the Two Most Alienating Concepts Today
4. Socio-Economic Power Is the Major Cause of Human Suffering
5. Capitalism as the Principal Evil of Modern Society
6. Capitalism Destroys the Individual, the Nation, and Civilization
7. Capitalism Has Weakened the Economy, the Health and the Life of Humankind
8. Capitalism Has Become a System of Legalized Robbery
9. Depression, Inflation, Deficit, Surplus and Foreign Debt Are Merely Symptoms of a Profoundly Sick Socio-Economic Structure
10. The People Are Not Economically Well Off Because They Are Exploited
11. The Job Structure Is the Principle Cause of Human Alienation
12. The Desire for Immediate profit Caused Consumerism, Which Is Destroying Real Economy
13. Capitalism Has Created a Very Limited Labour Market
14. The Socio-Economic Structure Is the Major Cause of the Human Being’s Alienation
15. Poverty Is Caused Only by the Very Rich Through Their Usurping of the Common Good
16. Human Endeavour Today, Aimed Solely at Monetary Gain, Has Brought Generalized Mediocracy
17. The Process of Speculation Inevitably Leads Any Nation to Ruin
18. The Creation of the System of Usury is Responsible for Today’s Noxious System of Banking
19. The Fundamental Cause of Today’s Economic Problems Is the Megalomania of the Economists and the Powerful
20. The Economists Complicate the Most Easily Understood Science
21. Without Trilogical Vision the Economist Organizes and Erroneous Economic System
22. The World’s Whole Economic financial System Is In Ruins
23. The Crash of the Stock Market Is Merely a Symptom of the Severe Sickness of the Economy
24. The American Philosophy of Life Based on Profit has Made This Nation Non-viable
25. Capitalism, Being Wrong, Cannot Last
26. The American and Soviet Socio-Economic Systems Clash because Their Goals Are Similar
27. Karl Marx Denounced Capital for the Individual and Transferred it to the State
28. The United States is an Example of the Terrible Consequences of Capitalism
29. The United States Is Being Destroyed by the Capitalist System It Adopted
30. Reaganomic Policy Has Brought Only Apparent Progress to the United States
31. The North American Civilization Is Collapsing for Lack of Genuine Bases
32. The Americans Can Destroy Humanity Without using Their Deadly Weapons
33. The End of American Civilization marks the Final Downfall of the Capitalist System

The Dialectic: Work and Capital (A Complimentary Pair)
1. The Capitalist System, a Cherished illusion of the Twentieth Century
2. The Decay of the United States Shows How a Mistaken Philosophical System Can Destroy a Nation
3. The Error Does Not Lie in Capital as Such, But in the Way It Is Organized
4. The Mistake of Capitalism Is To Put Capital Before Work
5. The Two Great Plagues of Present Society Are Capitalism (American) and Socialism (European)
6. The Fact the Soviet Union Is the Second World Power Shows That Capitalism Does Not Work As Well As Is Imagined
7. Marxist Economics Are Closer to Reality, But Their Politics Are Further Away
8. We Must Understand the Genius of Karl Marx in order to preserve His Incredible Contribution to Humanity
9. With Some Corrections, Marxism Would Be Within a Democratic System
10. The Cause of Human impoverishment Is in the Dishonesty of the Economically Powerful
11. Money Cannot Go On Producing; Indefinitely; Only Work Can Generate Wealth
12. The Economy Will Not Develop Correctly Until It Is Based on Reality
13. The Economy Can Only Be Called Successful If it promotes Human Values
14. The Economy of a Country Is Not Determined by the Economist, But by the True Economic Situation
15. The Cause of Poverty is the Envy Both of the Oppressor and of the Oppressed
16. Because of the present Ascendancy of the Economic System, Political Democracy Is Being Destroyed
17. To Be
, Or To Be , Are Equally Injurious to the Human Being
18. The Fundamental Cause of Human Problems is laziness
19. Sick Individuals Resemble Demons in Their Opposition to Action
20. If Work Has Ceased To Be Attractive It Is Because It Has Been Debased in Its Purpose
21. People Reject Present-Day Work Also Because it Is Against Their Nature
22. Humanity Is Being Supported by Those It Most Despises: The Workers
23. It Is Vitally Important to Become Aware That the Greatest problem of Humanity Lies in the Corrupt Socio-Economic Structure
24. The Social Pact has Generally Been organized by People or Groups Against the True Interest of the People
25. Change Society First: Only Then Will It Be Possible to Change the Human Being
26. A Truly New Discovery Cannot Be Totally in Disagreement with Previous Discoveries
27. Just as We Are Responsible for the Problems of Humanity, So We Are Also Responsible for their Solution
28. Trilogical Enterprises Can Save the Economic Life of the People
29. The Purpose of Trilogical Enterprise Is To Correct the Sociopathology of Humanity
30. The Value of (Trilogical) Enterprises Comes from Work, Which Is the Source of All Wealth
31. The Greater the Number of Members in a Trilogical Enterprise, the Greater its Competitivity and Wealth
32. The Trilogical Enterprise Is the Greatest Source of Conscientization, Correcting Psychopathology and the Structures That Produce It
33. The Trilogical residence Constitutes the Basic Social Therapy needed To Form a truly Human Society

The Solution: Conscientization and Action (Unification)
1. Stock Market Crashes Are Important Warning Signs that the Economy Is on the Wrong Course
2. The 1929 Crisis Began With Adam Smith, But Is Still Capable of Resolution Through Conscientization
3. The Conscientization of the Errors of Capitalism, and of Socialism, Is basic to the Organization of a New Economy
4. How to Avoid Economic Decadence in the Other nations Allied to the United States
5. All Nations Must Become Aware of Sociopathology If They Are to Solve the Great Human Problem
6. The Source of Conscience Is Correct, Real and Aesthetic Action
7. We Must Awaken People’s Awareness Before They Can Transform Society
8. Only After Conscientizing Reality Is It Possible to Percveive One’s Own Errors and Defects
9. Only by the Conscientization of Its Errors Will the Economic System Be Able to Escape Disaster
10. The Most Important Social Conscientization will Come About by the Unification of Work and Study
11. The Personality of the Human Being Is Formed Principally by the Social Environment in Its Aspect of Action
12. Only by the Conscientization that Comes through Work (Correct and True) is It Possible to Help People To Avoid Being Exploited
13. Material Wealth Is Scarce, But that of Work Is Almost Limitless
14. Action (Correct, Real and Aesthetic) Is Fundamental to All and Any Human and Social Development
15. Evil Will Be Eliminated Through the Conscientization that Follows from Action
16. A High Level of Productivity Is the base of the Economic and Cultural Wealth of A People
17. Sophisticated Work Must Be the Basis of the Economy of the Future
18. The Third Economic Phase of Humanity Will Be Based on the Wealth Generated by Qualitative Work
19. Liberty Is Not As Simple As It Seems, for We Are Not Free To Do Evil
20. Only True Liberty (To Do Good) Can Increase the Wealth of the Human Being
21. The Failure of the American Challenge means that the True Challenger for Development Is Now Europe
22. Awareness of Its Errors Will Unite Humanity, beginning with Europe, Which Is the Basis of Civilization
23. After the Renaissance, the Real Birth of Humanity Will begin, If Europe Conscientizes Its Errors and Its Values
24. Unification Could Resolve All Human Problems
25. Conscientization of the Evils of Isolationism Is the Only Way for a Country to Return to Development
26. Only Europe Will Be Able to Unify the World through Conscientization
27. Only a Universal Civilization Such As Europe Will Be Able to Bring About the Trilogical Revolution in a Form Definitive for Humanity
28. We Must Return to the Unity Which Exists Among All Things, Because It Is The Source of Existence
29. The World of Economics, and the Spiritual World, Form Two Aspects of the Same Universe in Which We Live
30. All People Should Rejoice, for We Are Entering the Most Marvellous Period of Human History
31. Humanity Will Reach the Apogee Foreseen by Its Creator, Because Good Is More Powerful Than Evil
32. Awareness of the New Science of Sociopathology Is the First Step Towards Resolving All Social and Mental Problems
33. Conscientization Based on a True Dialectic Has Brought Us to a Universal

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