Sunday, November 9, 2008

Excerpt - End of Destruction

"We thus have reason to expect that Night 5 in the Galactic Underworld, essentially the Gregorian year 2008, will turn out to be a very difficult time.
"Although the destruction taking place during the 5th Night serves to create the space for the new flower to blossom at the beginning of the 6th Day, the rule of Tezcatlipoca in the Galactic Underworld is a period for which it would seem wise to be prepared. Just looking at the Galactic Underworld from the perspective of economics, we can expect that increasingly the Nights will be downturns, while the Days may be times when the 'new economy' is slightly more prosperous. The beginning of the 5th Night, as with the collapse of the Roman economy in the National Underworld and the Great Depression in the Planetary Underworld, will be a major downturn. This will mean not only a major downturn in the capitalist economy, as was the case already in the 2nd Night of the Galactic Underworld, but more like a total collapse of the international monetary system and the beginning of the end of quantitative abstraction of values mediated by the left brain.
"The rule of Tezcatlipoca (5th Night) always means a last destructive attempt of the forces seeking a return to the rule of the previously dominating Underworld... By analogy, we can expect that the rule of Tezcatlipoca in the Galactic Underworld will mean a last violent assault by the forces seeking a return to the materialist values of the Planetary Underworld. Also in this Underworld the struggle of Night 5 will probably have central Europe as its focus." - page 156-157

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