Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Physical Being vs. Spiritual Being

"Anyone taking up the use of this calendar is thus a participant in a pioneering exploration. To use the tzolkin means for modern people to reconnect with the process of cosmic creation, the source of our existence. The tzolkin can help us become aware of the changing energies dominating different time periods and allow us to be supported by them." - page 236

"In the modern world, by far the most common birthday to celebrate is that based on the seasonal year [of the Gregorian calendar]... Celebrating one's birthday in the physical year obviously correlates with a view of the human being as primarily a component in a physical universe, rather  than a spirit that incarnates in a Universe of Holy Time... This way of celebrating birthdays implies a totally different view of what it means to be a human being. Celebrating birthdays in spiritually based time, in the tun or the tzolkin cycles, implies that one sees human beings primarily as spiritual beings. And because it is the energies of the consciousness cycles that make this creation evolve, it may be of greater interest to know when one was born in the context of evolutionary spiritual time than in the context of endlessly repeating astronomical cycles." - page 237-239

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