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Jews - The Chosen Ones - Pt.4

‘The Bible was written later by scribes who retraced the history of these people, distorting it, as legend became mixed with reality.

‘I can affirm for you that the Adam of the Bible was, not only, not the first man on Earth, far from it, but he was called Robanan and he didn’t have a wife called Eve but two wives named Levia and Dina. The race of Jews developed from these three, without mixing with other races because, by atavism1, they felt themselves superior - and indeed they were.

‘However, I must assure you that the (original) Bible is not the product of the scribes’ imagination - nor is it embellished. There was much truth in it. I say ‘was’ because in the various councils of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bible has been greatly revised, for reasons which are clear: to serve the needs of Christianity. This is why I said yesterday, that religions are one of the curses of Earth. I must also enlighten you in regard to several other biblical points.

‘Shortly after the arrival of the Hebrews on Earth, we helped them on several occasions. We also punished them. For example, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by one of our space vehicles. The people of those two towns were presenting a bad example and acting dangerously for the people in contact with them. We tried various means in an endeavour to put them back on the right track, but in vain. We had to be ruthless...

‘Why not save them in the beginning and take them back to their planet or to another of the same category?’

‘That is, of course, a reasonable question, Michel, but there is a snag. We can’t predict the future more than 100 years in advance. We thought, at the time, that, being such a small group, they might not survive and, if they did, they would mix with other races and thus be absorbed by other peoples and rendered ‘impure’. We guessed that this would occur within a century - but such was not the case. Even now, as you know, the race is still almost as pure as it was 12 000 years ago...

‘Thus we guided and helped the Jews, for it would have been a shame to let a race so spiritually evolved sink back into ignorance and savagery only because it had accidentally committed the error of coming to a planet which was not appropriate for it. We helped them in the centuries that followed and it is this that certain scribes have tried to explain by writing the accounts that have formed the Bible. Often they were in good faith; at times, they have distorted the facts, although not purposely.

‘The only times this distortion was purposely done, and for very specific reasons, as I have said, was by the Roman Church during the councils of Nicein AD 325, Constantinople in AD 381, Ephese in AD 431 and Chalcedoine in AD 451. There were others too, but of lesser significance. The Bible is not the Book of God, as many people on Earth believe it to be; it is simply a document of ancient history much modified and full of embellishments, added by writers different from the original scribes. For example, let’s go back to Egypt and the time of the Exodus, which interests people on Earth. I’m going to restore the truth concerning this, for you and for others, before going further.

‘Let’s go back, then, to Egypt, where we find that the descendants of the cosmonauts have become the Hebrew people (the name deriving from that of their planet, Hebra). Since arriving accidentally on your planet, this race has experienced great difficulties - it experienced them then and it experiences them still.

‘As you know, the Jews are very intelligent by comparison with other races; they have a religion which is quite different; and they don’t mix with other races. Marriages are almost always among their own kind. Because of inexorable Universal Law, they have always suffered persecution, much of which has occurred in recent times. As a result, their astral bodies were liberated and therefore able to proceed directly to more highly evolved planets where they belong.

‘As you also know, a group of Hebrews travelled with Joseph, son of Jacob, into Egypt, where they established a line, only to end up being hated by the Egyptians and always for the same unstated reasons - their intelligence and, particularly, their solidarity in the face of adversity... - pages  131-135

- Thiaoouba Prophecy, by Michel Desmarquet

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