Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Stress - Pt.1

"What, then, is stress? It is not really a product of modern life... Stress is a product of the modern mind and reflects the conflicting influences on the individual of two different frames of consciousness linked to two different Underworlds. As the consciousness of the Galactic Underworld made itself felt to a low degree around 1947, and then much more markedly as it actually began in 1999, the high-frequency spiritual pulses of light started to be transmitted to the right-brain hemisphere. In unknowing people the influence of these pulses created a conflict with the already dominating materialist values of the Planetary Underworld. This resulted in an experience of stress, which sometimes has physiological consequences.... The conflict between the rapidly developing higher consciousness of the Galactic Underworld and the society around us, which seems to be dominated by the values of the Planetary Underworld, can now easily lead to a state of paralysis. Burnout is also a sign that many people (subconsciously) now desire to transcend the consciousness of the Planetary Underworld. The body seems to be telling the individual that it is not being aligned with the divine plan and refuses to go on. Those afflicted are not lazy, but rather the compassionate - individuals who cannot shield themselves from the effects of the high-frequency pulses of the new Underworld. For many the burnout condition may be a wake-up call, an initial deterioration resulting from incoming healing energies, that leads them to explore the spiritual dimensions of reality." - page 169-170
"It is likely that the Galactic Underworld will intensify the turmoil of relationships. the rapidly shifting energies between days and nights every tun of the Galactic Underworld are likely to shake all relationships strongly, and many of those that are based on dominance can be expected to break up. again, as in the case of burnout, it will be those who are the most sensitive to the incoming new light who will be first to be affected." - page 181

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