Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Personal Missions

"Another aspect of the climb of the Cosmic Pyramid is forging a path of action in service to the enlightenment of humanity. Love and wholeness require including everyone and jointly working with others toward this goal. The Mayan calendar means there is an overall purpose to the cosmic time plan, and so we all potentially have missions, paths of action, in service to the rest of humanity. Although not everyone will necessarily have a specific God-given individual mission to accomplish in his or her life, it is always possible to create one in service to the cosmic plan, once you feel confident about its purpose. Such a path of action, however, needs to be developed within true time frames for its realization, which can only be provided by the Mayan calendar. Many projects have a kind of cosmic urgency that is not apparent in the absence of the perspective provided by the calendar. Your path of action may be crucial not only for your own climb of the cosmic pyramid, but also for others wanting to do the same. The latter's success will enhance the chances of your own." - page 186-187

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