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Excerpt - Planetary Round of Light - Pt.1

"The nine different Underworlds that form the cosmic pyramid of consciousness have now been presented. Nothing has yet implied, however, that this cosmic pyramid can lead humanity to the state of enlightenment. There is one more very important principle to be introduced into the overall picture of the calendrical system of the Maya: the Planetary Round of Light.

"This principle says that each of the Nine Underworlds is dominated by a specific yin/yang (darkness/light) polarity and that these polarities vary among Underworlds according to a certain pattern. The cosmic plan must include such a pattern to be able to lead humanity on the path toward enlightenment. The underlying reason for the existence of these shifting polarities is obviously that if all Nine Underworlds favored a specific hemisphere, events in the world would have gone out of balance a long time ago. To counteract this, the Planetary Round of Light serves to balance the effects of the various Underworlds. This is the fundamental reason that even if a Fall is still affecting us, there is also a possible path out of this to a glorious future, as has been promised in many religious and spiritual traditions.

"What all previous attempts to understand the Mayan calendar have had in common is a failure to recognize that this calendar system describes the evolution of consciousness in nine different Underworlds [cycles]. Through comparisons among the energies of the Thirteen Heavens [7 Days + 6 Nights] in these Underworlds, we can learn something about these energies; it is only the Nine Underworlds taken together that make the Mayan calendar a prophetic guide on the path toward enlightenment. The Mayan calendar encompasses all of creation, built by Nine Underworlds.

"... As the nine-story pyramid is climbed, the yin/yang polarity turns 90 degrees counter-clockwise with every new level of consciousness... Thus, with every new Underworld a new yin/yang polarity is added to the already existing ones as the line of separation generated by the World Tree shifts 90 degrees.

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"Because the brains and minds of human beings are in holographic resonance with the earth, as the cosmic pyramid is ascended, their resulting frames of consciousness will be dominated by the corresponding yin/yang polarities.

"Some of these yin/yang polarities create a separation between the functioning of the brain hemispheres of human beings and so create a dualist mind (reality is perceived through a dualist filter), whereas other polarities create a unitary mind (reality is perceived as unitary). The dualist Underworlds may filter out either the aspects of reality perceived by the Western/left-brained hemisphere or those perceived by the Eastern/right-brain hemisphere. When it comes to the unitary Underworlds, some of these blindfold human beings, whereas others make them enlightened."

"The beginning of the National Underworld amounted to the Fall and the emergence of a dualist consciousness that laid the foundation for the modern mind. The human qualities associated with the right-brain hemisphere were filtered out and repressed, and the modern mind was created. People came to be valued differently; women, children, and manual workers, as well as animals, were downgraded and relegated to the yin (darkness)0 field of perception in this frame of consciousness. Yet humans were still "semi-enlightened," and as their inner vision could see at least half the light, they retained a belief in a spiritual reality. Nevertheless, the living contact with the divine was gradually lost, and the spirituality turned into religion. More and more the Western/left-brain hemisphere was favored, as were its expressions - science, Protestant Christianity, and capitalism.

"With the next level, the Planetary Underworld, humans acquired, unbeknownst to themselves, a consciousness that was at the same time unitary and blindfolded. Because it was blindfolded, humans could no longer see divine reality, and as a result strong agnostic and atheist tendencies developed. Human existence focused on production and consumption and struggles over the material gains of industry. Within this frame of consciousness only the material aspects of reality were visible to humans; if religion did not disappear altogether it was reduced to little more than formal ritual. The frame of consciousness carried by this Underworld, however, was also unitary, and so some of the most extreme expressions of the tendency to make distinctions between people began to moderate. (The basic hierarchical structure remained, but a measure of equality emerged, because the blindfolded consciousness no longer projected inequality.) Thus, in the mid-eighteenth century, women first emerged as a political force and the special needs of children were acknowledged. Democracy emerged, slavery was outlawed in Europe, and power and wealth based on inherited privilege began to disappear. For the first time in human history peace, although rarely practiced, became an ideal.

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