Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Freedom of Choice - Pt.2

"In this process of making choices, there is also an interaction between our individual paths and the collective path. Because cosmos can only evolve step by step, the same is also true for ourselves, and so there are things that might be called "time locks." Time locks conceal aspects of our paths until a new calendrical energy allows them to be expressed and creates a new element in our life's path. If we did not have such time locks, we might follow the divine impulses too quickly and only run into a wall. There are crucial points in time defined by the Mayan calendar when portals to a wider consciousness may open for a given individual. As much as we may learn from the Mayan calendar, some aspects of our paths are still likely to remain hidden from most of us - locked up in a secret compartment - until new energies bring them out into the open... Those who make such a choice are not necessarily "better" or more valuable than the others. They are just the ones who make this choice.

"Yet it may be said that those who do choose to make the climb toward the enlightened state are the more loving individuals, whereas those who choose to maintain duality and dominance, with their many adverse effects, may be too sealed off from the cosmic energies to be able to align with them. Those who decide to climb the pyramid can be expected to want to include as many others as possible simply out of love. Whether this world will end up in a paradise or a catastrophe will not depend on the design of the cosmic plan, but on how many choose to make the climb.

"The role of free will is thus both greater and smaller than previously thought. On the one hand, we have no say regarding the existence of the cosmic energies of time in the first place. Thus, we are not free to create the collective destiny of humanity, which is instead charted by the cosmic plan. This, incidentally, also means there is no such thing as the so-called Hundredth Monkey Effect. Human beings do not create morphogenic fields - the World Tree and the World Mountain do! On the other hand, we do seem to have free will in deciding whether our choice in this regard is predetermined or that there are any "chosen ones." Nor would it matter what religion we believe in.

"Yet there will be differences, within limits, between how rapidly individuals climb the pyramid. Some will reach the top before others. Because the whole cosmos needs to be prepared stepwise and made ready in accordance with the cosmic plan, we must also expect ups and downs until the collective process is complete. There is nothing we can do to change this time schedule and have the whole universe arrive at a paradisiacal state today; at least as a collective, we are subordinated to it. Also, since the plan is perfect as it is, all its steps require time, and none of them can be jumped over. But even if we choose the cosmic plan and enter the cosmic time flow through the proper use of the Mayan calendar, this is not by itself a guarantee that we will attain the enlightened state. For this to happen, we need to develop individual strategies for attaining it." - page 190-192 

- Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

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