Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - The Oneness Celebration

"The sun was always revered by the Maya, as well as by all ancient peoples, who felt a deep kinship with the source of life. The sun has been a symbol and expression of unconditional divine love for as long as humankind has inhabited this planet, always providing it with light and warmth and never asking for anything in return. The sun has apparently also relayed cosmic and galactic information, conditioning the evolution of consciousness of all things living in the solar system. As we approach an age of light, the solar age of 13 Ahau, we might wonder what this will mean to our relationship to the sun...”

"As we are now approaching the enlightened consciousness of the Universal Underworld, our apprehension of reality is changing, and this will include how we view the sun. It is not that the sun, after having been seen as a physical object for centuries, will now come alive as a deity. Rather the consciousness of human beings will change in such a way that everything material will again also be recognized as spiritual. In a sense we will remember our pre-Fall, enlightened consciousness and return to the Garden of Eden. All objects and phenomena will be seen as expressions of the living divine force that pervades the cosmos of which we ourselves are a part. At a much deeper level than is currently the case, the cosmos will be recognized as an expression of the Divine. As all filters that have blocked our vision disappear, as the Universal Underworld draws to a close and all of creation becomes permanently dominated by the energy of 13 Ahau, 13 Light, 13 Lord, or 13 Sun, the cosmos will truly be experienced as alive.

"This final transformation of the human mind into a mind of light is heralded by an astronomical event that no person currently alive has previously witnessed, a so-called Venus transit or Venus passage across the surface of the sun... During this seven-hour-long passage of the planet Venus across the disk of the sun, the sun will serve as a cosmic mirror for humanity. This is an ideal occasion, scheduled by the divine plan, for us to unify in meditation with a focus on the enlightenment of humanity and the transition to the Mayan calendar. It will be a celebration of the spiritual oneness of humanity: the Oneness Celebration.

"This event takes place two days after the midpoint of the Third Night of the Galactic Underworld (4 Ahau, Jun 6, 2004). It heralds the return of the invisible World Tree, the first clear manifestations of which will be evident in its Fourth Day. This Venus transit is an occasion for the collective consciousness of humanity to integrate our fundamental spiritual oneness and the insight that we are now on a path toward enlightenment, where the cosmic plan is designed to lead us. This return to the Underworld by Quetzalcoatl, traditionally the deity credited with inventing the calendar, also means a return of the traditional Mayan calendar, the most exact and advanced expression of cosmology of ancient Native America. A part of our collective knowledge will be recreated that will serve as guidance to make the global cultural whole. People from around the world, regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality, will participate in this event.

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"A meditation of the occasion of the Venus transit could take the form of a Gaia meditation. What this means is that you may imagine your own head inside of, or actually becoming, the inner core of the earth... so that your left-brain hemisphere corresponds to the Western Hemisphere and the right-brain hemisphere to the Eastern. In this way you will be fully exposed to the global creation field organized by the World Tree and my in a meditative state develop a resonance with it...

"The most powerful way of breaking the cultural trance of the materialist calendars is to mark important energy shifts in the Mayan calendar by powerful ceremonies or globally synchronized meditations... beginning on the day 4 Ahau - June 6, 2004 - and continue every 180 days, this would contribute immensely to humanity attaining the enlightened state. A breakthrough on a global scale of the rhythm of the Mayan calendar will by itself serve as guidance into the future... Through the Venus transits, the cosmos is issuing an invitation to everyone on the planet to participate in the creation of a collective mind of unity and so prepare us for the attainment of the timeless cosmic consciousness.

"Because it is a calendar of the spiritual cosmic flow, the Mayan calendar is fundamentally one of resonance with the divine plan. For those seeking wholeness, the calendar shift, the Venus transition to the Mayan calendar, is about intuitively accessing the energy changes inherent in the cosmic time plan. Organizing and participating in such meditations will contribute to the emergence of a field of intuition and telepathy among human beings...

"To follow, both individually and as a species, the divine tun-based calendar system, as once did the classical Maya, is a means of focusing on our destiny of enlightenment, and as a by-product of enlightenment, on peace. Inasmuch as the Mayan calendar points to the path toward enlightenment, it is also a calendar of peace." - pages 208-214

- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

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