Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Planetary Round of Light - Pt.2

"With the recent beginning of the Galactic Underworld, humankind is now gradually acquiring a frame of consciousness that favors the Eastern/right-brain hemisphere. We can expect that this will create a balance between East and West, as well as between the right and left-brain hemispheres. The four-century dominance of the world by the Western/left-brain hemisphere brought about by the 13th Heaven of the National Underworld will come to an end. Yet since the emerging Underworld carries a dualist consciousness, there is no reason to be surprised that it has initially caused a dramatic increase in hostilities between East and West. This is also a "semi-enlightened" frame of consciousness, meaning that the spiritual aspects of reality will once again be recognized. The imposition of this frame means a change that will affect all aspects of our existence. Women, who have somewhat better communication between their brain hemispheres (which is to some extent shared by homosexual men), will in many ways be the first to integrate these new ways of perceiving reality.

"With the Universal Underworld, humankind will finally attain a consciousness that is both unitary and enlightened, based on the balance created by the lower Underworlds (if you superimpose the four yin/yang polarities of the Regional through Galactic Underworlds on one another, they balance out). The Universal Underworld means adding one enlightening yin/yang polarity on top of all the lower frames that have already been evened out. This will mean a lasting peace, both on the outer and the inner planes. It will also mean an end to the separation between humans and the divine and the attainment of an enlightened state that cannot be reversed. This is the paradise at the end of time that has been prophesied in many religions. Because the World Tree, the wave generator of energies, will no longer create a perceived division line between the hemispheres, history - as well as our experience of time itself - will come to an end.

"What it means to be a human being differs widely from one Underworld to another, because human nature is profoundly influenced by their alternating cosmic energies and yin/yang polarities. These yin/yang polarities determine our frames of consciousness that provide the very filters through which we perceive reality. To talk about human nature as something fixed truly lacks a basis in reality. Nor can human evolution be explained simply by superficial changes in thinking. Differences in consciousness between people living in different Underworlds are real, and this is also why we should avoid being judgmental about history. the shifting of yin/yang polarities explains why the ancients could see things that we can no longer see, and explains why we now have something to learn from the Mayan calendar..."

"As we climb to a higher Underworld on the cosmic pyramid, our frame of consciousness is transformed. The path toward enlightenment is, then, the transformation entailed by the climb to the highest consciousness of the Universal Underworld. The Mayan calendar system allows us to give a precise meaning to enlightenment, which is a timeless cosmic consciousness in which our experience of reality is not dominated by a yin/yang polarity that generates outer or inner conflicts. It is the purpose of the Universal Underworld, and thus of this whole creation, to develop an enlightened consciousness. For this transformation process the Mayan calendar is an invaluable map of time describing the changing spiritual terrains and perceptions of reality, a map of our ascension to the highest level of consciousness. Those who have set enlightenment as the focus of their path will find this map invaluable.

"In Native American legends, yin/yang polarities were commonly symbolized by pairs of brothers or twins. For instance, the twins Hunahpu/Xbalanque among the Maya, and Quetzalcoatl/Tezcatlipoca among the Aztecs, symbolized the polarity between yang and yin. Similarly, in the Hopi Prophecy it is said that the Elder Brother of Light, the True White Brother, will return from the East to help his younger brother purify the West. This sounds exactly like a description of the particular yin/yang polarity that is now emerging with the Galactic Underworld. This new light from the East will lead the world away from the present state of Koyaanisqatsi, imbalance, to one nation under one power, the Creator. To signal the change, a dancing kachina will remove his mask, signifying the removal of darkness from the face of the world - a symbol of what happens as the enlightened state of the Universal Underworld emerges." - pages 112-119

- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman


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