Sunday, November 9, 2008

Excerpt - Shifting to Love

"This Underworld [Galactic], however, is designed to bring an end to the dominance of one person over another and to heal the rift caused by the Fall. To seek individual healing in this sense is not an egotistical endeavor. At the current time, every individual who sets a path toward, or attains, enlightenment is a help to the rest of humanity. Individual healing helps free humanity as a whole by disposing of "negative karma" that may have accumulated over several generations in a family, or, in fact, in all of humanity, since about the time that the dualist mind first came to rule about five thousand years ago.
"There is also a judgmental side to the dualist mind that inhibits the flow of love. If you and everyone else are constantly judged by this mind, how can you allow yourself and others to fully be who you and they are? How can you fully accept and love someone else, let alone yourself, with a dualist mind that was designed to be separate and causes separations? Can a person who is only half love herself fully? How can you fully love yourself when your self-worth depends on being in the yang category of the mind? Even if we sometimes rise above the surface to see something else, most of us are swimming in muddy waters much of the time. Only wholeness - a mind that is truly unified and whole - can bring true love. Only the whole person who is allowed to be herself completely and does not need to shut out any aspect of herself out of fear of judgment by the mind can truly love herself. Only the person who has freed himself of the dominance of the left-brain hemisphere can allow the whole person, and the whole world, to be. The truth is that the dualist mind still ruling at the present time does not bring love." - page 185-186

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