Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Who Are The Wingmakers?

"I understand that the concept of the Wingmakers, as a future representation of humankind is difficult to believe for many people. But the word, Wingmakers, is an encoded word that symbolizes this reality: that a future composite of humanity can indeed interact with its past existence."

 "The Wingmakers chose me as an interpreter of their reality. Our future reality. It's not in a sense about their lifestyle, or technology, but rather their mere existence and the existence of the grand portal. So it pertains to human destiny because it's through the grand portal that we in a sense reunite with our future selves."

 "Outside of time/space, I'm from the same world, as we all are. Yet very few of us have experienced it, let alone heard of this other reality called our distant future."

 "The future of humanity extends much further on the space/time continuum than its origins arise from history. Why would it seem improbable that our future selves could communicate to our space/time in the 21st-century, and not with technical interventions, but simply through the empowerments of higher and more encompassing consciousness? One of the truths that will shock humanity in some not too distant future will be the realization that our future collective interacts with our present form much more than we realize." 

 "Many of the so-called interactions with the Creator and Angelic Beings or Spirit are really interactions with our future selves. It's a collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is symbolically called Wingmakers or in some distant time, the Elohim or Shining Ones. But regardless of the name you put to it, it is the quantum collective consciousness of the human species in a far distant space/time reaching into ours."

 "The Wingmakers live in mythology because that's where the story lives. Information, you see, lives and dies in very short life-cycles, like a mayfly, whose adult lifespan is measured in minutes. But mythological stories live for thousands of years, are translated into hundreds of languages and cultures and their pulse is just as strong today is it was a thousand years ago, if you study them. So the Wingmakers represent our future selves, just as we represent our ancestral selves. We are at one level, the same. When you take space/time out of the equation, of course. The future is rendered in obscure mythological stories because our future selves don't want to over-extend their help by interfering with our own choices and free will. There are other species, extraterrestrial in nature, that are also linked into our human cause or destiny. And they also want to be helpful, but not preempt our collective vision because they know already what we have become. And this post-human crystallises that we are currently in is very, very impressionable." 

- Interview With James #3, by Wingmakers

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