Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jews - The Chosen Ones - Pt.1

The following is an excerpt from a channeling session by Kryon, while visiting Israel in 2005.


"Many of you are what you would call Israeli Jews. What do you think of yourselves? Who do you think you really are? Do you ever wonder these things and ponder why you’re here? Some of you have come from other lands to be here and many were born here. I will tell you something. This is no accident. Have you ever considered your lineage and your history, and the place that you would play regarding humanness on the planet? And how do you see the 'situation?' More than that, how do you look at history? When you were young and you were learning of the history of your people, how did you feel at the persecution? What did you think about your own lives and those before you when you learned what had taken place in history?

I’ll tell you how some of you felt: sad; angry; not understanding why God would have chosen you among others to have this happen. History shows that you have gone from slavery to being hunted and persecuted… not wanted wherever you went. You didn’t even have your own land! Why would this be? Think of it… it's the only group that is like this. Almost worldwide through history there has always been a 'situation.'

And how did you see that within yourself? Did you say perhaps, "Well, God is punishing us for something that we are not aware of." Well, if you take nothing away from this meeting but this, I would like to give you another perspective. Let the entourage come into this place and speak to your heart as I say these things. Let the angels that you know of, sit next to you. Perhaps those you’ve loved and lost would like to come here, your relatives, even the ancient ones, to sit in the aisles with you right now? Indeed they would,  so that when I say these words, you will understand they’re true.

Did you ever consider that you have something that others do not? And maybe, just maybe, it’s sacredness and power? You’ve been pursued through history. What if intuitively those who wish you were not even here, are those that intuitively see the power in you? And they want that power. What if, in your DNA, there was a God within? What if all of you carry a sacredness that has a catalyst for purity of karma? Well, it’s true… all of that is so.

What if you had the ability above others, for a connection to Spirit? Does that change anything for you? Who are you to think that you might change the world? I will tell you. Within you is built the actual power to change the planet. And if you want to do that, and you show the rest of the world that that’s what you want to do, you’re going to have support from people you never thought would ever be there to do that.

A new consciousness is arriving on this planet. Despite what you see in the streets; despite the situation and the sorrow; despite the death, there is a consciousness on this planet like lighthouses that are willing to turn their eyes upon Israel and support you for peace on earth. And it has to start here… no other place.

- Part 1 of Israel 2005, by Kryon & Lee Carroll

Part 2

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