Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Our Quantum Presence - Pt.2

"To worry about the negative is to fret about words and feelings that are not part of the activity of your Presence. They're unaligned. So I would ask you, do you want to be influenced by your 3 cubic-foot Human-self or the 4200 cubic-foot Presence that lives within the Infinite? I'm aware of the doomsday prophecies and to some extent, yes, they're accurate. There's a looming global financial crisis and natural disasters that will impinge on a good part of our human population. But we have to remind ourselves that our Human-self is on a living planet, that is part of a living solar system, that is part of a living galaxy, and all of these elements are moving together through time and space. And as we do so, we encounter new frequencies and dimensions. We are not on a treadmill. This is part of our journey and we can't control it no matter how hard we may try because we're part of a destiny much larger than ourselves as individuals. Not withstanding that larger reality, what we can control are our behaviors and which intelligence we consciously align to. The intelligence of our Quantum Presence or the intellect of our Human-self. Are our behaviors motivated by the transient desires of our human nature or do they arise from our Quantum Presence as an outgrowth of our Love for our Creator and one another? Each time a person aligns to their Presence they signal alignment to Love, an alignment to First Source, and an alignment to all creature-hood. While this may not manifest in the physical spectrum of phenomena, a density for the benefit really for your eye/brain I might add, it manifests in your sense of coherence; your sense of out-flowing love; your sense of multi-dimensional relationships; your sense of guidance; your sense of resilience in the face of discord; your sense of connection to others. So tell me, are these states of being less or more compelling than those visceral [negative] manifestations you mentioned?"

Interview With James #3, by Wingmakers

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