Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Compression of Time

“The World Tree is the primary generator of shifts between Days and Nights. We may then realize that the frequency of such shifts increases twenty-fold with every higher Underworld. Our experience of time is thus associated with a specific frequency at each level of consciousness of the cosmic pyramid. "The speeds of the different means of communication, for instance, are simply manifestations of these frequencies. Each Underworld is thus dominated by a basic frequency for the evolution of consciousness, and these frequencies increase from the very lowest of 1/hablatun to the very highest of 1/uinal as the nine-story pyramid is climbed. This 25 billion-fold increase in the basic tones of creation affects the type of phenomena generated by the various Underworlds. Thus the invisible Cross may be seen as an instrument programmed to generate a cosmic symphony, where tones of higher and higher frequencies come into play in a present pattern. (A better metaphor than a symphony would be a conductor starting by cuing the drums, and then cuing one instrument after another to add to those that are already playing.)

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“This pyramidal structure of the frequencies of creation is behind the common experience that time is now going much faster – to a point where it sometimes seems to disappear. Every level, every terrace of the pyramid, corresponds to a certain level of consciousness, but it obviously also corresponds to a certain frequency of change. With every higher level of the pyramid of cosmic creation, a twenty-fold acceleration of spiritual time takes place. The more frequent the alterations between Days and Nights, the higher the frequency of change and the more rapidly human beings experience the passage of time. Thus, for instance, in the Galactic Underworld, as much change must happen in a tun (360 days) as happened in a katun (19.7 years) during the Planetary Underworld, or in a baktun (394 years) of the National Underworld.

“Today we should be aware of this origin of the acceleration of time. The so-called burnout phenomenon has increased dramatically in many countries where people are victimized by stress, seemingly because of the high pace of work around them. In reality burnout is a result of the many increasingly more pronounced conflicts between the consciousness generated by the materialist Planetary Underworld and that being created by the newly emerging, more spiritual Galactic Underworld. As a result, the symptoms of burnout are also becoming more serious. The only true remedy is to align our lives with the cosmic evolution toward enlightenment and to focus our whole existence – thinking, acting, and being – on this. In the cosmic plan there is no turning around. The values of the Planetary underworld, one way or another, must yield to those of the Galactic.” – pages 110-111 

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- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

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