Saturday, November 8, 2008

Excerpt - The Two Travelers

The Two Travelers

"Here is an old and set perception that you may apply to a person who goes on a journey. This traveler, this Human Being, this voyager, might depart his home with an idea of where he is going. So his actual reality, the way things work for him, is that he would have to be careful how far he went, because of the resources that he would obviously need to keep him alive. This is how you all travel. He would not stray too far away from where he knew there was food. If he was prone to health issues, he would not stray too far away from where he knew there was medical help. If he was a Lightworker, he would not stray too far away from other Lightworkers, for this is his support group for him when he needs it. So his journey might be tempered, guided, even directed, by where the resources are.

"Now this description is very 3D, is it not? For you, you go where the planning takes you. You have to stop for food, and if there's no food, then you will have to go find it. If you have a health issue, you're going to have to go where there is either a facilitator or a hospital perhaps... someone who can help. You support one another and you lean on one another. This is all appropriate, but your path is often tempered and guided by where the resources are... even where those are who you might lean on. You don't even think about it. That's just the way of it. So you might say right now, "That's just normal life. What is the meaning of this example?" It's only meaningful when I give you another story to compare to it.

"I want to give you the situation of another voyager... the interdimensional traveler. He is a Human Being, just like you, except that he does not plan his journey based upon the resources around him. The reason is that he is aware that the resources are "in his pocket." Are you still with me? Counter-intuitively to the way things work for you, when he needs something, he stops, reaches into his pocket, and gets what he needs! The odd thing about this is that the moment before, there was nothing in his pocket!

"Let me add to this quandary: Sometimes he needs things that are very big and yet his pockets are very small. After all, they're in his outfit...all he has with him. It doesn't seem to matter. Sometimes he extracts very large things from very small pockets! Doesn't make sense, does it? When circumstances beckon him in one direction or another, he simply goes in that direction. He doesn't stop to think about where the resources will be. He looks at the energy involved and the appropriateness of its being that way and he just goes. He's the interdimensional traveler, and some of you know him as a master."

Credit: Kryon & Lee Carroll

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