Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - The Thoughts of God

"This Universal World Tree is, then, identical with what in the Mayan tradition is called Hunab-Ku, sometimes referred to as the One Giver of measure and Movement, but certainly better translated as the One Source of Limits and Energy. The limits are actually the boundaries creating yin/yang polarities (on our particular planet, for example, the planetary mid-line). The energy is the creative energy emanating from the Central Sun. As mentioned, the Universal Hunab-Ku is beyond the range of our perception, but the galactic and earthly micro-cosmos are within it, and each one of us is an individual expression of Hunab-Ku.

"Our reception of new Heavens, new thoughts of God, propels us to participate in the construction of the Underworlds as agents of the divine plan. We may have been more like puppets of the process of creation than many would like to think. But spreading an awareness of how creation works and finding the path toward enlightenment may be just what is needed to liberate us from being such puppets and to expand the role of choice in our lives. In fact, if we want to climb to the next step of the pyramid, we need to assimilate this awareness. If it is our purpose to be created in the image of God, we cannot remain puppets. Being created in the image of God at this time, in the Galactic Underworld, means being creators in becoming; and understanding creation is one distinct step to be climbed on the cosmic pyramid. Taking responsibility as a co-creator with God presupposes a basic understanding of how creation works.

"The holographic model of the universe that has been presented here now makes it possible for us to understand the phenomenon of synchronicities , a term introduced by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe statistically unlikely "chance" events that are experienced as meaningful. Because the Heavens, the thoughts of God, affect us all simultaneously, different individuals will come up with the same ideas independently at about the same time as a change takes place in the Heavens. With a cosmic projector automatically shifting archetypes influencing consciousness at calendar shifts, it would be much more surprising if ideas did not arise synchronistically in different places.

"There are many other types of synchronicities as well. An example is when you run into a person just when you were thinking of him. Such an occurrence may be understood if the two persons were in resonance with the same Heaven. Chance meetings that are meant to happen occur because they are part of processes resulting from flows of divine light being focused in specific directions at calendar shifts. They are thus the results of the thoughts of God, and naturally many people use such synchronicities as a source of divine guidance. As the frequency of divine creation is now speeding up, such statistically impossible events have become commonplace, and at least the subconscious awareness is growing that there is a larger plan at work.

"Yet few of us ever grow beyond the idea that synchronicities are strange and remarkable. This attitude is a logical consequence of the materialist worldview by which we are surrounded. This includes the denial by most people of a divine place for the evolution of consciousness.

"Because our frame of consciousness is to us like water is to a fish, we tend to deny the existence of consciousness and disregard the changes that it undergoes as the divine plan unfolds. This plan governs all aspects of our existence, including invisible changes in consciousness that generate unlikely coincidences, so it is to be expected that many events in the physical universe defy the laws of statistics. Yet blind to our own consciousness, we fall prey to the illusion that it is the material world that is real. With such an illusion, synchronicities must always appear strange and inexplicable. Developing intuition is about tuning in to the thoughts of God and looking through the veils of materialism, allowing the synchronicities to play for us." - pages 102-106

 - The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

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