Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Our Quantum Presence - Pt.1

"Our Quantum Presence is what navigates our Human-self, to the understanding of personal wholeness. But this desire is only an echo of the real motivation - to realize universal wholeness while preserving our individuality."

"This is a literate culture, where words rule the day. The language of the Mind is words. The language of the Heart is feeling. But the language of our Presence is behaviors or activity. If you stay in the intelligence of your Presence by giving it your attention, then the things that come within your local multi-verse, that have a lower density, will have minimal effect. As you can, from the empowerment of your Quantum Presence, transform them with ease. It's not so much about dissolving discord or eliminating it, it's more about transforming the lower densities through the activity of your Presence. And you may or may not be conscious at the human level, what your Presence does to transform these lower densities. But when you summon your Quantum Presence to transform densities, you are activating its governing intelligence as though you are switching on a light. Then you step out of the way and you allow your Presence to bring you the technique, the thought form, the action, the new behavior to transform the lower density."

Part 2

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