Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Stress - Pt.2

“Ultimately, the phenomenon of stress arises from the conflict in the individual between cosmic, divine time and physical time. Many have found that using an ordinary wristwatch is an impediment to going with the flow of time; without this device, synchronicities occur more easily. Divine time is the flow of the Galactic Underworld leading toward enlightenment according to the tun-based Mayan calendar, whereas physical, measured time is subordinated to physical processes. The watch is a mechanized tool for measuring time, and it subordinates us to a whole set of rules for life typical of the industrialized world of the Planetary Underworld. When the individual wants to go wit the flow of divine time, while the watch – based on physical time – tells him or her to do otherwise, as stressful conflict arises.

“In principle, however, this conflict is not any different from that between, on the one hand, following the solar year, regardless of how it is sliced into months, and, on the other hand, following the Mayan calendar. The mechanical movements of the watch are directly linked to the mechanical movements of the astronomical cycles, and these likewise tend to subordinate human beings to the physical reality rather than creating a mind-set that supports them in going with the flow of divine time. the liberation of human beings from the negative effects of the frequency increase, such as stress, is a matter of entering  the natural, non-physical, divine flow of creation leading toward enlightenment. Today more than ever before, people are becoming aware of the stressful effects of subordinating their lives to physical time. 

“Calendars based on physical time, such as the Gregorian, Muslim, or Jewish calendars, or common astrology for that matter, cannot explain the current acceleration of time and the increase of stress. The duration of the solar year has not changed much in the past million years. Only the hierarchical, tun-based Mayan calendar system, which is based on the oscillations of the World Tree rather than movements of material bodies, is about to explain the acceleration of time. with this calendrical system the increasing pace of time becomes a logical consequence. 

“Ultimately, the increase in frequency carried by the only thirteen-tun-long Galactic Underworld is behind the current revival of the tzolkin and the Mayan calendar. Only as the changes between Days and Nights occur at a very high frequency do people on a larger scale become aware that there are spiritual cosmic factors behind the changing tides of human creativity. As these changes are now happening so frequently -every 360 days- it seems that many, at least on a subconscious level, are becoming aware of them. This increase in frequency will become progressively more evident as the Galactic Underworld becomes more dominating, and even more so as the Universal Underworld draws near. “ – pages 111-112

- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

Part 3 (Time Compression)

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