Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - God's Creation Equation

"In the previous chapter we saw that the evolution of human consciousness and history is really a wave movement, and that this movement is generated by the World Tree. We have now also seen that prophets have been inspired to step forth, especially at the beginning of odd-numbered Heavens, with significant new teachings regarding the nature of God and the purpose of creation. These synchronies between the dispensations of prophets and the beginnings of odd-numbered Heavens are particularly evident with Moses, Isaiah, and Jesus/Paul at the beginnings of the Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Heavens, respectively. Why were the most important steps in the evolution of the Chaldean-Jewish-Christian tradition taken at the beginnings of the odd-numbered Heavens?

"Part of the explanation is given by the Mayan creation story, which said that when the World Tree was raised, the light would enter. In all odd-numbered Heavens there is a yang aspect. During the Great Cycle [National Underworld] there are thus seven Heavens during which divine light allows prophets and their followers to see divine reality in a new way, and six intermediate periods of darkness when the Invisible Cross is not apparent.

"The conclusion comes naturally: The seven odd-numbered Heavens and the six even-numbered Heavens of the Maya are none other than the seven Days and six Nights, respectively, of God's creation. These are described in the Book of Genesis and are also symbolically represented by the seven candle lights of the Jewish Menorah.

"This equation is the "solution" to the Mayan calendar, a solution that provides the key to its demystification and allows its mathematical language to be understood by other traditions or lines of human thought than its own. That such a solution exists should not come as a surprise. After all, if inhabitants of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres alike are one and all part of the same creation, and if God's creation is universal, common traits must exist in the ways creation has been understood on the two different continental blocks of the planet. If we are all part of the same creation, children of the same God, then creation stories in different parts of the world must, all in their own ways, seek to describe the common reality..."

"Incidentally, it is somewhat ironic that the Mayan books burned by the Catholic friars as the "work of the devil" can now be seen to have contained the temporal maps for the development of the divine creation. The Mayan knowledge did not contradict the Jewish-Christian view in the Books of Genesis and Revelation. On the contrary, with their calendar the Maya developed a more exact science of creation that makes it understandable through the evens of history. Even more ironically, the Mayan calendar now proves the existence of the same God that the Spanish bishops wanted the natives to believe in." - pages 72-74

- The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Calleman

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