Friday, November 21, 2008

Excerpt - Freedom of Choice - Pt.1

"Because a blindfolded frame of consciousness has come to dominate the modern world, many have gained an illusory sense of freedom. In reality, as we may now begin to see, human life, both individually and collectively, is fundamentally conditioned by the energies of a divine plan. Since the modern world, and especially in the West, we seem to be presented with choices all the time, we may easily miss the fact that these choices have been generated within the constraints of the consciousness of the Planetary Underworld. Because of the materialist perception this Underworld has generated, freedom is often equated with the freedom to choose among different things to buy. Not only is this a very limited definition of freedom, it is also largely irrelevant when it comes to fulfilling our true destiny on this planet: climbing the cosmic pyramid.

"The existence of a cosmic time plan thus raises critical questions regarding the free will of human beings and their roles as co-creators of the plan. The overall perspective presented here - that human beings have essentially been like puppets of the energies of the cosmic plan, with strong limitations set by these energies on their freedom to act and think - obviously runs counter to the currently very popular idea: that human beings have the power to create anything they like. In such a view, a divine time plan for the evolution of consciousness does not exist, at least not one that humans would not be able to set aside with the power of their thoughts or visualizations.

"The idea that there are not limits to human creativity has itself been generated by the very consciousness of the Planetary Underworld. The denial of a cosmic plan can be traced back to the French Revolution, but more immediately to the Darwinist illusion in the mid-nineteenth century. This denial has generated an artificial sense of freedom and made human beings feel they are all-powerful.

"The truth now emerging is that the energies described by the Mayan calendar define the limits of human creativity at any given time. These energies set the rules for how life is lived in any given combination of Heaven and Underworld. Yet, regardless of the energies that temporarily rule the cosmic time plan, they are first and foremost subordinated to its end result of enlightenment, and no matter what we think or visualize, we cannot do anything to change this fact. The cosmic plan as such is beyond the range of human manipulation. Moreover, it is fairly safe to say that if human thoughts or actions are not aligned with its intended end result, or if they counteract it, the cosmic energies will in one way or another generate a backlash.

"That the cosmic time plan sets limits for human creativity at any given time does not mean that thoughts are not creative or that prayers or visualizations do not work. It seems that communication with the divine, through prayers, visualizations, and other means, may indeed help an individual or a collective create what it desires. But there are limits to what can be created at any given time, and these limits are defined by the frames of the cosmic time plan..."

"But if we are all more or less like puppets of the cosmic energies, what value is there in knowing about them? If the course of events is predetermined by the cosmic plan, what difference is made by knowledge of this? After all, people have been puppets of the divine process of creation for thousands of years and seem to have survived anyway.

"The answer is that understanding the cosmic plan is part of our own evolution into co-creators with the Divine. To be co-creators, we need to know what the canvas we are to work on looks like and what its format is. If we choose to surf on the cosmic plan, we had better know what it is. This matter of co-creation may not have been important in lower Underworlds, because these were not designed to make human beings into co-creators in the full sense of the word. But this is exactly what the Galactic Underworld is about." - page 187-189

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