Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jews - The Chosen Ones - Pt.3

Thao speaking to Michel during a different conversation:

‘Now, at this point, we must go back in time. Arki said that Earth is still being visited by extra-terrestrials and, as you know, it has been regularly visited in the past. But, I should elaborate on this.

‘Earth is visited, as are many other inhabitable planets scattered throughout the Universe. Sometimes the inhabitants of certain planets are obliged to evacuate as their planet is dying. Now, as Arki also explained, you can’t change planets as you might change houses. You must conform to a cycle that is well-established; otherwise, catastrophes can be the consequence. This is what happened 12 000 years ago. Human beings left the planet Hebra in order to visit the galaxy in search of a new planet of the same category as their own, for they knew that, in the millennium to come, their planet would become totally uninhabitable.

‘A spacecraft, capable of extremely high speeds, experienced serious problems during its reconnaissance flight and was obliged to land on your planet. It landed in the region of Krasnodar, a town in Western Russia. Needless to say, at the time there was no town, no people, no Russia.

‘On board the spacecraft were eight astronauts: three women and five men. These people were approximately 170 centimetres in height, with black eyes, fair skin and long brown hair. They made a successful landing and began repairs to their vessel.

‘They found the gravitational force stronger than on their own planet and, initially, had some difficulty moving about. They established a camp near their spacecraft, expecting repairs to take some time. One day, during work, an accident occurred causing a terrific explosion that destroyed half of the vessel and killed five of the cosmonauts. The other three, being some distance away, were unharmed. They were Robanan, a man, and Levia and Dina, two women.

‘They knew well what was in store for them. Coming from a planet of a superior category, they did not belong on Earth, where they were in fact prisoners, and thus they anticipated the misadventures that befell them. The accident came as no great surprise.

‘For several months, the three remained at the spot for the season was warm. They had some weapons and they were able to procure game - their provisions of manna and roustian having been lost in the explosion. Eventually the cold arrived and they decided to move further south.

‘The gravitational force made walking long distances extremely difficult for them, so that their trek south to warmer climates became a veritable ‘Road to Calvary’. They passed by the Black Sea heading in the direction of today’s Israel. The journey took months but they were young people and, astonishingly, they made it. The weather became more clement, and even hot, as they reached lower latitudes. They stopped by a river, establishing there a permanent camp - all the more permanent since Dina was several months pregnant. At full term, she gave birth to a son whom they named Ranan. By then, Levia too, was pregnant and some time later, she also bore a son, Rabion.

‘These people from Hebra acclimatised in this spot which was rich in game, honey and edible plants - and there they founded their line. It was quite some time later that they made the acquaintance of some nomads passing by. This was their first contact with Earthlings. The nomads numbered ten and, having found Robanan’s women to their liking, they wanted to kill him and take all that he had, including the women.

‘Robanan still had his weapon and, although a pacifist, he was obliged to use it and killed four of his attackers who fled in the face of such power.

‘These people were greatly saddened that they had to resort to such a measure, and saw in it yet another sign that they were on a planet that was forbidden to them by Universal Law.

‘I don’t understand,’ I interrupted. ‘I thought that it wasn’t possible to jump categories in a forward direction, but that it would be possible to go to inferior planets.’

‘No, Michel, neither forwards nor backwards. If you go forward, disregarding Universal Law, you will die; if you go backwards, you expose yourself to worse conditions because your advanced spirituality can’t exist in a materialistic environment.

‘If you like, I can give you an analogy in the form of a childish comparison. Imagine a man immaculately dressed in polished shoes, white socks and pressed suit. You oblige this man to walk through a farmyard, 30 centimetres deep in mud. Further, you insist that he put this mud into a wheelbarrow with his hands. No need to ask what state he will be in when he has finished.

‘Nonetheless, our group of extra-terrestrials founded their line that became the ancestors of present-day Jews.


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