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AIDS & Plagues - Pt.1

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"Current events of our times suggest that if we were to remove the 'heightened emotion' stirred by the media and consider differently what we are told regarding outbreaks - regardless of size - such as SARS, Avian or Bird Flu, West Nile Virus, Chemtrails, etc., we should come to a different conclusion. Especially after a few people are hospitalized, the US media sets the stage for a global panic, and then ... to have the entire thing disappear from radar a week or two later as if nothing ever happened. Increasing stress with fear and panic is a method to lower your immunity or resistence to such dangers, allowing the agents to then take hold." 

“When the Hebrews were still slaves in Egypt, Jehovah had instructed Moses to go to the pharaoh to ask that the Hebrew tribes be freed. Jehovah, however, had influences over the pharaoh and Moses had been warned in advance that Jehovah would cause pharaoh to say “no”. According to the Bible, Jehovah had a definite reason for manipulating the pharaoh in that fashion:
And the Lord said to Moses, Go to the Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might show my powers before him: 

And so that you may tell in the ears of your son's son, what things I had brought about in Egypt, and my miracles which I have done among them: that you may know that I am the Lord. - Exodus 10:1-2

After hearing those words, Moses went to the pharaoh a number of times to renew his pleas for the Hebrews' freedom. Each plea was rejected and each rejection was followed by a calamity visited upon the Egyptians by Jehovah. The calamities included vermin infestations, plagues, boils on the skin – caused by a fine dust settling over the countryside, and finally the murder of each eldest son in Egypt during a night known as the 'Passover'. It was only after the Passover that Jehovah stopped “hardening the heart” of the pharaoh so that the Hebrew tribes could leave Egypt. “ - page 84, The Gods of Eden, by William Bramley

From The Ten Commandments
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"We're going to reinterpret for you the story of the 'Passover'.  Moses had threatened the Pharoah Ramses, that if he didn't let the slaves go, the worst plague of all was going to be upon the land. Pharaoh in his infinite wisdom decided "well, we're going to get you first" so he said before you can put any more plagues on us, we will initiate the killing of every first-born child... Then you see this terror in the neighborhood and see people going from house to house with lamb's blood and putting the lamb's blood over the archway of the house... This was supposed to ward off the killing of the first-born child... Now in this sense of the word, in every-day life putting lambs's blood over the door is not going to ward away something, so there's something else that's going on that has been symbolized by this..."

"In the movie you have the mist coming in over the city... You have the first-born beginning to die. Not just Hebrew, but also Egyptian. Somehow, children are spared if they put the lamb's blood over the door. At the time, they actually drank the prepared lamb's blood, but in the movie it was portraited differently to avoid suggesting 'believers' should drink blood. " 

"This idea of the curse of the first-born child dying was something very real and it wasn't a magical thing. It was a genetic/biological thing, meaning that the first-born child has a certain genetic 'key' that identifies himself as the first-born child. They are thus able to be targeted in biological warfare..."
"Going back to the Middle Ages... a high degree of what you would consider to be UFO sightings, of course the language is contemporary for that time and so you may not recognize that they are talking about UFO activity. They saw the fire in the sky, falling stars, or winged-whatevers. What is really interesting is that in these times of activity, where you saw these things in the sky, there are many accounts of first an appearance in the sky, then a strange smelling mist on the ground, and then a plague.  Now your forefathers taught you well, biological warfare... "

"The scenario is that you have a lot of dead first-born Egyptians and no dead first-born Hebrews, who had drunk the lamb's blood. Cut to the present day: You have on your planet what you call the AIDS virus. Any of you that have researched have found that the AIDS virus is a combination of a sheep and a cow retrovirus. It has connections there. (In fact, the virus can be grown in the belly of these animals.) Lamb - sheep, all right? Now cut to the scenarios that were active in the seventies: cattle and sheep mutilations. (Are we putting the pieces together?)"

"In the 1970s you find the outbreak of AIDS. In the 1970s you find a preponderance of cattle and sheep mutilations in which the blood is drained. We would say that the plague that hit the Egyptians during this time and that passed over the Hebrews was a similarly engineered virus, but a more potent one because it struck and killed right away. (As you know, if you have a snakebite, one antidote is small portions of the snake venom.) You can get the antidote by understanding the chemical components of the thing that's poisoning you. So they drank the lamb's blood prepared in a certain way, which counteracted this very potent virus that was acting as a plague."

"Cut back to present day: This plague is still being used in biological warfare and it's still active on your planet. There are forces on your planet who have been attempting to find once again an antidote, as well as forces on your planet attempting to find the way to recreate the potent virus from the Egyptian times. So again you have two different forces fighting each other: One is trying to find a cure and the other is trying to find a way to obtain it and wipe out a lot of people."

"That is the purpose of the cattle and sheep mutilations - mostly research attempting to synthesize these chemicals. It doesn't have to do with ETs who are wanting to eat you, who are trying to drain blood for their nourishment -- nothing like that. That's more symbolic of the memory of the drinking of the blood way back when."

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