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The Beginning - Pt.10

It is fascinating to discover that after the original ‘celestial battle’ collisions between the planets and moons which created the Earth, there must have been more collision each time Nibiru came past the Sun, but eventually this stabilized allowing life to develop. But cosmic collisions are inevitable and the balance must have shifted in our own solar back-yard which caused these sudden disturbances affecting the asteroid belt. The tablets describe how a giant comet or asteroid came close to the Earth, while flying on a collision path with Mars. It describes the rogue celestial body dramatically. “From horizon to the midst of heaven like a flaming dragon it was stretched… One league was its head, fifty leagues in length it was, awesome was its tail… By day the skies of Earth darkened.” This is a pretty awesome description of what was actually a giant comet, which must have been a similar experience to the Comet Shoemaker-Levy in 1994, which we all witnessed crashing into Jupiter. But this one was much closer and way back then, somehow the moon got in the way and took the full impact of the comet. It is possible that the impact which is described by the Sumerian tablets caused the giant crater on the moon, which can still be seen with the naked eye today. You be the judge, this is what it says: “To intercept that dragon in its path Kingu (moon) was making haste… Fierce was the encounter, a tempest of clouds on Kingu was raised… By its foundations was Kingu shaken.”

But as Nibiru made its turn around the sun and disappeared into deep space, everything subsided again and life returned back to normal on the fragile outpost of the Anunnaki. They surveyed the land from their sky ships to assess the damage, around Edin and north to the cedar mountains where the command post was, to the landing places and all their other cities. They scanned to ensure the gold mines were not affected – they were saved. However, the damage to Mars was severe. Marduk reported that the atmosphere was damaged and Enlil agreed that the stability of the base on Lahmu was questionable. They would build a new space port in the Edin on Earth to send ships directly to Nibiru. “A chariot place in the Edin must be established…The way station on Lahmu is no longer certain.” There have been many theories by scientists about what may have happened to Mars in the past. Today, from the diagnoses by the rovers on our neighbor, we have irrefutable proof that Mars had water, oceans, lakes and rivers and even an atmosphere. There is still ice present today and all it really needs is an atmosphere to stabilize the environment. The Sumerian tablets certainly go a long way in supporting this line of thinking, but the lack of atmosphere and the ‘peeled away’ crust of virtually one half of the planet have caused much speculation. Is it possible the descriptions in the tablets are the actual event which ‘killed’ Mars? Firstly she was bombarded by giant asteroids which may have dislodged much of the peeled away surface, as is suggested by some scholars, before the close proximity of the much larger Nibiru caused dramatic gravitational disturbances which may have caused the loss of the atmosphere and a large part of its crust. We are told that all of this occurred around 80 Shar since their splashdown on Earth. That would make it 288,000 years after arrival and 155,000 years ago from our present time. It will be fascinating to see what evidence the Mars probes find of the meteoric activity on our neighboring planet.

After this calamity had subsided, Anu gave instructions to build a space port on Earth. “Let a place of Celestial Chariots in the Edin be established. “But before they rushed to do that, Enki and Marduk wanted to survey the moon as a possible alternative to Mars, with its much lower gravity for a possible base there. “Eagles’ helmets” they had to don, the atmosphere was for breathing insufficient… For a way station it is unsuitable.” But the two stayed there for some time while Enki mapped the heavens, he was taken by the beauty of Earth from the moon and once again we hear the Anunnaki make reference to the almighty GOD.  “The Earth like a globe in the void by nothing is hanging… Are you not by the celestial dance of Earth and Moon and Sun enchanted?... With our instruments we can scan the distant heavens…. The handiwork of the Creator of All in this solitude we can admire.” With this statement we get another glimpse at Enki’s creative spirit which was diametrically opposed to his brother’s, who was a true commander and politician. They did a great deal of astronomical observation while on the moon and the tablets describe them as they captured much of their newfound knowledge of the cosmos from there. The circuits of the planets around the Sun indicated to Enki that “Nibiru of the Sun not a descendant” was, like the other planets in the solar system. Many modern day astronomers may find this bit of information useful when making pronouncements and formulating theories on the mysterious planet X. Enki pointed out that there was a family of 12 with the Sun and he designated a station to each one by name. After this “twelve constellations by their shapes he allotted… The stars into twelve constellations he assembled.” Is this how we inherited the signs of the Zodiac?

Marduk used this quiet time with his father Enki to pour his heart out. He was bitterly disappointed about his position and role among the Anunnaki. He was Enki’s first-born and yet he had not been given any of the higher responsibilities on Earth. It was at this point we can sense that Marduk was becoming a loose cannon who would cause a lot of trouble in time to come. Enki promises that “… which I have been deprived your future lot shall be.”

The continuing harsh climate on Mars and unsuitable conditions on the moon forced the Anunnaki to build “Bird City” at Sippar in the Edin. Now they would be able to fly their ships directly to Nibiru from Earth, without having to stop on a way station. “In the eighty second Shar was the construction of Sippar completed…” and Anu traveled from Nibiru to see the latest developments. The Anunnaki from the Abzu were assembled and even the Igigi were called in from Mars for the occasion. We learn about the singing and dancing skills of Inanna, the goddess of love, Anu’s great granddaughter. A new era had arrived on Earth, the gold would be sent directly to Nibiru and once they had collected enough in storage, the “heroes and heroines” would be able to return to Nibiru. “A few more Shar of toil, and homeward they shall be bound.” The Anunnaki were excited about the prospects of ending their stay on this planet and returning home. But their anticipation was too hasty. The hard work in the Abzu continued, the Anunnaki in the Edin were growing restless. It was they who now demanded help from the slave species. But while Enlil and Enki were deliberating such prospects, Ninurta flew down to the southern tip of Africa and captured some earthling slaves for his Anunnaki friends in the Edin. Thereby starting a never-ending tradition of slavery from Africa, which would haunt modern man for millennia to come. The events are described dramatically in the tablets: “In the forests and the steppes of the Abzu the Earthlings they chased… With nets they them captured, male and female to the Edin they them brought.” This sounds like a scene from the 17th century when slavery became one of the most profitable businesses in the world and when African slaves were captured like wild animals to be shipped and sold in distant lands. And yet, this was happening some 150,000 years ago. It is amazing how strongly the Anunnaki genetic code has embedded itself in our DNA, still playing havoc with our behavior today.

Enlil was furious once again, because he explicitly expelled the Earthlings from the Edin. But Ninurta his son convinced him that the slaves would pacify the restless Anunnaki in the north and prevent a repeat of the revolt which took place in the sites of the Abzu. They let the situation simmer, as they all believed that they would be heading home to Nibiru very soon. “Let the gold pile up quickly, let us all to Nibiru soon return.”

The Anunnaki in the Edin were very impressed with their new slaves. They showed intelligence and could perform all tasks give to them. “Intelligence they possessed, of commands they had understanding.” The slaves took on all kinds of chores, all working naked for their gods. As time passed, the numbers of earthlings grew so quickly, they outnumbered the Anunnaki by many and very soon the food supplies began to dwindle. The slaves would constantly scavenge for food everywhere, in the wild and in the orchards. These were days long before domestication of animals, keeping of herds, growing of crops and understanding of farming by the humans. Those secrets would only be revealed to the slaves after the Great Flood, in many years to come. Enlil was still harboring negative feelings toward the slaves and he made it clear that Enki should deal with the problems which he created. So Enki started scheming. He observed the earthlings only to discover that they were somehow regressing towards their wild origins. He planned to create a civilized man out of them, but he was not quite sure how to go about it. There was already enough arguing about all the genetic experimenting and cloning. He had to do this less conspicuously. What he did has become another story which was repeated in the Bible around the birth of Moses. Enki impregnated two young Earthling females, who bore a son and a daughter. The tablets tell us that he was ecstatic. “Who such a thing has ever known… Between Anunnaki and Earthling, conception was attained… Civilized man I have brought into being.” He told his spouse that he found the babies floating in a basket on the river by the reeds and took the children to raise as his own. And just as Moses was raised as the son of the Pharaoh, they became known as “The Gracious Ones” growing up as the children of the Lord of the Earth. They were born in the 93rd Shar, which was 334,800 years after arrival on Earth, 108,000 years ago from present time. they were called “Adapa – The Foundling” and “Titi – One with life”. by this action Enki personally created the first Homo sapiens sapiens, and secured their future as a new civilized species to multiply on the planet.

“Civilized man I have brought forth… A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness.”

These are some of the most important words in my entire substantiation of the ‘god-devil’ argument. Since Enki was the creator of the original Adamu and once again Adapa, the first civilized human, he should be credited as the creator. But his brother Enlil described him as the deceitful and evil ‘snake’ and the ‘devil’ who humans should stay away from. Enlil was for all intents and purposes the supreme commander of planet Earth, who not only declared himself to be their god, but was perceived to be their god. On Earth Enlil’s word was supreme. This supreme god of humankind was fierce and brutal, as is seen throughout the Old Testament, punishing humans for disobedience, but also rewarding them for being loyal. Rewarding his chose few with physical possessions like land, gold, horses, livestock and more. If you have ever wondered why we humans are so materialistic, herein lies your answer. Enlil was the god who manipulated humans to do exactly what he wanted. The god of the Bible and all the other man made religions. He never even gave humankind the chance to evolve into a state of consciousness where they could understand the bigger picture of the universe. Instead he manipulated humans from their very beginnings into believing that he, Enlil, our god, was the brutal one, should he not be called the devil? For making false representations of himself to an ignorant species barely emerging from the cradle, confused about their purpose among the living?

When I say that god is the devil, and the devil is our maker, it should be seen in this context. Enlil should be classified as the devil for misrepresenting himself as god, and Enki, who was portrayed as the ‘snake-devil’ was actually the one who created us… our maker. Enki was the only one of the Anunnaki who consistently looked out for our best interests, who tried to give humans knowledge and intelligence in Edin, who taught us most of the skills we possess today, and the one who saved humans from the Great Flood when Enlil and the others agreed to let the water wipe out all humans from the Earth.

Adapa and Titi were brought up as little Anunnaki children, Enki and his spouse Ninki taught them all the skills of the Anunnaki. Satisfied that the new kind of earthling was in fact civilized and intelligent, he ordered the delivery of all kinds of seeds and domestic animals from Nibiru, so that the earthlings could grow food and learn farming. “Let us from Nibiru seeds that are sown bring down… Ewes that sheep become to Earth deliver… farming and shepherding teach… By civilized man let Anunnaki and Earthlings become satiated.” He was going to enable the Earthlings to provide food for the Anunnaki and themselves. This knowledge was however reserved only for a small privileged group of Earthlings, who were closely associated with the Anunnaki and whose responsibility it was to feed their masters. The mass civilization of the slave species would only happen much later.

Both Enlil and Anu were amazed that a civilized man could evolve so quickly from a more simple Adamu. Once again they refer to evolution before they voice their surprise. “That by life essence one kind to another leads is not unheard of.” It is evident from this statement that the Anunnaki were well-acquainted with the concept of evolution, but they also knew how long it took for species to evolve. As unhappy as Enlil was with the original idea of a slave species being created, he suddenly saw the merits of the more intelligent, civilized man, who could perform more delicate tasks. Especially that of farming and cultivating food for all of those on Earth. Their excitement rose even higher when Adapa and Titi had their first children, which turned out to be twins. Anu was so impressed by the reports about Adapa, that he ordered him to be brought to Nibiru for a visit. “Let Adapa the Earthling to Nibiru be brought.”


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