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The Beginning - Pt.20

The same angels who then proceeded to Sodom to destroy it with nuclear weapons. And once again mythology meets biblical history, but this time we have a real link with real names and places. Ancient Sumerian tablets which predate the Bible telling us this horrific tale of destruction and the same diluted version is in the Bible itself. If you believe the one, you should believe the other. Except that the Sumerian tablets give us a lot more detail which was omitted in the Bible when it was compiled by humans 2500 years later.

The deadly weapons were retrieved from their secret places and Enlil revealed to the young Anunnaki “how the weapons from their deep sleep awaken.” They were warned that the cities must be spared and the righteous people in their cities must not perish. The crucial part of the tablet which substantiates my assertion that Abraham was a spy, is when Enlil tells his two fighters to “make sure that Ibruum is forewarned.” Many scholars of the past have implied that the weapons used in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah must have been nuclear weapons. These suggestions are not only supported by the description of the aftermath in the Bible itself, but the clay tablets tell us in great detail what actually happened. They even reveal the names which Nergal gave the weapons before they unleashed them and they certainly leave no doubt about what they were. “One without rival; Blazing flame; One who with terror crumbles; Mountain melter; Wind that the rim of the world seeks; One who above and below no one spares…” and the grand-daddy of them all, “Vaporizer of living things”. There were seven weapons in total with which the massacre would be performed. When the destruction began the tablets tell us that “A thousand and seven hundred and thirty six was the count of Earth years then…” which would make it 2064 BC when the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah occurred, the end of the days of Abraham. It is also very clear from the tablets that Enki was mortified by the actions of Enlil, as he writes: “On that day, on that fateful day, Enlil to Ninurta the signal sent.”

Ninurta and Nergal began the bombing. The tablets describe in great detail how “the mount’s innards in an instant melted… The rocks into a gushing wound were made… The Earth shook and crumbled, the heavens after the brilliance were darkened… Of all the forests, only tree stems were left standing.” For those who have seen pictures of a nuclear aftermath, these words present a perfect description. They also concur with biblical descriptions. From there they flew to “the verdant valley where Nabu the people was converting.” Nabu was Marduk’s son who was also a target. There they annihilated five more cities and as it says in the Bible, “with fire and brimstone were they upheavaled, all that lived thee to vapor was turned.”

What followed is described as a typical ‘nuclear storm’ with darkening of the skies, extreme winds blowing at hundreds of kilometers per hour, distributing the deadly nuclear clouds of dust. “Gloom from the skies an evil wind carried… The Sun on the horizon with darkness it obliterated.” We must remember that these words were written before a single word of the Bible had been put down. It is very difficult to imagine that the descriptions in the Bible came from any other source than the same events which inspired the writing of the Sumerian clay tablets. And the incredible nuclear descriptions continued. “At nighttime a dreaded brilliance skirted its edges… Wherever it reached, death to all that lives mercilessly it delivered.” The Anunnaki were astounded by the extent of the destruction, they did not expect it to be so devastating. The nuclear wind was distributing the deadly dust everywhere and in their direction as well. There was no place to hide, the dust or “Evil Wind” would penetrate every nook and cranny, as it rapidly moved towards Sumer, where the Anunnaki had based themselves. “No door could shut it out, no bolt could turn it back.” Ninurta and Nergal sent an urgent message to Enlil and Enki. “Escape! Escape! To them all they cried out.” Those are dramatic words which were followed by even more graphic descriptions of the effect which the Evil Wind had on the people in its path. “In the streets were their corpses piled up… Cough and phlegm the chests filled, their mouths with spittle and foam filled up… Their mouths were drenched with blood… From west to east over plains and mountains it traveled.” Those words suddenly bring to light an even more horrific truth of that particular biblical event. The Anunnaki were not only using nuclear weapons, but biological weapons as well.

The terrible events of the recent past when Iraq was accused of harboring weapons of mass destruction, revolved mainly around biological weapons. It is tragic that the 20th century witnessed a number of attacks where biological weapons were used and the descriptions in the clay tablets are a precise description of what happened in recent times when people fell victim of such attacks. They fell where they stood; their skin was burnt or covered with grotesque sores; their mouths filled with blood; suffocating in their own phlegm. There is no doubt that those ancient accounts are the gruesome description of biological warfare. How is it possible that a 4000 year old clay tablet could have depicted such events if they weren’t actually real? It is highly unlikely and utterly improbable that an ancient scribe would be able to imagine such events. This level of technology predated the Dark and Middle Ages by three thousand years, where the sword and horse were the main weapon. You be your own judge to determine what the real meaning of those biblical and Sumerian descriptions are. “Everything that lived behind it was dead, people and cattle all alike perished… The waters were poisoned… All vegetation withered.” But then came the incredible miracle which was seen by Enlil in a dream some time before the event. All of the lands were covered and destroyed by the “Evil Wind” covering them from west to east. All except Babylon, “where Marduk supremacy declared, by the evil winds was spared.” This was perceived as a miracle by Enlil and everyone else among the Anunnaki. Finally they declared that “Marduk to supremacy has been destined.” There was no other possible explanation in their eyes and slowly they made plans to disperse, leaving Marduk to rule. The Anunnaki show us their spiritual side once more as they debate the relationships between fate and destiny and how it has shaped their stay on Earth. But one can sense between the lines that they were tired, focusing on completing their mission to find gold, and returning to Nibiru. Although Enlil and Enki were energetic and vibrant commanders on their arrival to Earth, the short yearly cycles had aged them, as was described in earlier parts of the story. It certainly feels as if they did not have the energy left to continue squabbling. They had done what they deemed necessary, at the expense of their slave species. But now the time had come to go home.

The years that followed were tense and hard on the surviving humans. The old biblical scripts are filled with trials and tribulations of the human tribes, under the brutal dictatorship of the new god Marduk. He skillfully and cunningly controlled the human race, commanding them to pray to one god only, himself. He is referred to as the ‘god of vengeance’ in the Bible, and that is exactly what he had become. It was as if the many years it took him to gain control of the planet, which was initially promised to him, made Marduk bitter. He did not show any of the benevolent traits his father Enki displayed towards the human species throughout the years. The many demigods which people had worshiped in years past were slowly disappearing under pressure from Marduk and the world was being converted into a monotheistic society. He became the only god who humans were allowed to worship. He demanded sacrifices of gold, food, animals, and even humans. The early American cultures of the Aztecs and their ancestors had a brutal ceremony during which human hearts were extracted while still beating. There were as many as 20,000 captives killed in one massive sacrificial offering to their god. There is no reason to believe that they would have done something like that on their own. There was regular contact between the ancient cultures and their gods. Their actions would have been a direct response to a strict command by their god. There were many other gruesome customs performed by most of the ancient cultures. These barbaric customs only seem to have surfaced once Marduk took control of the planet some 2064 BC, lasting way beyond the Christian era into the Dark Ages which included the brutal power mongering of the Catholics during the Crusades between the 11th and 13th centuries AD.

Now that the story has been told, we need to sit back, take a few deep breaths to absorb all this information and ask ourselves a crucial question. What the hell is going on? Have we been lied to and bamboozled all our lives? Can the human race be so gullible and ignorant to be so exploited for so long? The answer to that is a definite YES. You don’t have to go back in time to witness the willingness of humans to follow a brutal dictator in huge numbers completely oblivious to their own state of ignorance. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Bush are just the obvious examples of how people will follow a leader whom they believe will protect them and make them stronger than their enemies. But now, the obvious question we need to ask is, where are the Anunnaki now? Where are Enlil and Enki and Marduk today? Are they around, or have they all departed? Do they play any part in the confused state of mind of the modern humans? This is a question which warrants an extended study and would be a great subject of a book on its own. But I will dare to say the following: If you had to abandon a paradise island which you had inhabited for many years, because of some kind of ecological disaster, would you not like to return at some stage to see how it has recovered and developed in your absence? There is a very strong possibility that the many unexplained sightings of UFOs may have something to do with our ancient creators, checking up on the progress of their offspring. But we have reached a very desperate level of development or possibly even evolution on this planet. Some cultures are trapped in customs thousands of years old, living deep in the hearts of rain forests, not showing any signs of progress, while others are landing probes on Mars and cloning new life. The Earth today is a very different place to what it was 1000 years ago. So if we assume that the Anunnaki departed from Earth some 1000 years ago, it would be unwise for them to arrive on this planet in its current state of cultural and religious confusion. We would probably try to blow them out of the sky on their arrival, trying to tell us that ‘they’ were actually our ‘creators’. Are they trying to help us or guide us? Who knows. There is however an important lesson we should learn. The arrogant way in which we treat the precious knowledge from our distant past, has only extended our years of ignorance. As intelligent as we may think we are, we still do not know who we are, where we come from and why we are hear on this lonely planet called Earth. If we allow our minds to be opened, we can only grow as a species, allowing us to evolve faster, both physically and spiritually. Because only then will we be able to join the universal community of beings, becoming one with the Great Universal Spirit, the creator of the universe and all things in it. I believe that we are on the cusp of achieving this giant evolutionary step, but is up to us as a species to see it through to its completion. And on our path of evolution and enlightenment, we must at all times remind ourselves, that while we are in this primitive state of mind, things are not always what they seem. – pages 404-496

- Slave Species of god, by Michael Tellinger

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