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The Beginning - Pt.03

The following excerpts pertain to translations of recovered Sumerian clay tablets, such as the Library of Ashurbanipal.


Historians and archaeologists play a pivotal role in the way we perceive our world. They present us with a host of facts that shape our current belief structures, the way we imagine the World Wars, the Roman emperors, or the landing on the moon; historians become the custodians and the story tellers of what happened in the past. They wallow in the events surrounding the building of the pyramids and even describe the way the dinosaurs looked and behaved. In essence, anything that happened before our own time of reference is described to us by experts who study those past events. Their versions of those ancient and prehistoric images flood our minds and in most cases, they are chiseled into our sub-conscience as a direct consequence of how the past has been presented to us by the experts. If they get it wrong, we all get it wrong, and we never really know about it or question it. We expect experts to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is unfortunate that very few people are ever told about the amount of speculation that goes on in these revered professions. All you have to do is take a history book from 50 years ago and compare it to the way in which those historic events are presented in our present time. You will be fascinated to see how much they differ. The point is that history, as much as archaeology, is a living science and as we discover more, our objective views of specific events change according to the importance of our discoveries. Scientists and leaders are equally guilty of shaping people’s ideas of things around them. In most cases scientific discoveries are based on interim results based on hypotheses, theories, speculation and faith in the eventual outcome, as much as theologians carry their blind faith towards their god. In the Dark Ages people really believed that the world was flat. They feared for their lives of the brave explorers as they set off into the great unknown, across the ocean, surely to be devoured by the monsters which dwelled at the bottom of the edge of the world. There are publications from our human past which speak of such things and yet today it would be laughable to reintroduce such theories. One hundred years ago, people were told by leading scientists that man would never be able to fly. In 1903, when the Wright brothers were flying their first plane at Kitty Hawk, the leading physicist of the time refused to attend the demonstration as he proclaimed that “Man will never fly a heavier than air machine”. Such utterances had a great impact on the point of view of many ordinary people who took their lead from the so-called experts of their times. In this instance it prompted the news editor of the local paper to write an article which outlined the scientific facts as presented by the eminent authority, which instantly turned the adventurers’ attempts into the questionable pastime. It must have affected the Wright brothers’ development and possibly retarded their progress for all that we know. Even today, in times when anything should be deemed possible, some scientists are still guilty of killing new ideas based on their personal perspectives. Historians have been known to hide facts or new discoveries, and so have archaeologists, for all kinds of personal reasons. Governments have kept secrets from their people for as long as humankind has been on Earth, citing all kinds of silly reasons, of which the issue of national security is used as a common excuse. Churches and other religious organizations have kept secrets from their followers for reasons only they seem to be able to justify. Even sports teams and their managers keep secrets from their fans in today’s highly competitive sports industries. There is much to be said for the existence of a myriad of secret societies and yet with all their supposed power and influences, the world is perched on the verge of self-destruction. When we look at some of the great achievements of the past few thousand years, since we emerged as a civilized species from the caves and embarked on a path of rapid evolution, we constantly stumble from the Dark Ages when all human knowledge seems to have disappeared. We slowly re-emerged from those times like a new species, rediscovering knowledge, but somehow this knowledge has been around with our ancestors for thousands of years. But once again, historians and archaeologists fall prey to their own insecurity. If they don’t understand something, or if it does not fit into their realm of reference, it seems to get classified as fiction, esoteric, New-Age or mythological. These kind of actions have done humankind a great deal of damage when it comes to solving the problems of our origins. There are extremely smart people who have devoted large parts of their lives to unraveling the murky waters of our ancient past, but their credibility is continuously eroded by short-sighted ‘experts’ with a different personal agenda. These agendas can be so incredibly subtle that we don’t even realize we are being manipulated into believing something which is not really so.

I have two personal favorites which have tickled my fancy for many years. UFOs and the Pyramids. I have never seen a UFO or been abducted, or ‘astral-traveled’ or had weird extrasensory interactions with ‘aliens’, but I try to keep a rational perspective on the whole matter. Let’s put all the sightings and so-called abductions into one giant pot for one minute and imagine that all of them are wrong. They all saw something else, they all experienced something impossible, or they all just had a really vivid dream; all the hordes of people who have made these claims over centuries were all wrong… all except one. The UFO which was not imaginary, but was real, puts a whole new perspective on the matter and suddenly makes it all very real. In the field of statistics, it is virtually impossible for every single person to have been wrong or have simply imagined things. The statistical probability of such a coincidence is many millions to ‘one’. Even then, there is still the ‘one’, and that ‘one’ can change our world dramatically if we just embrace this new reality and learn about it. A close friend of mine made an interesting remark saying that having an open mind is like being pregnant. Either you are, or you are not.

My other favorite is the story of the Pyramids. I remember how impressed I was as a child when I saw the detailed pictures of slaves dragging giant monoliths, one by one, to build the three greatest structures in the world, even by today’s standards. The descriptions of exactly how they went about getting the rock, shaping it, building the ramps, putting them on sleighs and dragging them into position. All those slaves or families who made a living out of building pyramids were responsible for dragging 1.6 million giant rocks, up steep ramps, each weighing between 1.5 and 3.5 metric tons, carefully creating the passages and inner chambers, all fitting so tightly that you cannot squeeze a blade of grass between them. To top it all, they covered these incredible structures with perfectly smoothed white limestone averaging 15 tons each, which had even greater levels or accuracy in the joints. This would have taken thousands of workers at least 50 years to complete if they managed to fit 100 stones per day. And all of this, so that one Pharaoh could be buried in it? This impressed me immensely when I was ten years old, but when I started to read a bit more about these mystical structures, I realized there was much more to them than meets the eye, and that we were not so sure about who actually built the Great Pyramid, but we think it was King Khufu. From that day on I decided never to believe anything written by historians again, but rather inform myself about the situation and formulate my own informed opinion. I would much rather have our children at school be taught that we do not know who built the pyramids, allowing their minds to absorb the reality and formulate their own theories as they grow and search for clues of their own. We have to stop making absolute statements about the past which are built on fragments of speculative knowledge by ‘experts’ with personal issues. The damage that has been caused over millennia will take much undoing, to allow humans to free their minds and allow themselves to think for themselves with the real knowledge that has been kept from them by authorities and especially the religious leaders, most of whom have been brainwashed to a large extent by their own lack of knowledge. Or could it be that they have knowledge which they do not want to share with us? The religious and political fear in which most humans live is immense and will take centuries to reverse. But we have to start somewhere. The many writers who have challenged the conventional popular belief systems are growing in numbers and their readers are discovering new horizons of human knowledge in greater numbers every day. As in all of history, only time will help shine the light on the real facts surrounding our human origins.

I embark on this somewhat ‘righteous’ bashing of the sciences for reasons of my own personal agenda. I developed an urge to share the information which I have absorbed over a 20-year period, with those in search of something light and juicy to read. Not too scientific but meaty enough to stir the pot. I hope it will motivate others to do their own scratching and discover new evidence that has been buried beneath millennia of disinformation. It seems that now is the time when more and more people are looking for new answers to the mystery of our origins. They are not satisfied with the diluted answers and the reasons and the religious rhetoric they’ve been fed. They want to know what else is out there of which they have been deprived. So when we talk about events which truly challenge our personal beliefs, and when we propose new theories which shake the foundation of popular establishments, we must rise above those insecurities and remind ourselves that things are not always what they seem. The popular example of two people looking at an object from two opposite sides comes to mind. What the ones sees, is totally different what the other one sees. I need you to keep this in mind as we embark on the last stretch of the road to discovering our human origins.

This chapter will take us on an epic journey of new discovery so fantastic that our natural instinct would be to block it out. Since the 1970s when more scholars became attracted to the Sumerian translations of clay tablets polluting the basements of many museums of the world, a whole new wave of information started to emerge. Suddenly we were exposed to a whole new civilization that preceded all others, which spoke a different language and made references to times before their own from where all their knowledge was derived. Once again, many conservative scholars have shown great restraint and the majority of books written about those new finds have placed them safely under mythology or fiction. There has however been a growing number of authors who have identified that there is much more to those stories from the ancient past than meets the eye. Erich von Daniken truly popularized the whole concept of ‘extra-terrestrial activity’ on Earth in prehistoric times already in the 1960s with his Chariots of the Gods allowing mankind to really start thinking about the many unexplained phenomena of our past. He was followed by many other esteemed investigative writers, scholars and authors who took his lead to greater heights. But it was Zecharia Sitchin who truly pushed the newly deciphered Sumerian cuneiform text to the greatest heights in his nine books dealing mainly with the content of the Sumerian tablets and the eroded truth behind them. He has become one of the leading translators of the Sumerian language and he has presented evidence so vivid and compelling, that it is truly hard to contest. Much of this last chapter and the story of humanity from the beginning of our time on Earth until about 2000 BC, comes from the many translated Sumerian tablets and some other tablets which have emerged since the ‘70s. It comes from linking the stories of scattered ancient cultures to each other and recognizing the common denominators that all lead to one simple conclusion. A conclusion which is exposed to us over and over again, in thousands of translated clay tablets, stone carvings, seals, stelae, and other scriptures from many cultures, clearly shining a light on who we really are, where we come from, and why we are here. This is after all, the one question which has crossed most human’s minds. These scriptures all have one thing in common, and that is their references to the Sumerian gods who came from distant lands and gave the early humans all their knowledge. The story has been captured dramatically in The Lost Book of Enki, by Zecharia Sitchin, which is a compilation of cuneiform translations of Sumerian tablets of a period of some 30 years. On many occasions, tablets found in different parts of Mesopotamia refer to the same events giving us plenty of proof of their validity. It is now time to realize that we have gone way beyond speculation. We have accumulated a critical mass of evidence to start silencing the venomous critics and narrow-minded disciples of mediocrity.

The time has come to accept at face value that we are not the pinnacle of civilization, that we are only now emerging from the cradle of knowledge, and that we need to face the facts of our genetically created origins. The most incredible part of it all is that GOD had nothing to do with it, but the many gods of our distant past were the true masterminds and manipulators of our misery here on Earth. We must also come to terms with the fact that there are no ‘aliens’ involved in this great new truth we must face. WE ARE THE ALIENS. We were created as a ‘primitive worker’ by astronauts from another planet and in their image, some 450,000 years ago, to perform a necessary task on their new planet. We have much of their DNA in our bodies and we look pretty much the way they looked because they used their own DNA to create us. Part of the terrible truth that we have to come to terms with, is that humans are really an ‘accidental by-product’ of an ancient colonization of Earth by the Anunnaki from Nibiru. Humans came into existence for one reason only, to be the slave laborers in gold mines and nothing more. The importance attached to our existence is one which we have created in our own minds over millennia of ignorance and evolution which were primarily guided by the oppressive control of our creators. From the early beginnings humans saw their makers as ‘gods’ for obvious reasons, and not merely as more advanced beings. But as the dramatic events unfolded on this newly settled planet, humans were slowly given more tasks to perform, edging their way into a permanent master-slave relationship with their maker. But the Anunnaki had their own problems to deal with on their new planet and they did not really spend too much time worrying about the well-being of the new ‘primitive worker’. Our primary task was to work the gold mines and relieve the gods of all the hard labor. These first settlers on Earth had a crucial task to perform for their leaders on their own planet, just like our astronauts had on the many moon landings and trips to the International Space Station, Alpha. They had their own problems and differences and ‘we humans’ were not really a priority to them. Humans were however an important tool to help get the gold from the ground, but we certainly did not occupy much of the Annunaki’s pastime. All of this will be revealed in great detail using translations from ancient tablets.

In the chapters leading up to this point, we have looked at our DNA and its shortcomings, its absolute control over our physical and mental capabilities; we studied the human cell and questioned the fact that such a perfect organism eventually dies while it should realistically exist forever; we have explored the issue of slavery and our obsession with gold from the earliest times of humankind; we’ve travelled back in time to compare the evolutionary paths of some remotely related species to us; and we have even reintroduced the term ‘panspermia’ into the vocabulary of readers, outlining the facts that life exists everywhere in the universe. Now that we have set the scene and hopefully provided enough food for thought to start questioning the anomalies of our existence, let us begin at the beginning. From the very first time when the first group of astronauts from another planet arrived on Earth and discovered that there was gold… the lifesaving metal which they were looking for in the solar system.

Coming to Earth from Nibiru

The Sumerian tablets refer to it as the “Olden Times” when the Anunnaki first came to Earth; and the “Prior Times” when they were on Nibiru. Sitchin translates:

“In the Olden Times the gods came to Earth and created the Earthlings. In the Prior Times, none of the gods was on the Earth, nor were the Earthlings yet fashioned. In the Prior Times, the abode of the gods was on their own planet; Nibiru is its name.”

The tablets refer to the elliptical orbit of Nibiru as being ‘1 Shar’, which equals 3600 Earth years, it is also one of the reasons we have 360 degrees in our circles. Nibiru comes in close to the sun, crossing the paths of most planets up to Mars and the asteroid belt and then it shoots out into deep space just like many of the long-term comets which we get to see every few thousand years. So we should not be surprised that astronomers could not find it in the solar system because at its apogee (furthest point) it is possibly 3-5 times as far as Pluto is from the sun. Nibiru’s citizens were advanced in many ways and yet they seem to be on a different level from our current state of development. I would venture to say that our human rights legislation has surpassed their approach to the subject all those thousands of years ago. Nibiru was under the rule of a king and we will see how it was all imposed on us, the new ‘earthling’ species, in future years. But they had cracked the genetic code and had a clear understanding of how DNA could be manipulated. Their constant reference to immortality makes it obvious that they had also conquered the genetic defect which causes ‘cell death’ and humans to die. Their planet was not free of conflict and those characteristics arrived with them on the new planet called Earth. There are many references about the various periods of their stay and that is why we can calculate when the Anunnaki actually arrived on Earth. In The Lost Book of Enki it clearly states that the flood came in the “120th Shar”.


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