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The Beginning - Pt.12

Adapa, the first civilized human or Homo sapiens sapiens died in the 108th Shar, 55,000 BC. He lived for 14 Shar, which would have made him about 48,600 years old! This is clear evidence that the Anunnaki must have performed additional genetic manipulation on humans as time went by to reduce their aging ability and thereby reducing their numbers as well. This was however not enough to slow the rapid birth rate of the slave species. As the numbers of mankind kept growing and beautiful daughters were born to them, Marduk fell in love with an earthling female. He would be the first Anunnaki to espouse an earthling and this would clearly have some repercussions. During their controversial debates, we are reminded about humankind’s mortality and the ‘image’ of their maker. Marduk also reminds his father about the mess they had made by creating a civilized species which is as advanced in their thinking as the Anunnaki, the only difference being their longevity. “Step by step on this planet a primitive being, one like us to be, we have created… In our image and in our likeness civilized earthling is, except for the long life, his is we.” This was Marduk’s substantiation for wanting to espouse and earthling female. His options were clearly presented to him by Enki and Enlil. Marduk would forsake all his princely rights on Nibiru and never be able to return there with his spouse. Even Anu was involved in this weighty affair. “Marduk marry can… but on Nibiru a prince he shall no longer be.” It was this kind of action by his elders, which pushed the young ambitions Marduk even further towards rejecting the whole system and eventually rising against all of the Anunnaki when he proclaimed himself ‘god above all’.

And so after their wedding, Marduk and his bride Sarpanit were sent away to a land of their own. “A domain of their own, away from the Edin, in another land…” did Enlil and Enki say. We also get a pretty good idea to which part of the world Marduk was restricted. “A domain above the Abzu, in the land that the Upper Sea reaches, one that by waters from the Edin is separated, that by ships can be reached.” This was the land of Egypt they were talking about. The land which Marduk would rule as the god Ra, in the years to come? Unbeknown to the senior brothers Enlil and Enki, the Igigi from Mars used the wedding ceremony as an excuse to come to Earth. However, they had a much more cunning reason for coming. Let’s face it, their life on a lonely tough planet like Mars was not what they had hoped for when they left Nibiru. They also wanted the seemingly lavish and fun-filled life surrounded by slaves which the Anunnaki on Earth had. But their main attraction to Earth were the extremely sexual and beautiful ‘daughters of man’. The following episode is well documented in Genesis, once again, copied from much earlier Sumerian tablets and misunderstood by scholars and modern day theologians. The Igigi were saying: “What to Marduk permitted is from us too should not be deprived.” The earthling females called ‘Adapite Females’, after their original ancestor Adapa, the first Homo sapiens sapiens, the son of Enki and an earthling of Adamu’s ancestry.

The Igigi said: “Come let us choose wives from among the Adapite Females, and children beget.” They took these females as hostages to the space port and demanded that they be allowed the same privilege as Marduk. He obviously agreed with them. “What I have done from them cannot be deprived.” Once again we see the angry Enlil who was extremely agitated by this. “Enlil was enraged without pacification.” We can clearly sense the clandestine plot to control humans by force and punishment. “By our own hands this planet with earthling multitudes shall be overrun.” He would become the vengeful god of the Bible carefully monitoring every step the humans made, while ensuring they do not grow too wise or too strong to challenge him in any possible way. So even after Enlil capitulated “…let the Igigi and their females from Earth depart…” he immediately had to face another dilemma. Marduk informed him that it had become impossible to live on Mars any more, the conditions had become unbearable and they would have to abandon their station. “On Lahmu conditions unbearable have become,  surviving is not possible.”

The immigrants from Mars were secluded in and around the space port in the cedar mountains, where they had originally staged their resistance from. They had children who became known as ‘Children of the Rocket Ships’ often referred to in books and Sumerian translations. Eventually some of them joined Marduk in his new land, some wet “… to the far eastlands, lands of high mountains…” while others remained where they were. It is absolutely clear from these descriptions that these were the original Aryans who later settled all over Europe and invaded the Indus Valley, laying the foundation for the Indo-European language base. They were white, technologically advanced and possessed knowledge way beyond ordinary humans. They would also be the original pharaohs of Egypt under Marduk’s rule. Marduk started to build a large and loyal following of earthlings who followed him, obeyed him and worshiped him. He was becoming a powerful force on Earth which began to worry Enlil and Enki. We hear some more biblical words from Enlil as he ponders what the future may hold. “The Earth by the earthlings inherited shall be.” And so Enlil planned a resistance against any possible future moves by Marduk. He sent his son Ninurta to find the offspring and clans of Ka-in where they dwelled in the distant lands, and teach them everything they needed to know about making tools, mining, manufacturing, smelting, ship building, sailing, and fighting a war. “In a new land a domain they established, a city with twin towers there they built… A domain beyond the sea it was, the mountain land of the new Bond Heaven-Earth it was not.” From these descriptions it sounds to me undoubtedly like the early Andean settlement and civilizations of South America in Peru and Bolivia near Lake Titicaca.

Back in Edin they appointed a human called Lu-mach, the son of Matushal, to be the work master for the Anunnaki. He had a wife called Batanash. “Of a beauty outstanding she was, by her beauty was Enki charmed.” We see the highly sexual side of Enki’s character resurface once again, creating more controversy and introducing his gene pool into the human species yet again. He seduced the beautiful Batanash who bore a son whom they called Ziusudra, ‘He of Long Bright Life Days’. This would be the human who survives the flood in the ‘ark’ and who was the real original character that the Bible calls Noah. He was raised in Shurubak, but the secret of his paternal line remained with Enki and Batanash.  He was born in the 110th Shar, 396,000 years since arrival, 47,000 years BC which was right in the middle of the last Ice Age. For those who believe that the Ice Age meant that the whole world was covered in snow and ice, this was not the case. Scholars describe that most of Canada, northern USA, northern Europe and northern Asia was covered by ice and snow. But further south, the world was very habitable with a very different climate to today. That is also why the Anunnaki settled in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers when it was very lush and green, and did not look anything like the desert it is today. Antarctica was probably much more extended with thick ice covering, which would be the main cause of the Great Flood in time to come.

Just like Adapa, Enki’s first human offspring, Ziusudra was also very smart, showing great signs of intelligence and Enki adored the boy who looked just like him. The description of the child gives us a good idea of what Enki looked like. This is how the child Ziusudra is described: “White as the snow his skin was… the color of wool was his hair… like the sky were his eyes, with a brilliance were his eyes shining.” From the beginning he was treated with special care by both Ninmah and Enki. He was taught ‘priestly rites’ and everything which Adapa knew before him. We are also given a strong hint that the Anunnaki used a different language or written script among themselves when we read “…to read the writings of Adapa he him taught.” In this bit of information lies the possible substantiation that the Indus script and the Balkan-Danube script may be a language which the Anunnaki used, or a related script which the early humans like Ziusudra and Adapa used long before the flood wiped out most of the world.  That would also explain why there is only a small number of examples found in the world. The rest were carried away and buried under mountains of sand and silt. But when the Sumerian tablets refer to the “Prior Times” do they mean times before the flood? When there was a different kind of order on Earth? When the language was different, before the tower of Babel and before “man’s language was confused”? It certainly seems like it.

But the times were not good on Earth, it seemed as if it was trapped in a downward spiral both culturally and environmentally. The Igigi were procreating with earthling females at a rapid rate which made Enlil extremely unhappy, “In his eyes the Anunnaki mission to Earth had become perverted.” Let’s face it, this kind of situation was probably the furthest from his mind when they arrived to extract gold from the ground. What is also fascinating was the environmental effect on the rapidly emerging new species. Here we have a new species which was suddenly dropped into relatively alien conditions to them. They did not evolve into their surroundings; their immune systems were not adjusted to the microorganisms on Earth at that time, so we should not be surprised when we read about the diseases which overcame humans. “In the days of Ziusudra plagues and pestilence the Earth afflicted… Aches, dizziness, chills, fevers the earthlings overwhelmed.”

But Ninmah, the smart sister of the mighty brothers, was a true healer. “Let us the earthlings curing teach, how themselves to remedy to learn.” Enlil would have none of it. He was not going to do anything to help the new species survive and flourish. “Let the earthlings by hunger and pestilence perish.” In his mind their stay on Earth was nearing the end and he would rather wipe out all life before they departed for Nibiru. His ‘vengeful god’ personality was clearly exposed. The land suffered too, nothing grew and winds, heat and drought haunted them. Nibiru was nearing its path close to the sun and strange things were happening to planet Earth. Tremors and quakes became regular events and Enlil conferred with Anu on Nibiru about the strange activities. They set up monitoring devices in the Abzu to observe the south pole. “Odd rumblings in the Whiteland’s snow were recorded… The snow-ice that the Whiteland covers to sliding has taken.” This is the first real evidence of the ending of the Ice Age, clearly captured in clay tablets. How could a scribe 4500 years ago have known anything about the events which preceded the flood, unless he was told by someone who was there? The detail in his text is too specific to have been conveyed orally over thousands of years. It became clear that when Nibiru came around the sun, it was going to cause havoc with Earth’s gravity and have a devastating effect on the polar regions where the ice was already melting. “The next time Nibiru the Sun shall be nearing, Earth to Nibiru’s netforce exposed shall be.” Those are highly insightful words by the Anunnaki on Nibiru, warning Enlil about a severe calamity awaiting Earth.

The Anunnaki started preparing for evacuation. They ceased all the smelting “…all the gold to Nibiru was lofted… for evacuation ready, a fleet of fast celestial chariots to Earth returned.” Enlil called an urgent meeting of all the Igigi and Anunnaki commanders and revealed the “impending calamity” to them. “To a bitter end Earth mission has come.” He made it clear that those who wanted to leave Earth had to do so without their earthling spouses. This was the moment Enlil had secretly been waiting for, to destroy the hordes of earthlings who have taken over the world by their sheer numbers. Those among the Anunnaki and Igigi who chose to stay, were told to move to higher grounds and wait for the calamity to pass. The other Anunnaki who did not want to return to Nibiru would wait for the events to play themselves out in their “Boats of Heaven” at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Then came the critical moment when the true human character of many Anunnaki children born on Earth suddenly emerged. Marduk and all the other sons of Enki chose to stay behind. So did Enlil’s sons this was a really emotional time for the sensitive Ninmah; they all looked at her to hear her decision. “With pride her choice to stay she declared.. my lifework is here… The earthlings my created I shall not abandon.”

Then Enlil revealed his master plan for the human race. “Let the earthlings for the abominations perish.” We can clearly hear the tone of the ‘god of vengeance’ whose voice we would constantly hear in the Bible. But Enki disagreed very strongly with his brother. After all it was he who created the humans in the first place, and he who had fathered the next species of civilized humans. “A wondrous Being by us was created, by us saved it must be.” A fierce argument erupted between the brothers, where Enlil accused Enki of playing GOD. “The powers of the ‘Creator of All’ into your hands you have taken”, blaming Enki for all the abomination caused by the humans.


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